Suspected Goat Thieves Killed by Police in Jamaica | TVJ News – Nov 26 2021


    1. @Mangie all that to a better the relatives did seh bwoy them disappointed fi hear seh them family involved in things like that cause they weren’t aware of that type or character

  1. 2AM way past curfew
    on the road
    Running from police πŸš”
    with 2 illegal guns πŸ”«
    goats in car 🐐
    relatives really have the audacity to say anything πŸ˜’

    1. Only criminals on road them time off morning and with goats in the car clearly they where up to know good πŸ‘

  2. Typical response by family members they are good citizens knowing some of them thief like a pus — they would be alive if them wasn’t red eye and licky licky fi ppl goat the one get way better learn him lesson and leave ppl things alone

  3. The relative said the guys dont need to steal because they have everything . My question is do they know how they got all those possessions .

  4. Hey you all criminals talking WHY was these men on the ROAD at 2am in the morning they weren’t coming from a 9-5 job we sure of that .they also had gun into the car we sure of that .they are not licensed fire arm carrier we sure of that.they are not police we are sure of that. Why didn’t they stop when when the police say πŸ›‘. when all you were sleeping in your bed these men were certainly on the road no a contributing to the taxes in the country what was there reason for be on the road at that time?

  5. Laws must be passed when people voice their uninformed views in a bid to bolster red handed criminals, that they be dragged to the nearest town square and be flogged with a horse whip.

  6. Police statement is saying something different from the citizens, body camera is needed, don’t forget we have criminal law enforcers too , so nobody deserves free trust , you must work to confirm such value. πŸ™πŸΎ

  7. A death sentence for stealing goats!!!…absolutely criminal, cops should be charged with intentional murder and given the maximum sentence.

  8. The family members say that there is other ways to investigate men with guns in a car, Are you family members serious? Well, What I know is that the best way for police to investigate gunmen in a car is with peppering gunshots just like what these criminals get !

  9. If you are innocent why run?
    If you are law abiding why shoot at law enforcement?
    I would not vouch for anybody I’m not in the presence of 24/7.

  10. My parent had goat 🐐 in the past, now can’t keep any because of thieves. Goat farming was one of an income earners, people with children growing up going to out if area schools. So know the feeling Farmers.

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