Swisher Calls Social Media Platforms ‘An Almost Perfect System For Propaganda’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Swisher Calls Social Media Platforms ‘An Almost Perfect System For Propaganda’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


    1. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. – 1 Timothy 6:10

    2. @Zef Blueberry People are already prevented from thinking for themselves. Spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation does not promote free and rational thought. Just the opposite. Opinions should be disputed, policies should be debated, facts should not.

  1. What they should do is have both facebook and twitter be apolitical. No politics allowed. Problem solved. Not waiste time playing politics wasting everyone’s time 👽 gort

    1. Perhaps, and they may end up doing it. Didn’t they get rid of groups or was that another platform? I can’t keep up. I’m hardly on fb anymore. I watch vids on YouTube. If I watch a news vid, I’m selective and for the most part I get news from established news agencies and newspapers. Certain ones I don’t bother with except on Sundays, the I do commentary. Stay local, it’s so much better

    2. I think there should be laws against any US government official making political commentary or misinformation on social media. Information that is in the public interest is fine (such as hurricane or other disaster information), but not statements attacking political parties or individuals.

    3. @Blink Once on Sunday! agree! I think that too, no other President or politician that I recall has ever done it as much as that Imposter in Our white House and the GOP, it’s become seriously dangerous now, it’s abhorrent

    1. Good point, if you have a propaganda machine on the loose, you have to control it. I’m sure Social media will play a role in WW3 and countries that don’t have that weakness open to outside powers will have a better chance of continuing to exist. Arab spring was interesting, Duterte in the Philippines has used social media well, Cambridge analytica was new, and social media is just getting going!

    2. @Quantum-Cat Person propaganda BROUGHT to you with a 😃 by THE LETTERS HR AND THE NUMBERS 43I0 AND PROTECTED FOR NOW BY SECTION 230

  2. If Twitter and Facebook keep this up, they will find themselves dismantled and under government control. Ask Bel and AT &T how having a monopoly on an industry worked out for them.

    1. You mean the old Bell Telephone/AT&T prior to the breakup in 1984? Well, for the most part, the Baby Bells have in one way or another combined to give us much of the phone system we have today.

  3. I was blocked for calling a racist a racist but it is ok for trump to incite racism, violence, insurrection and spreading a cruel disease. What does that tell you about zuck?

    1. @mokiloke you are making broad generalizations about all progressives from a few who are, understandably, overly sensitive. Herein lies the seed of racism. Beware.

    2. @Patrick Leahey Yes it was a generalization, and can apply to anyone. Im left, liberal against racism, but i just feel the constant accusations are diluting the message. The right have completely switched off, the centre are tired of hearing it.

    3. @mokiloke I understand. Keep the faith. As for the center getting tired of it, just think how tired we are of it. I am white. I raised 3 biracial kids. My poor wife….

    4. There should be a full disclosure on the algorithms.uses by each social media outlet and there needs to be independent monthly audits being done on this on ethics. If they refuse to comply shut the business who is not complying down, same as other businesses who don’t.comply with health and safety guidelines.

  4. Is she really trying to suggest that Zuck is naive and unprepared? Zuck is creating a vast financial empire by cheapening lives and spreading sensationalistic lies. He is garbage and the next thing you know he will want to be the next GARBAGE PRESIDENT.

    1. People are brainwashed, but I’m still not sure why it’s the role of social media platforms to educate people on truth. If I don’t double-check a claim on social media isn’t that my fault??

    2. @Zef Blueberry Why should we allow the covert weaponization of mass gullibility? The consequences of mass deception are too big to permit.

    3. @Kris McTopher What’s the solution in your opinion? Are you satisfied with the warning labels, as we see with Twitter, or should there also be full censorship of what the government or Zuck deems to be false? Also, whatever your solution, would you also apply it to other media, such as cable news, books, podcasts, et cetera?

    4. @Zef Blueberry Over complicating the obvious is a great way to do nothing. We know who the players are. Take action against overt hate. Take action against blatant destructive lies. The truth is not blurry or indistinct. The truth is clear and sharp. It can’t be otherwise. That is its nature.

    5. The issue here is mass manipulation for purposes other than those expressed by the information source. We are talking about deception and lies. Lies can be proven to be lies. Start there. Start with provable “falsehoods”. Ban all users who persist in spreading lies constantly.

  5. Facebook is a total waste of my time, and I simple turned my back to it, long ago. I don’t get it, why so many people spend the little time they have on this Earth on Facebook? Our knowledge base is growing logarithmically, there is so much to learn, to waste one time on Facebook instead of listening to Bach, is something I will never understand.

  6. thank you for saying, “enormous power by people who aren’t able to wield it properly.” This is the issue for all big business.

    1. And which party do most fortune 500 & big tech CEOs vote for now and why? Is it because that’s the side that actually helps the rich? Like what true evil billionaire wants the poor 99% to pay less taxes? Or have guns? 🤔

  7. Garbage in garbage out. So many Right wingers think they are “in the know” compared to the rest of us dolts who don’t buy into their elaborate conspiracy theories cooked up by Right wing grifters. For example they will argue, global warming is a hoax because the climate scientists are grifting for research grants. Never do they consider the fossil fuel companies have a far bigger financial stake & reason to convince us it is a hoax.

  8. FB should be banned. All countries should consider banning them.
    Never Trust Rubberburg, he is as good as Bone Spurs

    1. If you dont like FB get off of it. Shut it down. That’s your right. But many like facebook, and that is their right.

  9. People forget these conspiracy theory nuts are not interested in the truth, they are only interested in what they simply WISH were the truth.

    1. @Pro’ se Kim you would think if that could be proven , it would be in a court….however, trump in a temper tantrum just fired the head of the branch of government that secured that. Who confirmed, with no mistake that this did not happen and this was the safest election since it went partially electronic. Not was trump wanted to hear so he made the bad man disappear from his government.

  10. Capitalist “truth” is whatever they can make the most money with.
    These are the same as public airwaves. The internet is a public utility and should be treated as such.

    1. @Irish American sorry but what IS the end goal of capitalism….to make the most money with the least resources, and least amount of labour. Period. In its 18th century period it was thought of as a self balancing act, but when it came to reality it fails…why because of greed.
      Capitalism is like Communism ( Marxist) in that they were both Utopian ideas, that At the time they thought would end the problems of the time. Problem is Neither one works in reality, they both fail due to the Human factor ( mainly greed, but a few more foibles thrown in too.).
      The end game for capitalism is monopolies ( or trusts in Teddy Roosevelts time), that is something that the promoters of capitalism never thought would happen because they felt there were always going to be more resources found, and new markets for labour, and new markets also. They felt that competition would drive the market and keep prices low…and that this would STOP monopolies by the fact that if someone bought someone out, they could just start back up somewhere else. The problem is that we ran out of new sites for resources, we ran out of some labour, and we ran out of markets in the US. People bought up all the mineral rights, and had the money to buy new spots when they were found, outbidding the little guys, until it was just monopolies running things ( quick history leading up to the robber barons in the US) The government FINALLY stepped in and started breaking up trusts ( several anti-trust acts, and good ole teddy who HATED trusts) making them compete again…but really are we in a world where they compete? or are we simply in a world were corps agree to things and stay away from each other. They are still doing it…just not as openly.
      Thus, Capitalism has failed, horribly and people are too mired in it to realize it. They for some reason think it will take care of them, when its ONLY goal is the bottom line, the almighty $$$ and the profit they can wring out of the working stiffs that support them.
      Have a good evening.

  11. Not being able to make the difference between fantasy and reality is a matter of mental health. America’s second “pandemic.”

  12. There are a lot of people who don’t know how to discern a credible source. They’ve been lied to, spoon fed conspiracies, and the Republican Senate did not check this, but rather encouraged it. Remember, fear is fed by economic insecurity, and reinforced by politicians, who are using lies, amplified by zealots who share their beliefs, in order to retain their power. Have McConnell and Graham considered to what abyss they lead half of this country? If Trump has succeeded in punishing this nation for rejecting him, and he has done great damage to date, he has only been allowed to do so by Republicans in the Senate. They aren’t immune from the consequences. Because they allowed Trump to continue for one minute past Impeachment, they are complicit, and likely entangled in Putin’s, yes, Putin’s scheme.

  13. ban the false accounts, Trump is no longer president come Jan 20 ban him from facebook and twitter, i he goes somewhere else ban that too

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