Taliban Could Take Afghanistan After US Troops Leave: Sebastian Junger 1

Taliban Could Take Afghanistan After US Troops Leave: Sebastian Junger


Author Sebastian Junger joins Morning Joe to discuss his experiences in Afghanistan, his thoughts on troop withdrawal in the region and his new book 'Freedom'.
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  1. Remember when Trump wanted to meet with the Taliban at Camp David to see if he could assist them in their efforts…

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Enjoy watching women get stoned to death on soccer fields I see.

    2. @Insignificant360 You’re the one fantasizing about it. (your fake concern for Afghani women notwithstanding)

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson You learned projection from Baby Cheesus well, young Padawan.

    4. @Insignificant360 I could be talking about the Man in the Fkking Moon and you’d turn it into a discussion on Trump. The TDS is strong with you

    5. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Save your whine of “TDS!” for when he’s actually irrelevant and not still the God-Emperor of the GQP as well as their leading candidate for 2024.

    1. Exactly and we should offer immigration and assistance to everyone and their families who helped us.

  2. The greatest Western military leader of all time, Alexander the Great, withdrew from Afghanistan. The Afghan people will not tolerate being occupied. The only one to pull it off was Ghengis Khan. And he was very, very, brutal.

  3. What about global warming… er umm I mean “Global Warming”? The topic wasn’t testing well in polling?

  4. I’m glad to see you guys forget about your allies with Canada been fighting there just as long as you have and better

    1. American public can’t do anything about what the government is doing Mitch McConnell holds everything up

    2. We haven’t forgotten that you supported us for the last twenty years fighting a useless war even though US air forces sometimes confuse you for the enemy.

  5. well the soviets failed and we failed so let the outcome play out as it will The mideast is quagmire of hate and religious zealotry and always has been and always will be .

  6. Afghanistan will be about the same after U.S. troops leave. It is not just the Taliban fighting for control in Afghanistan. There was basically a civil war going on before we invaded and various groups will still be fighting each other after the U.S. leaves.

  7. Everybody knows what will happen when the US pulls out. The same that happened after Russia and Great Britain. Nothing has changed in a millennium. We knew this when we started pouring troops in 2 decades ago.

  8. Well of course the Taliban are going to take over! They have been fighting to take over their country for twenty years, don’t you think they deserve victory? PS-note to the Pentagon, if you claim you are fighting for some one, don’t bomb their homes. It didn’t work in Vietnam, it didn’t work in Afghanistan.

  9. I’m sorry, “could”? We already know for a fact the Taliban is going to retake control of Afghanistan once we leave.

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