Swalwell On The 'Denial Of Truth’ of The Insurrection 1

Swalwell On The ‘Denial Of Truth’ of The Insurrection


Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) discusses his efforts to get Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to meet with DC police officer Michael Fanone, who is still feeling the trauma of the insurrection, as some members of Congress continue to whitewash the events of that day.

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  1. If sinema and manchin don’t come around for getting rid of filibuster, and passing voting rights, dems will be relegated to the hinterlands, with trumpettes in charge

    1. Their fellow Dems need to use every bit of leverage to remind those two of whose side they’re supposed to be on!

    2. Well this is what the dems get for running republican-light candidates instead of progressives, often at the expensive of actual progressives. And then we all suffer.

    3. Pretty sure if they help the CBC retake the Senate they’ll be ditched in favor of MAGApublicans, a traitor’s reward.

    4. Hmm or maybe its this push for all of these things that are souring your voter base? Maybe your constituents are telling these two they don’t support these things. Itd be foolish to turn on your constituency. However from your party’s views they will be badmouthed and tarnished. Then guess what… It will sway the vote of those people they were working for. You will instill new party members who are far more progressive because that will help you pass your legislation! Wrong… Sadly you democrats don’t see its not what your supporters want but only what your party wants. Your progressive candidates won’t take in the votes of the constituency that are against these things. They may not vote at all or they may vote independent. Then you’ll have the constituency that have no loyalty to a party but rather values. Your new values and push for them may force them republican. You find yourself losing your voter base and being voted out to a republican.

    5. @Jennifer McGoldrick yes please do that! We would appreciate you giving up the extra seats!

  2. In order to thwart the Orwellian attempts of Trump and his supporters to rewrite history,
    President Biden needs to declare a National Day of Remembrance for January 6th.

    1. @Brandon Davison How many years ago are you talking about? You see what I mean. And, in general, way back then, almost all whites were racist. Many did not even vote or were part of a political party. Also, what’s funny, is that is when democrats were conservatives. You don’t know, or purposely ignore that fact. The principals of both sides flipped.

      “you don’t even know the facts”

      Show one thing I have said that is wrong. QUOTE me! For instance: “”James crow founded the kkk. James crow was a democrat!” Prove both! Because, most importantly, it was not just one person. And, one person is not a political party. You just implied that earlier, regarding Trump. So, you’re a hypocrite, also?”


      James R. Crowe
      J. Calvin Jones
      Frank O. McCord
      John B. Kennedy
      Richard R. Reed
      John C. Lester

      See, you proved I was right, and you were wrong. And again, you are disingenuous, at best. From just one source:

      *”Founding of the Ku Klux Klan*

      A group including many former Confederate veterans founded the first branch of the Ku Klux Klan as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. The first two words of the organization’s name supposedly derived from the Greek word “kyklos,” meaning circle. In the summer of 1867, local branches of the Klan met in a general organizing convention and established what they called an “Invisible Empire of the South.” Leading Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest was chosen as the first leader, or “grand wizard,” of the Klan; he presided over a hierarchy of grand dragons, grand titans and grand cyclopses.”

      And, most democrat leaders of the time were condemning the KKK. Many in the KKK that were democrats left the KKK, and flipped.

    2. @Brandon Davison *_Most importantly: You are purposely ignoring the fact that for decades the KKK has been led by a republican supporter, with republican members and republican supporters!_* _Again, you are destroyed!_

    3. @Brandon Davison I will prove you cannot be honest and truthful. Tell us:

      *_It was right wing traitorous insurrectionists that attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021!_*

  3. Well, McCarthy is showing himself to be a real bag of slime. I hope his career advancement is worth it. History won’t forget.

  4. How is the Trump Party going to react when law enforcement comes for Twice Impeached Trump?

    1. I’m still reeling in fury about the jan 6th Insurrection. I will NEVER forget. Ever.

    2. They need psychological care. They are in serious denial of a massively traumatic event. These people are gonna end up with PTSD from refusing to deal with it.

  5. What a horror that the poor officer had to plead that he had kids, and thank God it worked. Imagine how much more awful for the poor sod who’s single, what’s he going to say? I’m a Republican?

    1. @Josef Jerbils murdered? She was breaking & entering. The officer, like any home owner whose house is broken into, reacted with deadly force & was quite within his Constitutional right to defend agaunst such an action, “Herr Gerbils”

    2. Sadly, Officer Sicknick & many of his fellow cops, voted for Trump. Yet they spent the day being called “traitors”, while their Black fellow officers were repeatedly called the n-word. Cult members will dehumanize anyone who challenges their delusions.

    3. My blood boils just hearing them deny what happened. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I was actually there and was being attacked and had to hear this Republican BS.

    1. McCarthy will cause his own demise. Let him continue pushing ‘the tRumpUs lie’, the American people, republicans and democrats will ‘oust him’. Wonder what McCarthy will do after he becomes a ‘nobody’?

  6. I am beyond frustrated!! How and why do they continue to get away with this behavior?? Makes me literally sick because average folks would have been jailed & sentenced by now.

    1. @Brandon Davison and this is just another dumb thing I’ve read in just a few moments…..you and Vivian are at a tie….how many Democrats stormed the building on Jan 6th?

    2. @Snooka 1971 on January 29th, 1975… how many Republicans bombed the pentagon. Don’t be foolish and group all groups of people together on political beliefs. The attack on the Capitol was a travesty.

    3. @Brandon Davison dude….your the guy saying ” the only people that like violence is Democrats”….

    4. @Snooka 1971 no… I’m saying… as I said. How many times are the riots denounced by democrats. Tell me 1 person who doesn’t denounce the Capitol riot in the gop? I’ll show you atleast 5 democrats who have not denounced any of the racially fueled rioting!

    5. So let me correct my statement for you “the only people not denouncing rioting are democrats” Sadly thats 100% unequivocally undeniable! So please go on… what else dumb do you have to say? Since you’re so smart and love to jump to assumptions and call others dumb. You earned that treatment.

    1. When Trump falls into massive disfavor (like his pal Epstein), those buttplugs who support him today, will simply deny they ever supported him. Easy. Lying and cheating are the easiest things for Right Wingers to do.

  7. McCarthy once bragged that the GOP were staging a Benghazi investigation “To make Hillary’s poll numbers go down!” The Republicans send butchers where surgeons are required.

    1. @JM B that post is another great reply to your questioning of Jen. There are greater forces at work on a global scale, you do understand that right? If not I would urge you to definitely look into global governance. Its silly to think things only happen all the way up to the level of your country. Control and Power easily supercede borders…

    2. @Brandon Davison Yes, we can on the other hand believe you, who supports a conman who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who is a pathological liar – got it.
      Much easier to believe in a global conspiracy that is after all of you.

    3. @JM B out for all of us? I guess that depends on how you look at it. Out for more control and power? Certainly… Are you in disagreement?

    4. @JM B yet here you are defending the bias views of MSM. Who are proven to be pathological liars… who are controlled by billionaires. Conman? Maybe just a smart man who knows his way around this world. I think con men are more like the democrats pushing the rescue bill to bail out there exorbitant amount of spending by govt officials.

  8. The people that are condemning that officer for firing are the same people who have “trespassers will be shot” on their property.

    1. EXACTLY! They’re the same people who insist that businesses should have the ability to deny service to minorities, gays and other religions based on “Christian Morality” but pass laws preventing businesses from denying services to people who won’t wear masks or get a vaccine. No one is endangered by a pharmacist filling out a prescription or a baker making a cake, while your business, your employees and your other customers are endangered by people refusing to wear a mask or get vaccinated. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

    2. …And who screamed “When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”, at peaceful protesters all freaking summer.

    3. It’s amazing that a large # of rioters weren’t shot by authorities. If I had been a guard there on that day, I would have used my service weapon as instructed in training. Why are they issued guns, if they don’t use them in the most dire situation?

  9. Those Republicans who deny 6th Jan was an INSURRECTION need to be removed from Congress!

    1. Yes they do need to be removed ASAP
      and banned from ever occupying a seat in any government position.

  10. If Fanone gets a face-to-face meeting with McCarthy, turn-about Kevin better be wearing full body armor…
    Justice be served, Kevin ought to have the same experience as Fanone with the beating, the tazing and so on.

  11. The Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon said this – “We witnessed actions inside the Capitol building that were inconsistent with the rule of law. The rights of freedom of speech and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition, and insurrection.” It doesn’t matter how they twist, the verdict is guilty.

    1. Yes & it was Trump’s own Joint Chiefs who said it, so no one can claim they were being biased.

    2. My respect for the Joint Chiefs has lowered. They won’t discipline their own top brass. Namely: the Flynn brothers. One of them, Charles, was instrumental in delaying deployment of Nat’l Guard troops on Jan 6, BY THREE HOURS! If the US military doesn’t have standards of patriotism in its top brass, then how can they be respected?

  12. I just heard that Officer Finone who was beaten in the insurrection has tried to get a meeting with Kevin McCarthy to discuss what his experience was of being almost killed but first call he was hung up on. Then follow up phone calls were ignored and for a month Kevin McCarthy the COWARD won’t meet with him. Officer Fanone wants to tell the congressmen and MCCARTHY that they are lying through their teeth. This is disgusting!

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