Sykes Says The Trumpian Mentality In The GOP Has Metastasized And The Party Can’t Control It Anymore 1

Sykes Says The Trumpian Mentality In The GOP Has Metastasized And The Party Can’t Control It Anymore


Editor-at-large at The Bulwark Charlie Sykes and former RNC chairman Michael Steele discuss House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s attempts to rewrite what happened on January 6th, and what his comments signal about Republican party overall. Aired on 04/26/2021.
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Sykes Says The Trumpian Mentality In The GOP Has Metastasized And The Party Can’t Control It Anymore


  1. How can he claim trump didn’t know about the insurrection, when there is footage of trump watching it and enjoying what he saw?

    1. @nobody *I’m NOT referring to Jr’s livestream of events that day. You appear to be.* Jr’s worse than useless

      *”However, once he finished his remarks, he did not follow through with the pledge to join them in walking down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.* Instead, Trump returned to the White House, according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

      *There, officials told Haberman that Trump watched his supporters breach and vandalize the Capitol on television, while berating aides and disparaging Vice President Mike Pence for not agreeing to his agenda.* Haberman wrote:

      The president holed up in the Oval Office, speaking with Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, who was said to have been rattled by the day, and Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel.”

      *Trump watched his supporters breach and vandalize the Capitol on television, while berating aides and disparaging Vice President Mike Pence for not agreeing to his agenda.*

    2. @PeacockPoverty And for the umpteenth time, there is NOT video of him watching the riots as you stated way back at the beginning of this bs.

    3. @nobody *Trump fiddled with his TV remote while Capitol was ransacked: President whipped MAGA rally into a frenzy, told them to march on the Hill – then retreated to White House to watch pandemonium on cable – and refused to condemn it*

    4. @nobody *Cocooned in a small private dining room next to the Oval Office, Trump watched on cable news as his followers ransacked the Capitol building, but appeared disinterested in the insurrection. Instead, he grew increasingly agitated and raved furiously that his own vice president had not backed his attempt to overthrow the election, insiders say.*

      *As the television showed scenes from the Capitol that shocked the nation and the world, increasingly desperate aides pleaded with Trump to intervene, but he resisted and insisted that nothing was wrong, the sources say.*

  2. It’s a cult now, by definition. That’s not a cliche, hyperbole or exaggeration. “It is what it is”

    1. How did most cults end? By mass suicides! Rallies, super spreaders, no masks, not getting the vaccine…
      While Republicans are so busy suppressing Democrat votes they are not looking at how drastically their numbers are going down. Too bad they’re so far up Trump’s butt to even notice!

    2. @Il Was well there’s one good thing about the Trump presidency! He destroyed the Republican Party!
      “If we make Trump our nominee, he will destroy our party. And we will destroy it deserve it!”
      – Lindsay Linda Graham 2015

    3. @Cinematic Man Do you have ADHD? The clip started out with him saying Trump was wrong now. he’s saying He tried to stop it. doesn’t mention their argument at all. Kevin is a liar. Trump is a liar. Those still pushing the big lie our liars too. apparently honesty means nothing. Intregity? Means 0. Cheat to win. Overthrow the gov’t if you have to. Ask GA to find you 11,780 votes. Guess you didn’t hear about that either, huh?

    4. @Joyce Duncan Nobody is suppressing any vote, nutjob, and there is zero evidence that masks do anything to inhibit the spread of the kung flu.

  3. When we teach our children about the evils of McCarthyism, we’re going to have to specify which evil McCarthy we’re talking about. American history now has two of them.

    1. Look at b&w footage of the 1950’s McCarthy, and tell me that’s not Ted Cruz’s father. They look, sound, and sneer alike, …..and harass free-thinkers in the same vindictive ugly ways.

    2. The old McCarthy might have been relevant now getting rid of Putin, the Russian Mob, MoscowMitch and Comrade Trumpski and this McCarthy

    1. That’s why Republicans need to be separated from Trumpists. Policy aside, there are many good, principled conservatives who, almost definitely, voted for Biden.

  4. True,there is no leading going on in the GOP.They are just following Dump’s base in order to keep their jobs.

    1. So sick of hearing about Chump. Get on with the Chump indictments and prosecutions so we can put this criminal and his cronies where they belong in jail …. and then get on with making decisions for the country. It is such a waste of time talking about Chump and the GOP. They are wasting all our time with nonsense and nothing productive.

    2. This new GOP acts like a cancer. Trumpism is not sustainable in a democracy. Either the USA rids itself of this cancer, or we become what the insurrectionists desires. A failed state.

  5. I don’t like Liz Cheney’s policies but she has more balls than all these GOP politicians put together.
    But it is very dangerous for the US democracy when so many people are willing to follow a fascist wannabee dictator.

    1. @Kteka Guilt by association it’s like racism they see color not the person,all that aside you are trying to argue with people that believe in lizard people, think about that.

    2. @Craig Cherry my advice is … get help. Move away from the internet, look the sun outside and have a walk, connect with your friends and family and breath deeply – you will feel better.

    3. @Luis Boqcas But at least she speaks the truth, is reasonable , and wont sell out our democracy in seeking power like the rest if the right. You should realize that you cant be picky durinng these times. You are being unreasonable

  6. Michael Steele, the GOP hasn’t had the best interest of the citizens at heart for decades.
    Including the time when you were one of its leaders.
    This is a continuous line from at least Newt Gingrich though Bush/Cheney, into the Tea Party, Palin and finally Trump.
    Fuelled by Fox News, Oil money, Tobacco, anti-science and religion.

    1. These Republicans are not even leaders, they are followers. Scared, weak followers, waiting to be thrown under the bus because they are not ‘trumpy’ enough. It’s laughable.

    2. It goes back to at least 1889, when Republicans tried to make up for losing votes by caving to big business, by gerrymandering in new states.

  7. “A furious McCarthy told the then-President the rioters were breaking into his office through the windows, and asked Trump, “Who the f–k do you think you are talking to?” according to a Republican lawmaker familiar with the call.” For a moment, when he thought he might actually be in physical danger, McCarthy acted like a man. Once he had a chance to think about it, he went straight back to being a lackey. The Democrats should be able to destroy McCarthy – or do they think he is more useful at the top? I say, destroy him on principle.

    1. McCarthy is said to have said, “Who do you think you’re talking to”, after Trump doubted his support for the Big Lie (saying that the rioters cared more about the election than McCarthy did).

    2. During the impeachment the managers went through extra step just to get that put into the record. but Kevin McCarthy is a psychopath so he can easily say yes and then say no. he can say bird and then say grass. It does not bother him. he does not feel shame. all he is concerned about is kissing Trump’s a@s, as often as needed.

    3. McCarthy is playing it dumb because the party of the President typically loses 27 House seats in a midterm election. The President is a Democrat, and Democrats hold a 6-seat lead in the House, so, if McCarthy keeps his trap shut, he thinks he’ll be Speaker in 2023.

      The problem is that he has no spine, is weak-willed, and has no leadership. So even if Republicans take the House next year, I think he’ll be backstabbed and someone else would take the Speakership and he’ll have done all this for nothing. BUT, if Republicans continue to act the way they have been, they may wind up scaring the general public into sticking with the Democrats and bucking the historic trend of losing seats in the midterms.

      If that happens, he’s DEFINITELY toast, so he’s pretty screwed either way. But that’s the sign of a poor leader.

    4. @Jason Boyce I agree with you. however I think history may change, because of the horrible job Trump did and voters will be able to see the good things Joe has done. Plus after witnessing the Insurrection and most of the Republican Leaders with their lies, I pray that turns off, decent Americans and they withhold their vote from Republican candidates.

    5. @Jason Boyce the game changers this time: denial of the insurrection, handling of covid-19, the big lie propaganda.

    1. @David Goldman , What sad country are you trolling from, my sad little simple drunk Russian troll doll?

  8. I read earlier that Trump has the reading and speaking level of a 4th grader. No wonder the GOP thinks Trump is a genius!

    1. @Mr Rey But in the end… if the 4th graders win… everyone loses… and the victory chants will be akin to “nana nana boo boo” and “I know I am, but what are you?” Of course, the many people who champion the GOP (As I did for years.) do not possess the intelectual wherewithal to comprehend that.

  9. Trump has taught his followers that if you say something long enough, you can get what you want. They severely underestimated social media and recorded video.

  10. The 3 Stooges (KM, MM and LG) spoke on the floor saying in some way the same thing: DT was to be held accountable only the continue to spread the lies.

  11. they will be cast off like michael cohen after he has been done being useful… after he has shredded every bit of his dignity being loyal to someone who has only loyalty for himself.

    1. Trump leaves and endless trail of broken careers in his wake, and snickers about it in his nightly pillow talks with Murdoch.

  12. My country has come to a place of fear vs faith.. true faith in something bigger than themselves. Not a human being

    1. @seeingeyegod personally I have faith in the honesty, humanity and generosity of the American citizens at their ballot boxes.

    2. @Carol fear like death is not the greatest loss in life: the greatest loss is that which dies inside of us while we live.

  13. Mccarthy could barely keep a straight face while shoveling the lie to Chris! Look at his face as he’s saying it…unbelievable

    1. @Soleil M they’re all fascists.
      For some reason they wanted a fascist regime, with Trump dictating it.
      I guess they completely forgot about the fact, they have to live here too.
      Dumbest people to walk this earth.
      Maybe it’s the inbreeding, or maybe it’s their aversion to education. Maybe both.

    2. @Bonnie Kerr I think it boils down to wanting power. Power equates to status and money. They attach themselves to whoever is the flavor of the week, go in with everything they’ve got, and hope for the best.
      Also, I think they are conscious of the need for self-preservation with their base. They know democrats would never vote for someone like Ted Cruz or McCarthy, so they try to make sure that Trump’s base is also their base. This way, all of their gerrymandered districts elect them without fail, even if they are primaried.
      Money and power, 100%.
      People are terrible. I’m ready to live in a world full of dogs

  14. Mccarthy, Haley and Graham must be on the same mental medication. You would think that they were smart enough to choose a leader that has knowledge, and that had a normal operating brain.

    1. They chose someone who would help them push ahead their Christian Dominionism death cult “Seven Mountains Mandate” plan. It has been in the works for over fourty years and the Republican Party has now been completely infiltrated with the members of this cult of which Ted Cruz is a leader. They want complete destruction in order to install a Christian ISIS/Taliban type Christian Dominionism Theocracy.

    2. These are the actions of people who are already guilty of something… and they need people around so they don’t have to pay the price.

    3. They seem to like pea brain tell them what to do or better yet they are all pea brains in the Republican party!

  15. “we love you you’re very special” SOB needs to be held accountable! Anything but jail is not justice!

    1. So very Special! ! Seditionist P. O. S. Trashed our house out of allegiance to an orange mango Mussolini wannabe! Well done Comrades !

    1. @T J The cheating has all been being done by Trumpist Republicans. You are gaslighting with your comment. You are advocating for the installation of a Dictatorship and that would be very bad for EVERYONE, you included! There is no right side to be on if that happens. Only terrible things come from Fascism!

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