1. 0:03 Bottom of the screen reads, “CUOMO ADDRESSES ALLEGATIONS AGAINST HIM”
    What did he allegedly do?

    1. @Insignificant360 No he is right. What did he “allegedly”do?
      Im pretty sure the AG came out and confirmed that ALL allegations against him are TRUE.

      So he is right to question what this is about xD
      You cant call something that is confirmed “allegedly”.

    2. No idea…
      But it was confirmed that he sexually harrest and touched woman.
      11 Confirmed cases o.O
      Kinda wonder what they allegedly accuse him of now.

    3. @DevoA joke. The video title is talking about the hurricane when the video is Cuomo addressing the harassment accusations.

  2. say what you will about Dems (Cuomo will get what he deserves in court) but the man resigns in disgrace AND STILL is doing his job of governing, THAT is real leadership, not running off crying & complaining about conspiracies or giving up during crisis and playing golf like trump did like a LOSER

    1. Cuomo has sexually assaulted women. You obviously support that kind of behavior. Cuomo should have been gone weeks ago.

    2. @O X the first thing i said is he’ll get what he deserves in court, I know reading is hard but you gotta at least try man πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

    3. @HOT AND JUICY russiagate russiagate, orange man bad, insurrection…it really is funny how little they ever came up with.

    4. @Lee Garry omg….
      sended Covid patients to the homes of elderly..
      “did a great job”
      Then hid the fact that his direct actions cause over 15k deaths… He hid all of them from the public…
      Such a great job…

    1. @reality Has anyone noticed how many Conservative males get caught in relationships with young boys?

    2. @Nota Cent I think this one is different to the rest, it used a capital β€œL” for Liberal, and spelled everything else correctly. It had better go back and edit the original comment or it peers might expel it? Just a thought.

      I hope you are safe and well at this time.

    1. @GNR FOREVER The wheel of fortune is always turning….tomorrow it could be you that needs assistance.

    1. @John Winstead He’s addicted to power, it’s nothing about oath or public service. He is a narcissist. He’s at high risk of suicide or substance abuse after he’s not on camera or able to abuse or boss people around.

    2. @Eric Wittman
      So is Trump, many Republican congressman, Matt Gaetz, and all the male anchors at Faux Spews.

  3. Anything for the limelight, one last time. He should have let the Lt. Governor make this address.

  4. FML. This is exactly what we need on top of everything else. πŸ˜‘πŸ™πŸ™That it’s minimal damage inflicted. Please be careful all.

    Don’t leave your pets 😞..

  5. He did wrong but dang l am gonna miss this leader. Ok ok woketivist be calm he violated those women I agree ok so calm down

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