Tam on if majority of Canadians receive one shot is enough to ease restrictions 1

Tam on if majority of Canadians receive one shot is enough to ease restrictions


Dr. Theresa Tam on if vaccinating the majority of Canadians with one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine is enough to ease restrictions.

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  1. TV doctor claimed astrazeneca,Johnson,johnson was so safe when its banned in Denmark and 4 other countries .

    1. Look on the “Dark-side” … Canada can probably get these Vaccines very cheap … one country’s (20 countries) junk is another’s treasure …uh no …it’s still junk.

  2. the greatest non answer of all times. It’s so annoying. The question is clear, is one shot enough or do we need both shots?

    1. Restrictions are not going away until the end of the “in-use” trials in 2022. Big Pharma has already stated that a shot doesn’t prevent you from getting or transmitting covid. The FDA has only given them EUA they will not get general use authority until they can prove that the experimental “vaccines/therapies” are “safe and effective” They need to follow everyone getting the shot for the next two years so they will know what the effects are. There have been no animal tests since the SAR-COV-1 testing and the limited human testing has allowed them to continue with this Emergency Use Authorized testing. The pharma companies are now preparing “booster shots” for next fall.

  3. Absolutely nothing is going to ease restrictions. The elitists got what they want. Total power, and they will refuse to ever give up an iota of that power.

  4. Hilarious!… according to The Public Health Agency of Canada 1 in 5 Canadians have already received inoculations and now we are getting even *more cases than when we DIDN’T have them…* I think we’ve already proven that they have *zero effect on reducing cases* but this *pediatrician* wants everyone to get them anyway

    1. Big Pharma already admitted that the shot doesn’t prevent you from getting or passing the virus on… check their websites. 99.95 % chance you’ll recover if you catch Covid without the shot but if you get the shot (depending on which one) there is a 60-94% efficiency chance. Don’t look behind the curtain Dorothy you will destroy the illusion of “safe and effective”.

  5. Translation: We will never be out of restrictions. I don’t know about anyone else, but every time I listen to her my blood pressure rises .

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