Suspected Member of Clansman Gang Arrested | TVJ News - Sept 21 2021 1

Suspected Member of Clansman Gang Arrested | TVJ News – Sept 21 2021


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  1. The move was obviously a pre-emptive operation by the security forces to reduce witness intimidation in the middle of the trial.

    1. @Kris P we do lot of time they end up back on the streets or the stay from jail ordering hits it’s such a trend . Look at the stats majority of the crime producers end up back on the streets. Cause witness are are fearful of testifying against them

    2. @Bruce bruce people who want the police to “slap dem weh” cannot seriously want to reduce crime. All that is going to do is make the Jamaican police rank high in extrajudicial killings on the international scene.
      The Jamaican police has a serious problem gathering conviction level evidence against suspects. This is often overlooked.

    3. @Kris P the same guys you want them lock up as I said before they stay from jail get alot of people killed and they are in there drinking Hennessy and talking on phone making new links with other criminals . So where is the reform?

    4. @Bruce bruce the police cannot be out their killing suspects. That’s a dangerous game you’re playing. What’s going to stop the police from branding his enemy a criminal and then kill him? Because under your system there will be no police oversight as well (I take it you’re also against indecom?). Prisoners drinking Hennessy and making phone calls is an issue that should be easy to solve.

  2. True Jamaica Buzz look like fool bout the police don’t take sir p seriously
    True Jamaica Buzz is a definition of a AGENT

    1. I stopped listening him from the time Sir P said his identity was out there and he was taking a break. That guy put so much effort into destroying Sir P that it annoyed me I cut him off instantly. Come on he’s in a different class from Sir P so he needed to stay in his lane and behaved but no he had to prove he’s head of the vulture squad.

  3. The government is leaving no stone unturned in digging up the clan man gang while leaving the one order gang undisturbed.
    WHAT NEXT…!!!???

    1. I don’t like the government jus as much as you do and you have a right to criticize, but one day at a time. Your acting like things like this happen everyday

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