Taliban show off heavy weapons captured from Afghan army 1

Taliban show off heavy weapons captured from Afghan army


One by one, the Taliban has been taking over areas in a number of provinces in northern Afghanistan in recent weeks, local officials told CNN. The Taliban says it has taken control of 90 districts across the country since the middle of May. Some were seized without a single shot fired. CNN's Nic Robertson reports and Becky Anderson speaks with Lina AbiRafeh, Executive Director of the Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University.

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  1. Wat is happening…..US army should not move from Afghanistan until peace is upheld…..let them leave their until

  2. Billions spent and absolutely nothing to show for our efforts thousands of Americans died and were wounded for people who won’t even fight the taliban

    1. ​@VisenX Through human willpower and fighting for unity, like every other modern democracy has.

    2. @epinephrinsr71 that’s what the Taliban has, and has had for over 40 years of non stop war, they are outclassed by the enemy with those variables.

    3. ​@VisenX Hey, maybe the Afghanistan people are naturally Islamic fundamentalists, that it is wrong for Afghan women to read, that modern medicine and hospitals are an abomination, and that the values of human rights should be replaced by a 7th century interpretation of Sharia law. If that’s who the people want to elect, then theocracy is the will of the Afghan people.

      But if not, they should grab their AK-47s, move in squad tactics, and shoot every last Taliban that threatens their way of life.

    4. naiv3 Americans! 7 trillion dollars now in the pockets of American politicians, generals and beaurucrats and some with traitor dual national Afghan leaders. They have looted u FOOOOOLS

  3. The Afghan Army is weak. Bush was a wrong to call these people freedom fighters. Afghans don’t want to fight for their democracy. They want to surrender to the Taliban.

    1. @X Green Afghanistan grows 90pc of the opium of the world. Taliban stopped it. US Army Generals and CIA officials encouraged farmers to regrow opium and made huge money out of it.
      Btw Afghanistan is full of Rare Earth Elements. Thanks

    2. @epinephrinsr71 in what world u r living? U guys don’t have common sense? What ur hi fi univs educate u?
      Is taliban a mad person to gun down his own mom sis and daughter?
      U need to study the women rights in islam.
      Islam encourages science. Muslims built hospitals and laboratories and observatories in 9th century even.
      Taliban run girls schools, colleges, univs, hospitals and even women owned businesses etc.
      Yes the veil and burqa is Afghan culture it’s normal for them.
      Taliban only demand veil and this is 99pc culture of Afghanistan.
      Don’t quote me rueters or any other western media. Ur agencies feed them.
      Afghans are civilized ppl. They have run vast kingdoms for hundreds of years. U read abt them on fake news channels and we observe them. A whole tribe can fight till death for the honor of their woman. Western woman can’t even think of the respect which women get from Taliban. Read Yvonne Ridley. British journalist on the Taliban.

    3. ​@Sahil No they didn’t. The US actually tried to get Afghanistan to be the only country (besides currently Australia) to legally grow medical opium and sell it to the pharmaceutical industry. But the deal didn’t work out. And when I was in Afghanistan we were openly trying to tell locals NOT to grow opium, but it was the only thing that made them money. We even tried to get them to grow chili peppers, which we imported and seemed to grow in their climate. But they didn’t think it was profitable. Afghanistan is just only really good for growing opium.

      They also have really good copper reserves. But China actually bought their largest copper mine and has been investing in their resources, NOT so much the US (which I think was a mistake). But I do think we should go after their rare earths—I think it is wrong to fight a war just to spill blood so selflessly. One issue is that even if you own a mine, you can’t really hire people to construct a sophisticated mining infrastructure in a warzone.

      And no the Taliban was selling LOTS of opium. And continues to sell LOTS of opium. Their operations are very expensive, and rely almost entirely on illegal trade: Drugs, sex trafficking, hunting endangered species, etc

    4. @epinephrinsr71 ur leaders have nothing to do with Afghanistan or USA. 7 trillion dollars is in the pocket of US Leaders.
      Btw that medical use was a good drama by cia, from 96 to 2001 taliban stopped opium. But yes during war they disnt stop farmers bcoz they weren’t the govt and were not willing to go against farmers while foreign forces are in their country.
      Chinese are genuine businessmen. Afghanistan and China will soon become good allies. Just wait and watch.
      It’s better for you not to dusturb the Taliban. Afterall u have made an agreement. But this time Taliban have made good allies. All the neighbours want good relations with them bcoz they all want to make Chinese BRI a success.

    1. @Django Ramon Taliban don’t need help. They have defeated the All the Global Military Powers combined.
      All the neighbours of Afghanistan want stable Afghanistan to start trad between Northern and Southern Asia.

  4. We have been there near 20 years and if this quickly all the progress we artificially brought to this country disappears, would an other 50 years change anything?

    1. Nope. Even the Greeks under Alexander the Great understood it was futile to try to control the peoples of the region, and that was 2300 years ago.

    2. @Nobody Knows Wow, try studying up on World History. Our enemies are getting larger and we can’t enlist local police forces. What do you think can happen when the enemy territories widen?

    3. @Aquarius the US tried we had training for soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan 95%of those we brought into the US to train went AWOL it’s gotten to the point where it was obvious it was a waste of time to help..look at that US military hardware they managed to get a hold of…it sure looks like it was handed over….US soldiers are trained to destroy equipment if over run that had to be trained to Afghan forces yet the video tells us differant…

  5. Let them handle it.
    Anyone who has 20 years of paid training and help should be an expert by now… let’s mind our business and handle problems in our own countries for once..

  6. USA: We’re quitting Afghanistan. Next?
    UK: We lost twice already.
    Russia: One loss is enough.
    India: We can’t even take care of ourselves.
    China: Don’t even ask!

    1. Trump near eliminated Taliban. Thanks to the democrats reinstalling payments back to them from the COVID relief fund. YOU PAID FOR THEM TO COME BACK….

    2. @Project Jack hahaha
      Too much coolaid trumpist is bad for your brain
      In any case you haven’t served nor have ever been to Afghanistan n it shows
      Trump didn’t destroy the Taliban anymore than he stopped covid from entering the United States
      mericans like you make us all look bad….

    3. @Project Jack Trump was the one who initiated the peace deal with the Taliban… far from eliminating them. He gave them a global stage

    4. @Osomagical115 Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, CNN gave the Taliban a stage, money support, created them. These people have been on power half a century. So, what do you blame on Trump again?

    5. @Project Jack Under his presidency he got the USA into a peace agreement with the Taliban. How could you say he eliminated them when he literally surrendered to them

  7. Great…just paving the way for a whole generation of US Veterans children to go back in 15 years and start all over

  8. Trillions wasted. The US has also refused any international investigation of its grave human rights violations in Afghanistan. All that for nothing.

  9. Why can’t the westerners realise we don’t want to live with their ideals, we have our own to live by. Besides we don’t want blue haired feminists teaching our children degeneracy. We saw how “democracy” turned out for the west. Keep it to yourself. Viva Taliban.

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