1. “We’re not going live with this” cause in case any laws get broken by the police we don’t the public knowing that.

    1. @isuejehdhxyxyhxhshehwhhebeb This is true. Because they have the ability to have each 1 cop hold 20000 pounds of ammunition inside their rectum.

    2. @isuejehdhxyxyhxhshehwhhebeb Not sure which of my replies you are commenting about. And also not sure if I should bother replying to someone with a alias that looks like that.

    3. @pUrP!€ @nArX!$t A mandate is forcing someone to get a medical procedure. Coercion is not consent, are you insane?

    4. @paladro lol fringe. Are you not embarrassed that you have 0 ability to think for yourself and can only parrot what you hear on TV? Enjoy your fascist police state and bread lines

    1. A lot of injuries? Weeks with barely any real incidents that involves injuries. No guns has been seen or found and what the truckers keep repeating to themselves is do not resist arrest, just let it happen peacefully. They know there is nothing to gain from violence in this situation.

    2. @Jean-François GeoGaia @Doo Dad is saying that the job that tactical team was doing was horrible, they allowed the press to be to close, so potential injuries could had happened, and he’s right. He didn’t said that in the other way.

  2. “This is exactly what they’re trained to do…”
    Sounds like they’re from the 57th Motorhome Invasion Squadron.

    1. @justin muir the cops have watched too many cop movies. I mean why point a automatic rifle in a car like you would do in a house. The car/ truck has windows. All this needless drama.

  3. The message “HAS” to be made clear? Obviously we know what side this news station is on. I’m embarrassed for those who work for this station.

  4. “We’re not going live” – because we don’t want to broadcast the violent crimes that we’re expecting are on the way 😂

  5. “We’ve got umm about 7 members of the squad here” yeah who cant get in a camper that has almost no security to it lol

    1. I kind of wonder why Canadian police need body armor and submachine guns to arrest protesters who have not been violent and are merely refusing to walk away.

    2. @Mollie Stanton remember nurnburg to claim just obeying orders or doing there job was no excuse for the crimes against humanity the world made it so after the trials so why do everyone forget and allow tyrany?

    1. @Coffee With Bleach you are so deranged. Police are great when they protect and serve their communities. When they aren’t doing illegal activities. And following unethical and illegal orders.

  6. Love how the cops are so ashamed of their actions that they try to interpose their bodies between the cameras and their disgraceful actions so that no one can record what they are doing.

  7. I’m amazed you got so close then turned the camera away. We don’t want to hear about it we want to see it. Why did you bother to send a camera, we know there’s snow on the ground.

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