Swalwell: 'The Country Can't Wait For Republicans On Jan. 6 Committee' 1

Swalwell: ‘The Country Can’t Wait For Republicans On Jan. 6 Committee’


The Jan. 6 committee probe into the Capitol insurrection and how GOP members might participate are discussed by Rep. Eric Swalwell who tells The ReidOut, ‘Kevin McCarthy has shown that he's not serious about January 6th.’

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  1. The Jan.6 Committee Probe will look into those behind the Capitol insurrection, Including McCarthy’s leader Trump. Pelosi wants to continue going forward with the probe.

    1. She wants to continue to distract the brainwashed to keep hating before you wake up and realize it was all a scam.. They got you for trillions in tax dollars and destroy the country at the same time.. How did pelosi become a multimillionaire working in politics? There is your ANSWER.

    2. @Soul Warrior you are entitled to your opinion. While a liar extraordinaire continues to push the big lie of a rigged election. Trump lost the election. His legal team LOST in the courts trying to overturn some of the states election results. The supreme court would not hear his case. The election has been certified in congress. Trumps followers going to the U.S.capitol building to stop the certification of the election results, breeching the capitol building trashing it, many were yelling we were invited here by the President! halting the certification but not stopping it. A scam right sure it was you keep believing that.

    3. Given pelosi supported blm during their riots by what right can she oppose the capital riot?

    1. @The Logic Party STFU, Child, you don’t know what you’re talking about! Run alomg outside and play, the Adults are talking!

    1. @Soul Warrior nice try. go and look at how the capitol is set up and who is actually responsible. why did the chiefs resign?

    2. focusing on the capital riot rather than the hundreds of blm riots that preceded it it is nothing but a redirection on the democrats part.

    1. @Victor Singery No reason to explain anything to an ignorant troll like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Jacob Potterfield 100s of blm riots kiddo. What are you going to do next? Say there’s no such thing as COVID? Wow

    1. @evan doe not in America, but watching it. Maybe that’s why l and so many can see what’s happening.

  2. So the Proud BOYS and the rest of the white supremists were NOT hugging and kissing the Police? I never saw the clip of them hugging and kissing!

    1. I think it was somewhere in between repeated beatings using the American Flag as both a spear and club. But they were being very patriotic about it…

    2. @Is Covidoveryet Right. Patriotically beating up the blue. It’s ok as long as you use the USA flag.

    3. @Soul Warrior you are delusional! There was no proof of election fraud although the ballots were taken to a SECRET LOCATION….HMMMwonder how you’d feel if the Dems did THAT!!! I KNOW EXACTLY WHO LIED. I ALSO SAW THE CAPITAL RIOT WITH MY OWN EYES SO…. you might want to take your own advice.

  3. Mc Carthy was doing his best to install on the committee Trump’s wish list. You would have to be sincerely ignorant not to have known this was Trump’s BS.

    1. @Gregg do you expect anyone to know who or what you’re talking about when you randomly say dementia?

    2. @The Logic Party Isn’t it obvious? Who do you think they mean when they say the orange man? Did you happen to catch his demented seizure during his town hall? It was a classic. Weak President weak country.

    3. @Gregg I didn’t say orange man I asked how you think anyone will know who or what you mean when you randomly say dementia. Given you couldn’t even reply correctly your comment is ironic

    4. @The Logic Party The logic party lol. Talk about ironic. Go play games with someone else. Go watch the town hall. Great comedy show.

    5. @Gregg nope you don’t get to gloss over the fact you couldn’t answer how anyone would know what you’re talking about when you say dementia

  4. Well said, Congressman Eric Swalwell! That’s exactly right, McCarthy is unfit for Congress, he’s not up for the job.

  5. America deserves to know the truth about January 6th ,and if people in Congress goes to jail so be it

    1. @H N Exactly! The National Guard was literally ready and 20 minutes away, so what the AF happened in the interim 3 hours.

    2. @espy yea, I went back and looked at their profile after I posted and reported them (not that it does anything)

    3. At the end of the day we all saw what happened with our own eyes, a bunch of MAGA rioters storming the capital and Trump enjoyed every moment of it (his aides words, not mine). I’d be livid if I was a cop protecting these people.

  6. A “STRESS TEST” for “Democracies” with grifter autocrats aggregating inappropriate power to themselves only.

    1. the dems block the truth… Thats why they censor everything now lol.. You want truth dont come to social.. Mainly nothing but left wing nut jobs around here.

    2. @Soul Warrior let me know when y’all stop crying that it was BLM and Antifa on 1/6. Blocking the truth is the hallmark of the Republican party, son.

  7. Correction Rep Swalwell – McCarthy is not treading water in Trump’s ocean – he is treading water in Trump’s swamp.

    1. He sounds more like he’s trying to do the dog paddle.verbally he sounds like he has no direction and no compass to guide him. He’s floundering badly and for all his trip to see trump, he’s got nothing.

  8. McCarthy is serious about concealing his part in Trump’s attempted coup d’état. Republicans that are backing McCarthy out here are doing the same. They all KNOW what Trump was trying to do. And, now, it’s time to pay the piper.

    1. These people are not republicans , and shouldn’t be given the legitimacy of the party . These are rogues out to disrupt , block & if given the chance , destroy .

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