Taliban Advances In Afghanistan As U.S Withdraws 1

Taliban Advances In Afghanistan As U.S Withdraws

Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent, joins Andrea Mitchell to unpack the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and warnings of a potential civil war after the US leaves. Engel says the signs he is seeing are “not encouraging” that the Afghan government will be able to keep the country stable after the withdrawal. 
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  1. Well I understand the us cant stay there for ever,and they have to learn how to fight themselves.weve been there 20 yrs,they had to have learned how to fight and protect themselves..I do however feel very bad for them

    1. @Deborah Szczesniak
      The enemy, the Taliban, killed more people than will ever be reported.

      Your refusal to condemn their ideology is the reason for their victory.

      Look this up: Surah 4:34

      This is what they believe and implement.

    2. @Deborah Szczesniak
      You are a defeatist apologizing to someone who wants to see you destroyed!

    3. @Mike Harper
      All wars unfortunately effect the populous, especially when your “modern” buildings are from the 1st century.

      I find your naivete about our enemy even worse than mine.

      Look up: Surah 9:29 and Surah 5:33

      (These apply to you if you are religious [9:29] and if you live in the West [5:33])

      So, if you think that us leaving will make the Taliban more peaceful, then your wrong.

      They won because they sacrificed their own people for houris.

    4. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith I dont recall apologizing and they dont want me destroyed personally.

    5. @Deborah Szczesniak
      They told you “when they die, they can pay for the crimes they committed”

      You are part of that they…and are ignorant on the matter.

      The Taliban use Surah 9:29 and Surah 5:33 as excuses to attack Western civilians and Jews and Christians in the region.

      (And don’t give me the 5:32 crap- that belongs to the Jews as the Quran states)

    1. As I understand it, the Taliban were always against growing poppies, and they reduced the amounts grown substantially before the US invasion. Part of the pack the US formed with the Afghan warlords, and particularly the Northern Alliance, to fight the Taliban was that a blind eye would be turned to an increase in poppy cultivation and export. Cultivation also increased in Taliban held areas as a means to raise money to fight the war against the US and its allies.

    2. @urbanimage not quite. The Taliban taxed poppy and heroin even giving receipts for taxes paid on“white” . Yes Mullah Omar did stop poppy for a year but many say that this was because stockpiles were so high the prices went too low. Stopping for a season or two depleted the overstocks and kept the prices higher earning the Taliban more money.

  2. When will Russia invade Afghanistan? I give it two years haha I’m pretty sure Afghanistan is co dependent to occupation lol

    1. Russians got Spanked quickly and got driven out they’re def weaker then US who been there 20 years and left voluntarily lmao not a good idea for the modern Russian army they would get slaughtered

    2. Russia does not print money unlike the USA.
      The Russians simply have no resources to go into Afghanistan.

    3. @JC Yep the problem is that the Americans did not fight, but sat on their bases. The country belonged to the Taliban and other bands for 20 years. USA is useless and can’t fight – they can’t do sh

  3. the afghani soldier putting on his goggles upside down and standing proud is the only sign I need to know that Afghanistan is in serious trouble.

    1. Those are obviously quantum sniper goggles u don’t wear them the “right” way when ur not in combat…ur welcome

  4. When I visited the USA someone in a bar asked me if I supported this war. I said the UK had gone into the war and that we were America’s allies but that it seemed like a totally opened ended war without any sort of goal and that it was probably going to end up with a lot of innocent people dead and being a very costly Vietnam type mistake. One guy in the bar almost wanted to start a physical fight with me as the idea that the USA couldn’t win the war and be home in time for a barbeque went against everything he’d ever been told by his government and in their media. Most Americans literally believe they won the Vietnam war which absolutely amazed me. I don’t know how they teach it to them but they really believe America won.
    Anyway, here we are 20 years later, over a trillion dollars and billions of pounds spent by our countries. Thousands of American and British and other “willing” nations soldiers dead. An escalation of the “war on terror” going into other nations where hundreds of thousand of civilians have died and millions have been made into refugees many fleeing to Europe. Several terror attacks in Europe and in the USA, the creation of ISIS and extremist views multiplying by thousands of times throughout the Islamic world. And what did it get us? Afghanistan will be right back where it started but those that helped the West will be slaughtered and the only chance for change will be by negotiating with the people that killed our soldiers. Already the USA has had to sit down with them and negotiate their withdrawal. All those American and British and other families without loved ones as well as innocent dead and America are shaking hands with the Taliban and Donald Trump invited them to Camp David at one point.
    What total waste of lives, time and money that could have gone towards good causes at home and around the world. I’d add that it will b incredibly difficult for the USA and Western allies to stand up to tyranny elsewhere after being beaten out of Afghanistan by the Taliban. I wish I could state a more valuable lesson from this but it is all just very depressing and terribly wasteful.

    1. @Charsi Baba You people are historically illiterate. The western allies fight against the nazis before the US became involved was so weak it was dubbed the phony war. The US did “win” WW2 if you ask which country reaped the most benefits. Hitler would have annihilated both Great Britain and the Soviet Union sooner or later had it not been for American financing, logistics, and manufacturing. Russia had no real strategic bombing campaign, Britain needed lend lease and millions of tons of goods that came across the atlantic, Normandy would not have worked without the US and no western front would have been established. Also, the US basically won the war in the Pacific single handedly. The whole other half of WW2… So to downplay American involvement in WW2 is childish. The US wound up as the only nation with nuclear power and the capability to use it. They could have dominated the planet at that time, but instead began the largest demilitarization in world history. Just because the US didnt sacrifice millions of their people, forcing them to charge panzers with no weapons or face death by their own officers like the Soviets, doesnt mean their contribution was small.

    2. @Atul Srinivasan absolutely, no disagreement there. But often when critics claim the US lost this or that, the imply that they didnt have the superior military, tactics, strategy, or training militarily in a conventional war.

    3. @T Electronix kosovo, Bosnia, amd the 1991 gulf war was a success, but most others were expensive failures.

    4. @tnbrfller they did. Without the us both the Soviets, french, and british would have been toast.

    5. @AroundSun ……and, going back to the subject of this video, the US has lost any ‘pr war’ in afghanistan.

    1. @SS hit squad frundsburg yup. Then the Taliban’s masters Pakistan will bring the Chinese(pakistan’s new masters) in . Should be very interesting going forward .I hope I’m wrong and Afghans find peace and begin to run their own affairs and develop( their literacy rate is horrible) but whatever happens the people there are in for a very bumpy road ahead.

  5. I spent 3 1/2 years in Afghanistan with the UN. This was always going to happen. The Americans invaded and encouraged a number of Afghans to help them fight other Afghans and now are surprised the Afghans they fought see the Afghans that helped them as collaborators. Did anyone read about Germany and France in a post-war situation?

    1. Actually I have never read about post WW2 Germany and France situation. If you have any links or books I’d love to read about that situation

    2. No I have not read about that.can I ask did america just go there on their own or were they asked to come there to help?

  6. No one wants to admit that USA empire is collapsing, I know it’s hard to accept but how life works. No one stays strong all time.

  7. We’ve been there for 20 years, they’ve had 20 years to prepare for us to eventually leaving if Afghanistan falls then it was just meant to be.

    1. That’s what I’m saying we have them 20 years everyone’s shedding tears and fearful for them but they did not step up despite being in the most advantageous position with support from multiple countries it’s time to go they failed nothing we can do as for terrorist dens brewing we continue using air strikes drones and special forces to keep hitting the Taliban and whoever else safe havens there

  8. Revelation 19:16
    [16]And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

    1. We can’t make them want to live like us.The literacy rate there is less than 20%. We should have taken out Bin Ladin and left but instead Bush and his government let him escape into Pakistan. For all their talk about having defeated the US and Nato why are they so worried then that we want to leave a few hundred soldiers to protect the diplomats and embassy?

    2. @Charsi Baba well, would you be happy if Russia asked to leave a few of it’s soldiers in your country??? .

      that’s their country and they don’t want you to be in their country simple as that.

    3. @Nin Fiican Yes I totally get that but the point I’m making is everybody is speaking in absolutes here from various sides of the discussion. My point is , things are much more complicated than that. There are many nuances.

  9. Millennia Carta YouTube channel has aptly discussed in short the consequences of US leaving Afghanistan .

  10. I look forward to seeing video of people trying desperately to get a place in the last helicopter leaving Kabul, as Taliban troops enter the city.

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