Sykes: Give Credit To Republicans Jeopardizing Careers To Support Jan. 6 Probe 1

Sykes: Give Credit To Republicans Jeopardizing Careers To Support Jan. 6 Probe


Republican Jan. 6 select committee members must be welcomed in our effort to save our democracy, political MSNBC analyst Charlie Sykes says, as they are jeopardizing their careers to support the House Capitol insurrection probe.
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    1. @Phillip Robinson not true. The BLM protests were 90% peaceful. That is a verifiable fact. What you are saying is just not true. You talk about CNN but you are obviously listening to Fox News Entertainment. There is a big difference between protesters and criminals. What you are doing is deflecting from the real issue. Black folks are tired of being mistreated and some people do act out angrily but that small minority does not represent the whole. With the republican party, the minority of hateful people are taking over the party and starting to represent the whole. How else can a person such as Donald J. Trump get elected after the birther lie, calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, and calling for a total Muslim ban without acknowledging the biggest actual terrorist threat to America as documented by the FBI under both parties? Most of the GOP elected leaders in the US Congress won’t stand up and deal with the actions of January 6. Why? It is because a huge part of their voting block of folk are supportive of the actions and they care more about profiting off their position than they do courage and integrity. The evidence just does not support what you typed.

    2. @Phillip Robinson one of the main pushers of the Big Lie which revved people up to march on The Capital.

  1. Hope springs eternal among swamp creatures. They really think taking down the guy who woke the sleeping giant will solve their problems.
    They aren’t very bright.

    1. Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to the U.S. It all started with Regan and Newt Gingrich and continued with McConnell. The GOP has to gerrymander their districts in order to get elected. The current Democratic party is an exact image of the GOP prior to the 1980s. If the GOP had any other agenda than control and getting elected, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I was a registered Republican for 44 years – no more. I can no longer tolerate anyone claiming to be a Republican who supports Trump. Anyone who supports Trump supports the Insurrection and does not support democracy. Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves at the current state of affairs.

    2. @Sharon Tabor – I agree w/u except that it’s corporate Dems who have shifted corporate republicans from 1933-1979. The far-left Dems support the same progressive polices as they did when FDR, a progressive, was elected in 1932. FDR and the Dem congress saved capitalism, our democracy, created a booming economy for all, and saved our ally’s democracy in WWII. He was one busy president, was elected president in 4x landslide elections, and those progressive policies got our income and wealth inequality down to the lowest it’s ever been by the 50’s&60’s. A republican Supreme Court justice just couldn’t take a government for the ppl anymore and he sent a memo in 1971 to the US Chamber of Commerce titled “The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy.” The income and wealth inequality started increasing in the 70’s but it has skyrocketed since 1980 and Reagan. We need to repeat 1932 , expand the court, and regain all that we’ve lost over the last 40yrs.

    1. @Matt You think that is what she is doing? I got oceanfront property in Ohio you could have for 10 bucks.

    2. Not by traditional standards, no. However, the bar for heroism has sunk to “I’m doing my job like I’m supposed to”

  2. Jeopardizing careers ? When did politics become a career to save rather than serve the people ?

    1. @S RKH “We’ll tell you which republicans can participate” is not an opportunity for republicans to participate. It’s an opportunity for democrats to pick RINOs.
      But you knew this.

    2. @S RKH are in denial that there were great flaws in this election. We’re complicit in said flaws. Outright cheated. Take your pick, doesn’t mater to me. Only thing I ,and I think most Republicans, want was to verify. Rule out any doubt. Don’t care that Trump lost necessarily, but I don’t believe Biden won (fair), because they won’t even lift a finger to prove it.

    3. @Jordan Nellessen It was investigated. They had audits as requested—nothing. They went to court, and either withdrew their case, or were denied for lack of credible evidence. Rudy couldn’t even convince Republican state legislators that there was evidence of fraud. Due process happened—you just didn’t like it

    4. @S RKH they retallied machines, not audit of physical votes. If the machines were compromised, which there was evidence for, that means nothing. Any court cases were refused to be heard for lack of evidence because they didn’t look at the evidence. That is not due process.

    5. @S RKH regardless of ‘right’ the media is the primary blame here. If all outlets were truly reporting the news, there would be no discrepancy in what happened. Depending who you watch tells a different story. If you only watch one story and believe it, you are lost. (Not you specifically, you anybody)

  3. Jeopardize their careers? He says it like they’re automatically tenured in like teachers. The only thing worse than a drama queen, is a drama king.

    1. @bo gard yea, alternative facts. *rolls eyes* aka, you’re being gaslit so hard by MSNBC that you think actual facts are alternative facts.

    2. @Julian Sutton first, nice use of the Card Says Moops style of argument. Second, there have been multiple accounts of witnesses and insurrectionists saying things such as “we’re here to take back the capital! Take back our house”. There was a noose erected for Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, and many more were going to be hung if they actually did it. I’ve seen Republican politicians say that it was a peaceful protest, not a riot, while also calling for the body cam footage of Ashlie Babette to be released. I’m sorry that I can’t just see this as a riot gone out of control. I love my country too much to believe it could have been anything less. So please, tell me- what interests do the Republicans have about Jan. 6th?

    3. @Sugar m18 Well said! Those who love their country will never stand with the traitors who attacked it, not matter how much they try and white wash and forget it.

    4. @Sugar m18 just because a dozen or so idiots in horns say they’re going to take back the house doesn’t make it an insurrection. You keep using that as an excuse to paint every Republican bad, when every Republican has condemned them. Which is making things very polarizing, which you probably don’t even realize.

    5. @Julian Sutton Nah, she’s a conservative and an old school Republican party member. It is the party itself that is now Republican in name only. Standing up for American democracy and American values does not make her a Democrat.

    1. Or maybe the electorate needs to choose better people. We live in a democracy, ultimately this mess is the fault of the voters.

    2. @mkween4 if you didn’t notice conservatives don’t like McConnell or the other neo-con globalist Rino’s

    3. @George Lux I agree. My personal belief is that only people who own property should be allowed to vote. Then the people voting actually have skin in the game, and are capable of keeping their lives in order.

    1. No, they are not. Inexperienced politicians like Donald that just wing it are the problem. The real problem is people who can’t deal with authority like you. I bet you had a difficult time in school. Get over your anger.

  4. These are the people that say defund the police and hire private security because they get paid a lot by the government not regular people get paid like that unless you own your own business

    1. Notice how they called ANTIFA/BLM rioters ‘peaceful protestors’ and bailed them out of jail all summer long as they burned down innocent small businesses during their most vulnerable time in a century and ended up killing 18 people yet as soon as a bunch of idiots run around the Capitol for a few hours they talk about it NONSTOP and compare it to 9/11 and the civil war and they hold hearings and have mass investigations and put together committees and BUILD A WALL and expand capitol police throughout the country and instead of bailing them out of jail they lock them up and violate their rights for months on end and then hold public funerals for Capitol police while completely ignoring people like David Dorn who served as a police officer for many decades and was brutally murdered on a livestream by a looter in BLM riots after he tried to stop him?

      I’m no supporter of storming the Capitol but this is ridiculous. I know the American people see through this crap and I hope the Democratic Party has another ‘Kavanaugh Effect’ and never recovers from this

    2. I think privatizing the police is a great idea.Notice how law enforcement isn’t accountable for murder?Law enforcement in this country is the 3rd most expensive military organization in the world.A private security company would be far more accountable and affordable.,and bonus,you could opt out,and it would end the drug war probably.

  5. “Careers” as politicians. I think you sound the source of all our problems, career politicians.

  6. I have a real Problem with the Word “Career”. Being a Politician is Public Service, a Servant to the People. Or have I got something wrong here?

  7. Mr Kiplinger’s, why not show such compassion for all the people who have lost their business and many others who have been murdered in your state?

    1. Insurrection also falls under the same suite of federal laws as sedition, and the two can be difficult to distinguish. But it is charged by federal prosecutors far more rarely—almost never in American history. It means, essentially, to incite, assist in or engage in a full-on rebellion against the government: a step beyond just conspiring against it, and requiring that significant violence be involved.

    2. Many trials to come for both who were there and hopefully some politicians like Donald and locker room Jimmy.

    3. That’s crazy too….if they all had turbans and worshipped a different god they wudve been charged with the highest charge in the land….and can’t nobody tell me different….


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