Sykes: GOP Stance On Voting Rights Has Shifted 1

Sykes: GOP Stance On Voting Rights Has Shifted


Charlie Sykes, Editor-at-large for The Bulwark, says Republicans should also be asked about their opposition to the Senate's voting rights bill. 

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  1. Anyone that defends Joe Manchin is not worth air time. To stand in the way of voting rights, no matter what party is disgusting. Republican’s would be non existent without corrupt corporate donations and dems may actually work for the people again.

    1. @Colin price Rowling Manchin. It just came out today that hes getting right wing corporate contributions. Besides…its only the Justice Dems that dont take corporate donations…and theres very few of them. Im a life long dem supporter….except lately when ive decided to support progressive justice dems.

    2. @Colin price Rowling Nancy Pelosi got over 1.8 million in PAC money for her 2020 election. These figures aren’t hard to find. Do some research before you talk smack.

    3. @T.A. ACKERMAN uh huh ,, was that a declared and open donation ?
      Or was it an under the table brown paper bag donation like the repubcrooks get ?

    4. @Colin price Rowling It was PAC money! Do you know who funds PACs? No! Nobody does and that’s the purpose of PACs. Name a Republican that’s getting money in a brown paper bag.

  2. This is what desperation to reinstate a serial failing con artist as god king looks like.

    1. @Larry Garland “lowest” unemployment from the Past 8 year President CLAIMED by the Sitting IS NOT CREATING JOBS!! “Unemployment Numbers” DO NOT count the HUGE numbers of Homeless OR Citizens that GAVE UP TRYING After Years of Looking For Good Paying or What they were Educated for! Trump destroyed Thousands of Small Businesses with Massive Taxes on the Lower Middle-Class and ALL WORKING CLASS that Paid OVER 300 BILLION dollars More in Taxes and PAID FOR the Wealthiest that Trump gave Tax Breaks & Welfare too! Not a Thing for Americans that CREATE THIS NATIONS WEALTH WITH **OUR BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS**

    2. @Dianna Skare And how many of the jobs comprise of burger flippers and Wally Drones don’t forget.

    1. @David You have found it. Repeating Trump Cult talking points has taken over your whole life

    2. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid Mr @David was safely at home in St. Petersburg, Russia

    3. @Charlie Wyler Mr. David will accept rubles in exchange for his dignity.

    1. Trump will jet off to space whilst Kim jungle dung beetle un nukes us destroys the world Democrats and Republicans alike!

    2. Putin will make The sky rain blood over the entire UNITED STATES, and torture all Americans and enslave them!
      You better hope to F/€|{ that Trump never ever wins cuz the in the in the Biblical sense that means the end of world!

    3. @ZAWAACESSPACECASE Trump will not prevail. Fascism will not prevail. It’s going to be a painful period in our history, but the Trump cult will inevitably lose. And I’m not only referring to their minds! (Which they have proven to have already lost…)

  3. The US just came out of a five-year period of eriosion of democratic norms and civil values.
    The US doesn’t need compromises!
    The US needs urgent and bold action.
    _No compromise on voting right or infrastructure!_

  4. If a party chooses to stand against something as no-nonsense as ensuring access to the right to vote for every citizen with respect to the reality on the ground, then you know that party no longer has a viable and appealing message to the nation. Republicans should look at themselves in the bloody mirror.

    1. Access is one thing, verification is another. They should have equal consideration.

    2. @Larry Garland Where I live, the Revenue Agency has the data source to trace all citizens in the country. And from there, Elections Canada reaches ALL CITIZENS with a notification by mail about where and when to vote. It’s the same equal process from coast to coast to coast. No one gets left out.

      A number of Americans better learn from how we do it.

    3. @James O’Byrne The Canadian senate only amends laws at best as they hold less power than the House of Commons, who votes and passes laws. The US Senate is not the most representative of the American population.

  5. Manchin was bought by Big Money Donors! We need H.R.1. Three years ago Manchin supported essentially H.R.1.
    Eliminate Electoral College for popular vote. Never have another loser in Presidency like Trump 2016!

    1. I totally agree.
      The electoral college was written so rich powerful white men could influence who won the vote.
      Back when only white male landowners were allowed to vote.
      Get rid of it.

  6. Other western democracies automatically guarantee every citizens’ right to vote, no restrictions or suppression ever. Just sayin’…..

    1. @Roguect Garbeled : Voting on Sunday is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard of ! I am in Indiana and we have NEVER done that. My gosh, how many days do want to vote. We have a few early voting days, but THAT is in person only. Then there is 12hrs to vote on election day. We had mail in voting for the first time, only because of the pandemic. There were NONE of those drop boxes. You mailed it to the county clerk, and if it got there late ? it was not counted. None of that is voter suppression. That’s the rules you have to abide by and everyone knows that.

    2. @David Wow! Like I said, if you don’t think we are a democracy, don’t vote. And let me just say, our country would be better off if you didn’t.

    3. @Robert Smith : Oh really ? how so ? Those things I stated are just normal procedure here. Are you going to go bonkers when a lot of these states eliminate mail in voting because it was a one time thing ?

    1. @theoneandonly
      Trumpanzees don’t read.
      What ever Trump and Fox etc tell them that’s their fact source.
      For that reason Trump’s blog shut down due to lack of interest in reading the printed word.

    2. @B. T. sounds to me like you don’t read very well either. Incoming “gramps” response

  7. Our Democracy, which was earned with blood, sweat and tears, is at stake. Vote 2022 And Crush the Trump/Putin Chaos Machine

    1. @Frank Poncherello You’re in a cult. There, I fixed it for you!

  8. The GQP should ask themselves why they even exist. The GQP is the sorryiest excuse for a Party that once was The Party of Lincoln.

    1. To quote Biggie and later Ilhan Omar…..’It’s all about the Benjamins baby’. Republicans have abandoned all pretense of governing and policy and gone ‘all in’ on fleecing the dimmest and most extreme factions in the country.

    2. Audits Arizonia Fraud!100%every lie revealed! Biden will be Ousted from the real insurrection of United States of America Fraud election!

    3. Audits Arizonia Fraud!100%every lie revealed! Biden will be Ousted from the real insurrection of United States of America Fraud election!

  9. Q: Why are republicans going against the voting rights act?

  10. “It was never going to pass. I don’t think it was written to pass”. HR1 was passable except for Joe Manchin and his refusal to budge on the filibuster. HR1’s issue isn’t that it’s got a lot of pages. It’s issue is that it directly deals with dark money in politics and politicians who love it won’t let it pass.

  11. Our democracy is so important. Our vote is our voice. It’s literally how we say what representation we want. Its not ok to silence legit votes. We are part of a civilized society and this is how we get things done in a dignified way. If we are unsatisfied with who is in office we wait until next time a vote again. That’s the beauty of it.

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