Taliban rule: Burqas, other scenes from the past return to Afghanistan | USA TODAY 1

Taliban rule: Burqas, other scenes from the past return to Afghanistan | USA TODAY


When the Taliban took control of Kabul in 1994, most women were forced to quit their jobs and many lost access to education and health care.
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The Taliban declared an "amnesty" across Afghanistan and urged women to join their government Tuesday, seeking to convince a wary population that they have changed a day after deadly chaos gripped the main airport as desperate crowds tried to flee the country.

Later, a Taliban spokesman has pledged to honor women’s rights, but within the norms of Islamic law.

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    1. @msrudramma
      Taqiyya is a component of Sharia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals.

    2. @TM Z Before Islam were paganism, Judaism and Christianity and other eastern religions and none of them had what Islam brought. Women could never inherit in any religion nor could they learn , Do you know that it is not incumbent on a Muslim woman to do any housework for her husband, Whereas its her husbands duty to feed and maintain her. Her duty is more to raise well brought up children. She need bring in no dowry at the time of marriage but the man needs to gift her Mehr. Just google and you will get a more detailed answer. Which other religion gives their woman that right??

    1. @A Dak it’s not always about copying the tech either, just figuring out to exploit it like radar, guidance systems, jamming systems

    2. @StopFlaggingVideos And that’s still better equipment than the rest of the world. Equipment gets wear and tear over time. Everything that exists on this planet needs maintenance. That’s how basic reality works.

    3. @Two Horses in a Man Costume i think youre taking it a little personally. my point is that they don’t give the rank and file the best stuff they have. they give them old, outdated equipment that they complain about, because it still works. i feel like i touched a nerve here implying america isn’t the best of the best, which is not what i’m saying. thanks for letting me know what basic reality means

    4. @Solid Snake Maybe you youngersters will finally learn what Corrpution is if you don’t ditch school to smoke weed. Smh

  1. The Afghan government, along with its military, had decided to hand over the Afghans to the Taliban. It is sad, but it is the hard fact.

    1. Its not like the people even liked the government, its corrupt as hell, even stealing the salaries and supplies of its own soldiers and police officers, who the hell even wants to defend that.

    2. @Jerico Atayde it is america’s fault for not setting up proper corruption accountability and it is afghan people’s fault for not joining the army to fight for their own freedom.

    3. @potatochobit why would they join the army without salary, without certainty that they will be well supplied and their food and water wouldn’t be stolen by corrupt politicians and commanders, the Afghan army was disillusioned and deemed the government not worthy of defending.

  2. Apparently everyone forgot that leaders of the taliban met with China diplomats a few months ago pure coincidence I’m sure

    1. @Robin Lillian bruh
      They are killing americans who are trying to leave
      They have pictures all over twitter of heads decapitated in Americans with gunshot wounds trying to get out

      Yeah they are leaving but most will leave differently

    2. @Black James Bond yes and guess what leaving is worse at this point

      China mentioned america is weak so they can hit Taiwan

      ISIS and Iran mentioned america is no longer in charge

      All this did was strengthen our enemies

      Even the black James bond don’t exist
      Think of something original

    3. @Mike Jefferson BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

      Inviting the terrorist Taliban is “standard diplomacy”? Are you for real? These are the same people responsible for 9/11, who made us go to Afghanustan to begin with! Plus, Trump made that proposal 3 days before the 9/11 anniversary! What are you TALKING about? Do you have any idea the role that Camp David plays for any administration? Hint: Not just anyone gets invited to Camp David, not even among our close allies! Yet you want to have the freaking Taliban over? Trump was just being his usual, ignorant, bumbling and totally clueless self when he made that proposal. Pompeo and Bolton, still with the NSA at the time, quickly shut it down and rightfully so.

      It’s just incredible how Trump can literally do no wrong with you folks. You always have a reason, an excuse, an explanation. Even when Trump is wrong and patently being nonesensical. God help this country.

      Besides, what happened to “we do not negotiate with terrorists”?

    4. @TheHenok30 Actually, you’re right – in one sense. After Trump cane to his “historic” agreement with the Taliban, he brought down the number of troops on the ground from 15,000 to 2,500 as of Januuary 2021 DESPITE his military advisors telling him several times that it would be a mistake.

      Sure enough, when the time came to leave, we did not have sufficient troops to secure a regular orderly withdrawal. Don’t forget that as part of the Oct agreement, he had insisted that 5,000 Talinan prisoners be freed, making security an even bigger concern. This is why we had to leave so quickly that most of the Afghanistan military and govt didn’t even know we were gone until hours later, and why there was no time to destroy Americam equipment.

      Take heart though, other than small arms and ammunition they made sure the stuff left behind will hardly be of any meaningful use to 3rd parties trying to use it.

    5. @RM M You can’t blame this on Trump. This became Biden’s diplomacy and actions the day he said he was pushing the withdrawal date to 9/11. That broke any agreement and credibility we had at the negotiation table. If he had kept to it, then you can put the blame on Trump, but these are Biden’s decisions. Since he broke the agreement there was nothing saying he had to withdraw either.

      How we withdrew is also on Biden. The reason we left with little to no notice is because Biden abruptly pushed forward the withdrawal date, not because of the prisoners being released. May I remind you that the US military is not afraid of the Taliban. After nearly 20 years, we know how to run security around ourselves.

    1. @Nova Family or maybe it’s just the most accurate word to describe the little boy running our military and who trained the Afghan army. When a military director subscribes to crt, and white fragility, and talks about how every institution in America is racist without providing any evidence….. isn’t that a sjw? Wait ppl like u aren’t smart enough to answer basic questions, nvm

    2. @joel medina Shut up you damn morning. “CRT” is the excuse for red states to not teach about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Native American genocide. White fragility is real, look at you. And that book/its ideas are not being taught in our military, or schools. It’s being shown to corporations who want to “woke” virtue signal and they don’t care about these actual issues

      Off yourself

    3. @Paper Mario love how mentally unstable people telling others to “off themselves” think they’re the good guys or intellectually superior btw im Dominican…. not white but pls continue on ur anti white racist rant bigot. Mlk was a Republican so why would Republicans want to not teach about that?? The LIE about Texas not wanting to teach about kkk is just that, a LIE. But the news can lie all they want when single digit iq trolls like urself refuse to read the legislation urself. Mlk’s ideology is perfectly aligned with today’s Republican party, every single thing Democrats do is COMPLETELY opposite to mlk’s beliefs. Feel free to look up his political affiliation. Btw im Republican, and Dominican, and clearly MUCH more educated than you will ever be. Liberal fragility is real

    4. @Paper Mario also the general of the military already admitted to teaching soldiers crt and white fragility….. it’s no wonder the Taliban took Afghanistan in a week when they’re teaching troops garbage instead of how to kill terrorists

    1. @loren T LOL, I saw a clip of one of their female reporters talking to them. She found it weird the Taliban were chanting “Death to America,” but acting somewhat friendly to her at the same time.

  3. We watched the videos of mostly young men trying desperately to get on a plane and run away and abandon their country and their women. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

    1. @B You’re innocently reflecting your culture onto the Taliban-,an Islamic group. Their main goal is to make people more Islamic and things like “rape” is not on their agenda. If anything, they’ll condemn and seriously punish sex offenders.

    2. @neverforever I mean, it’s not like we don’t have plenty of experience failing to deliver democracy. And yet we keep trying to do it. Stupid…

    1. They don’t seem to be as bad as police in the USA. I’m going by the video of what they are doing. In one video they did the US police thing when they told the special forces to drop their guns and then shot them when they touched them, So I compared them to police in the USA. However in other videos they were beating looters and not beating women who were peacefully protesting, the opposite of the police in the USA. I feel a bit guilty for comparing the Taliban to police in the USA, as they don’t seem that bad.

    2. @Abram Carroll Did the police here start shooting protester in the street raising a flag? Did you see that little bit?

    1. and they yellow clown keeps trying to get press attention even though me and the rest of america had him fired last year.

  4. I have nephews that was there helping with this training,and to have our men and women over there for 20 years and to have these people come in and take over like this is just sad.

    1. @the taxidermist As a conservative nationalist, I feel very bad for the women there, but unfortunately an old senile man has been put into power by U.S. leftists. This could all have been avoided. But hey, at least there’s no mean tweets, right?

  5. They say “writhing Sharia law”…..This religious “law” allows them to toss gay people off buildings and beat women for walking down the street

    1. @Robert Snell that’s not what he said… don’t put words in someone’s mouth.

      He implied orthodox religions are a good way to reset progress in sociology and science.

      Not the same as saying the Bible teaches to kill gay people and women.

    2. @The Nasty No. This whole premise comes from what said in Sharia law Vs the bible. One teaches kill the infidel Vs the other winning over people’s hearts with gospel.

    3. @The Nasty and what he said! Is quite clear! The comment he responded to! Says Islam beliefs allow them to kill gay people and beat women! He responded with “Same with Christianity and Judaism”! Which is blatantly false!

    4. @Robert Snell One was spread through violence and conquest and the teachings of Christ was spread through love.

    5. Then act right……simple…….. Have some modesty and decency and you’ll be then won’t you?

  6. If you ever feel like you’re having a bad day, at least you’re not an Afghan. They’re having a bad week, bad month and possibly bad rest of their lives now, however long they manage to survive.

  7. The brutality will return and then with enough images on the evening news, we’ll be right back in it.

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