Taliban Vows 'Consequences' If U.S. Troops Don't Leave Region 1

Taliban Vows ‘Consequences’ If U.S. Troops Don’t Leave Region


NBC News' Peter Alexander and Richard Engel report on the latest in evacuations from Afghanistan and the Taliban's vowing of consequences if U.S. troops don't leave. The panel also discusses President Biden's August 31 deadline.

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    1. @i dont have time 2 reply They made the mess. They will pay. Dollars are nothing compared to the loss of American prestige on the world stage.

    2. @Kristal Macleod If you say so. I would have tried to consider what you are saying but it would seem that you are a woman of letters..not words.

  1. lmao consequences for who bunch of empty threats they got straight slaughtered why even make threats when you know you can’t back them up.

    1. I have the same thoughts but the Taliban might bet that the U.S. do’t have the stomach for a resumption of hostilities in Afghanistan.

  2. Foolish of them to give the US any excuse to redeploy. It would be wise for them to leave no loose ends or excuses for a US return.

  3. I know we want peace, but we need to call the Taliban’s bluff to see what type of “consequences.”

  4. But they want to be recognised on the world stage, yet consequences will happen if the US isn’t out. Showing their true colours again. Didn’t take long

    1. How much do you want to bet that Joe Biden made a deal you let all the Americans out and will send you a pallet full of cash

    1. @Mark Evans these ppl are just posturing they aren’t gonna do anything. Why give the USA reason too stay and eff them up.

  5. How cute… I’m sure the Taliban dont wanna give the USA a reason to stay they should calm all that posturing down.

    1. Why? The whole world knows our “president” is a weak senile empty husk.Whatever happens is up to the Taliban.

  6. “Taliban is vowing of consequences if U.S. troops don’t leave.” What consequences? Like parading their troops around Afghanistan and chanting their own version of religious mix? Naahh… These people cannot even walk the streets of Afghanistan alone. They always go around in groups of hooches.

  7. What exactly are the problems/delays with getting Americans out by 8/31? Seems the Taliban wants Americans out so Americans should just get the F out. Are there actually some Americans resisting this exit time frame?

  8. That’s right, threaten to throw yourselves in front of the carpet bombing that would result. Lol, doesn’t seem like the spokesman dude was thinking that threat through.

  9. And none of this would’ve happened if agent orange didn’t release the Taliban leader. Oh y’all just forget about that

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