Taliban Leaders Claim Full Control Of Afghanistan 1

Taliban Leaders Claim Full Control Of Afghanistan

Col. Christopher Kolenda comments on the current state of Afghanistan's transitional government.

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  1. Blinken told the Americans still in Afghanistan not to worry and keep their heads up. They didn’t think it was funny.

    1. @Cyrus Theowl Please. You think Trump thought he would lose the election? Did you even think this through?

      Besides, Biden got bounced the first time he ran for president for lying about graduating in the top of his class when he was 76 out of 85. Practically last. The he lied about getting an academic scholarship to Syracuse when he got a half-scholarship based on financial need, not academics. Then he plagiarized an entire speech. That dude’s been lying longer than most of have been alive.

    2. @Cyrus Theowl except thats exactly what intelligence was telling him. He did it his way and now here we are.

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos Come on, you cannot have both ways…LOL…1) Sleepy Joe has no clue what is going on, and 2) Sleepy Joe is not Sleepy at all…!!!, and decided to overrule the advice of the CIA…!!!…If anything, it was the failure of the intelligence agencies not noting that that the corrupt. the dishonest, and the incompetent Afghan army would not fight the Taliban.

  2. Wow, amazing, and pretty sure you should have on Rachel Ray so she can cook the perfect meal for gaining a new ashtray, thanks!!

  3. Why does MSNBC keep interviewing the same people who got it all wrong and are responsible for that disaster on all levels?

    1. A humanitarian crisis like that would only set off a new migration wave similar to the one in 2015. Let’s not hope for that, as it doesn’t serve any of us any good. America and their allies are not ready for the social unrest a humanitarian migration crisis would bring. In my opinion this would set off a chain reaction in western democracies resulting in further extremes on the right, which consequently also creates a more extreme left.

  4. Biden has a 41% approval rating. I thought the “adults” were in charge. Isn’t that what the MSNBC propaganda machine was feeding their

    1. Biden’s current approval rating is higher than Trump’s highest! That’s self explanatory though, Biden isn’t an impeached twice man child.

    2. @Derek W.  Joey’s approval rating is dropping faster than slick willie’s pants in the Oval Office with an intern.

      Joey’s done. He’s toast.

  5. None of Taliban leaders have claimed this, there is no official statement from Taliban but Social media sources have claimed this.

    1. what the video on republic news where Afghanistan new anchors have Talibans with m16s behind him while reading news from the teleprompter at the tv station. That’s the new normal in Afghanistan.

  6. Yea Fox News. We gonna listen to China how Taliban doing behind closed doors and see their behavior. You don’t get IT.

  7. It’s amazing how much they continue to gaslight/lie. You’d think a press conference soon would be “we screwed up, this is what we did wrong, this is how many people we’re trying to get out, the threat is real etc”

  8. Thanks for clarifying that. When I saw the opening pic, I thought it was the good CONservative patriots in Texas enforcing anti-abortion laws.

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