1. What a difference, Tamara answers direct questions to her best ability..Trudeau avoids direct questions deflects to dental/Child care or throwing insults to Canadians

    1. She is dumb as a rock but yes, at least she speaks better than her totally brain dead husband does. He’s even stupider than she is.

    2. She avoided the question about how she like her parents to be put through a semi idling all night in front of their house and instead made it about her experience in an oil field. She prevaricated and dissembled all through the interview. So she wasn’t bothered by the noise so nobody else should be.A narcissistic liar and a whining child.

    1. Steveve Bannon helped her and the Freedumb Convoy with $ and private jets. That’s international terrorism. πŸ’©

  2. I never knew occupying a city and subjecting it’s citizens to sleep deprivation was wrong. If I did, I wouldn’t have done it.

  3. It amazes awe that these Western Separatists talk a big game but never do anything to separate. I wish they would. Then of course who be the target of their animus ?

  4. why in the world does the woman put a mask on to walk over to the table and then take it right back off again? what the heck is the purpose of that? lol

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