Ta-Nehisi Coates Defends His Hometown Of Baltimore | All In | MSNBC 1

Ta-Nehisi Coates Defends His Hometown Of Baltimore | All In | MSNBC


Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about why the president has never considered cities like Baltimore part of the United States.
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Ta-Nehisi Coates Defends His Hometown Of Baltimore | All In | MSNBC


    1. We fund Qanon to keep you folk quarantined. How’d you get out? Git back in your bubble boy. #FlatEarthFTW

    1. Brooklyn Slaughterhouse – l take it you’re being intentionally obtuse. The crimes Trump has committed (and aided by others in the Administration) were identified be Mueller to be prosecuted when he ceases to be President.

    2. Joey Harper ~ lt’s not about left or right. It’s about being truthful, honest, principled and lawful; concepts that Trump doesn’t understand or value. He lies most times he opens his mouth. And bizarrely most tribal Republicans just ignore it. The Trump Regime is simply perverse.

    3. Geoff Gersbach false muller made sure trump doesn’t when he leaves office how you keep believing this how many more lies will you believe ? Did trump get impeached? No will he get arrested after his last day in office ? No he won’t democrats lie that’s what they do

  1. Mr Coates’ strongest point is that none of this is new. My childhood was spent between the inner cities of NYC and Baltimore. I have seen poverty and all of it’s associated challenges. I inherited only my dignity. I am 65 years old now and can attest to the fact that Congressman Cummings did not invent any of this and is far less able to change it than the president of a country that includes Baltimore. As a senior executive, I assure you that I am and should be expected to accept accountability for my company and all of our employees. I pray for all of us as those are the values I learned in the places I grew up in.

    1. @Bears With Glasses It just babbles. It likely doesn’t know what it means. It uses MadLibs comments. *If you love **________** so much, then you should **_________* Like, if you love socialism so much, you should give away all your stuff, or if you love immigrants so much, you should move to their country. Sad trash non-thought from sad trash people. #DullChudsAreDull Next it will dub someone an NPC or say ‘orange man bad’. #BoringChud

    1. w oke : It’s, “too,” son. Are there ANY Trump Trolls using English as a FIRST language? Or, who are educated enough to write better than a 9 year old? . . . SMH

    2. @Mc3BAL You lefts are some of tge biggest racists rn. But i don’t ecpect racists to see their own ignorance. Stay playing the victim

  2. I am a white Christian and I believe, that people of all races and color are children of the One God. As it happened, all by chance, the whites became at certain stage, more scientifically and technologically advanced than others, and unfortunately, they used this to commit a lot of terrible crimes and evil, all over the world. Also, to be proud of being white, and demean other races, is extremely sinful and offensive to God, who created all people equal in his eyes. Didn’t Jesus say: learn from me how to be humble? Didn’t the Son of God, wash his disciples feet, to give them example of how humble all people should be, and never proud and self-conceited?? God hates the proud and self-conceited people. They are the abomination in his eyes and all will be condemned to eternal punishment. No doubt about it. The foundation of Christianity is, God’s Commandment, He gave us through Moses, and what it was confirmed by Jesus: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself ” and ” Do for others, what you would like them don for you”, etc.. Those who do not follow this commandment are fake Christians, no matter what they think of themselves. It is written: “Faith without good deeds is dead” !

    We live here in the mostly “white ” man’s world, so couple of times, I tried to imagined, that I was born black, and were trying to think, what would then, be my life like, here where I live. Because of this, I can understand much better , at least some great difficulties and problems the black Americans are struggling to overcome every day.

  3. These people have no morality they are just sweeping Baltimore’s problems under the rug !! People in Baltimore need to try something different

  4. The country will not go away if he wins again, it is already gone. FL 2000 was Gore’s in the recount and both EC and popular.

  5. I thought Prezzy was referring to facts. Facts about Baltimore. Facts abt most (not all) Democrat run inner cities. Facts.

  6. Baltimore has a Trash and Rat problem……………TRUE
    It has a large number of Condemned Buildings that need to be torn down…………TRUE
    It has a high unemployment rate because companies are afraid to invest there………TRUE
    It has a high crime rate because of the unemployment rate………………TRUE
    It has some of the worst-performing Public Schools in the nation…………..TRUE
    It still has good people that love their city………TRUE

    All right Democrats, every major city that you have control of are looking a lot like this.

    1. The government (R and D) should invest. Start with the schools. Then work on the infrastructure … it can be done. Do it now and do it well. You mission is to help people.

  7. The funniest things here are we are literally allowing a president to be in the bed with Russians. Never thought I’d see the day.

  8. My theory why 45 is so worked up all the time about squalor, is that he’s just one generation away from almost growing up in squalor himself, if his mother hadn’t been lucky enough to snag a ruthless, greedy, slumlord husband. His mother grew up as one of 13 people (2 parents, 11 kids) living in a rented 2-room cottage in the Outer Hebrides. Those crofts don’t have indoor plumbing. He knows he’s common peasant stock, just like the rest of us, and it eats at him.

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