Syrians vote in 'sham' election set to be won by Assad 1

Syrians vote in ‘sham’ election set to be won by Assad


Syrians were voted in presidential elections widely dismissed by experts and activists as a sham poll, rigged in favor of President Bashar al-Assad.
Assad, 55, who has repeatedly been accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, is expected to win an election for the second time since an uprising in 2011 spiraled into civil war.
In 2014, Assad received 88.7% of the vote in an election that took place in government-controlled parts of the country. At the time, opposition groups ran large swathes of Syria — Assad's forces have since wrested control over most of that territory. Turkey controls some territory in the northwest of the country and the US military has a presence in the country's northeast.
Hundreds of thousands of people have died in Syria's war, and millions have been displaced. Assad is accused of launching at least three major chemical attacks on civilians in opposition-controlled areas since 2013. Syria's government denies allegations of war crimes and of having used chemical weapons. It also dismisses criticism of its election process.

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    1. @My Name Trump is a billionaire. No matter how much you deny it, he’s still a billionaire

    2. @TheDiamond2009 Well if you consider the Nobel price is run by people like CNN. Does it surprise you?

    3. @Danger Close agree about the bombing of people is unacceptable as is all war, as far as Trump being a billionaire let’s see what the courts uncovered when the indictments start

  1. The dichotomy is Syrian life is mind boggling…really…Damascus stood unscathed from all the wars because it was the regime’s strong hold( the infrastructure still stands, like nothing happened alteast 90%) but you go to Aleppo and homs it’s a different reality .

    1. that happens to cause the American & Russian technically to have the same view for this regime. all this argument all over 10 years was disgusting play. that’s why Damascus was not shelled by rebills. we Syrian are paying the price.

    2. @hope never dies No, Damascus is untouched because that is where Assad lives. Russia just does what Assad wants, and the US has done very little bombing, and what the US did was directed by our Kurdish allies. The destruction is due to Assad, and he’s not gong to bomb his home.

    3. @Deborah Freedmanin Damascus rebiles were about 1.5 km away from his palace in 2015. Orders came from US and Russia not to shell Damascus . Not for what you say. If you know his palace where is in Damascus you will understand. So it isn’t that he did not through bombs for his safety. I hope if you can read more about the last 10 years in Syria.

  2. Of course the US thinks it’s a sham. They’ve had designs on Syria for years.. Leave Syria to the Syrian people. We’ve interfered enough.

    1. the US proxy war in Syria was started in 2011 by none other than the Chocolate Messiah!!!

    2. @New Matchbox As I I said we’ve had designs on Syria for years…probably as far back as Bill Clinton or more, but if you’re referring to Obama that sounds pretty racist to me. He’s guilty of involvement in Syria, but I don’t think it’s right to cast racial aspersions just because you might hate him.

    3. @Michele Rousseau that man attacked 7 nations during his eight year regime and killed tens of thousands, and all you can do is get butthurt about waycism?

    4. @New Matchbox it’s not butthurt, it’s wrong. I don’t agree with any of our foreign policy and that especially goes for Israel. They’re all warmongers

  3. sending the red river OP’s to assist aid to the people of syria and project nova strike witch involes in the take over and destruction of the regime

    1. Not since Briben got in. Russia on Ukraine border, china threatening Australia, Middle East at it again, gas through the roof. But hey be a good little commie and say it with me. Orangeman bad. Now back in line sheep.

  4. Guys remember all wars in the Middle East were due to colonialism. It’s true that this region prior wasn’t the most peaceful but during the ottoman years they’ve enjoyed relative peace. The ottomans did commit atrocities against the Armenians and making life difficult for Arab Christians( I don’t know the full story of that so anyone who is Arab Christian living abroad for more than one generation please correct) which made them leave.


  6. When a person says “to be honest” sometimes, does that mean that they are not honest the rest of the time? Hint, never, never say “to be honest”.

  7. Assad saved Syria from becoming an Al Qaeda State.
    He saved the World from Al Qaeda.
    We should be grateful. I’m sure the Syrians are.
    Nice try CNN….We know your lies.

  8. I wonder if the DNC was consulted in the Syrian election having done so well in the American election.

  9. Are US installed regime-change presidents more legitimate? Are Syria’s voting criteria less legitimate than the voter suppression bills in US states?

  10. I can imagine how frustrated the reporter seems to be while she is recording her report. I can feel you sadness. Unfortunately there are millions who don’t feel what you feel. Most syrians want to GO BACK to 2010-Syria. Syrians realize that foreign forces want to mess up everything and then leave the country in chaos.

  11. Why is it a sham?? Cz you didn’t like the results??? Reminds me of an audit happening in Arizona!!! Leave Syria to the Syrians and let’s stop interfering in other ppl’s buisness!!!

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