Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine: TVJ Bite of the Week - March 5 2021 1

Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine: TVJ Bite of the Week – March 5 2021


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  1. Now is the time to fight for our right. Jamaican ppl a sit down too comfortable. Strike we fi guh pan

  2. Every person is a carrier of a body that their spirit lives deep within, so one has to know what to put inside the body that the Creator has lend them and what to take out in order to survive all of their given days. For no one knows what is truly good and beneficial for the body, but if one follow the whispering thoughts of their own mind, then one will never go wrong. But as for me who have gained wisdom from the Creator himself, not one thing that is medically prescribe from the followers of the evil one will ever enter the body that I’m in charge of again. For when you are young you will be led and taught everything what to do , but as one grows older they have a choice to decide what is right from what is wrong

    1. I’m not ignorant and I took it and I am feeling fine. Only thing that is ignorant is your comment. I pray that you never get the virus because you will sing a different tune.

    2. @Floridagal4life I know alot more than you, And do you know what ignorant means?
      can you now get pregnant?
      If you do manage to get pregnant after having the vaccine let me know.

    3. We are in a sad situation, no one is force to take the vaccine, so ur comment say only ignorant people will take it,so we not going to take the vaccine what is your solution in fighting this pandemic my learned? friend

    4. @Shamar Richards you meant plandemic?
      Bill 2015 preparation speech,
      He gave list of Ways to depopulation 3billion by 2030:
      •abortion clinic.
      Google Search and you’ll see the interview.

  3. No one is falling down. I’m a healthcare worker who has been fully vaccinated since January and have no side effects

    1. How many million people have gotten the vaccine vs How many have “died”. There has been so proof that anyone has died from the vaccine.

    2. You have not seen any side effects yet* check me back 2-3 years down the line! Acting as if side effects must be immediate or visible…look how much things happen in the human body and there are no immediate signs. Are you truly a health professional?

    3. If you don’t want to take it don’t but don’t try to influence people who want to. To each his own. Good luck

  4. Ma dude said if it kill him a suh; dead or alive him a guh tek it…

    This is why education is important. One big dunce. The ancestors be weeping.

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