Tammy Duckworth Alarmed At Breakdown Of Pentagon Processes Under Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. The lying orange puppet has removed all trust from the office of commander in chief. This makes him the most significant threat to the safety and security of our country and the world.
      He is no amateur.
      He repeats the lies that line his pockets and keep him out of prison.


  1. Sen. Duckworth, an American hero, who lost her legs fighting for our freedom and to protect our country. God bless!

    1. No. She lost her legs on behalf of imperial adventurers and commercial interests, poor thing. Also, if you listened, she doesn’t have a problem with assassinating an Iranian general, a clear provocation to war and an act of war–Duckworth only resents the lack of a “plan” afterwards, as if there could possibly be one that made an ounce of sense, given Soleimani was ISIS’ chief enemy in the Middle East..

      Sometimes you just have to admit you sacrificed enormously for nothing at all.

  2. My Dad put in 32 years in the service. Never knew of his job just title or where he would be going @ any time. But president Pinocchio spews info all over the world. Dad would say, “enjoy your job but be aware of your government. If you are not upset, you are not paying attention. Choices do have consequences. Good or bad”… RIP Dad ♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. I come from a military family and am so disgusted I would never approve of my son joining the military today. Thank God he is not.

    1. Trump has shown remarkable restraint. As in football you don’t let the other team have all your plays. The coach makes decisions quickly to win games. If war is declared then yes congress must be behind it.

  3. This is what happens when the career workers are fired or forced out & the temps are put in charge or the positions left open.

    1. He don’t have any one to lesson too, he and the GOP lesson to Russia. Why else he will do it hush-hush

    2. The orange one has been impeachable since day one.
      The people who have not been replaced reveal his true intentions.
      People like Steven Miller.

  4. It’s messed up, is what it is.
    At least there are a few adults minding the store.
    We need to get all these insane Republicans out of our government – if we can last another 11 months.

    1. @Laura Lefauve If you think it’s primarily the Republicans, you’re part of the problem. Democrats have been as much the party of war and Wall Street as the GOP over the last several decades. Bill Clinton oversaw sanctions that killed 500,000 Iraqis. Obama expanded the vile Bush’s wars from two to seven, and he eliminated habeus corpus for the first time since the Civil War through the 2011 NDAA.

      In this case the loathsome Trump knew he had nothing to fear from Congressional Democrats, who are largely fine with an assassination that is a clear cut act of war–they only object to process issues and, as here, that Trump doesn’t have a “plan,” as if a plan after killing ISIS’ main opponent in the Middle East could possibly matter.


    1. Have you already forgotten the 28,000 bombs of the last administration that solved no problems, just left dead bodies?

    2. @TheBase1aransas trump already killed more civilians in 3 years than Obama in 8 and started a war
      Every trumpist critic is hypocritical one

    3. History will view this Pres and laugh forever. I would too, but it’s just too soon for me right now! lol

  5. Seven pentagon officials have resigned with two weeks notice. I’d say there’s a serious situation at the pentagon.

    1. BLAIR M Schirmer …. Hi Blair. Where do your facts come from.
      Also sorry if I’m a bit slow, I couldn’t work out what your point was about the resignations coming before Trump’s blunder?
      Why do you think 6 officials resigned?

    2. I believe I got it from msm. Ask the other guy in our thread. He knows about it two. They all resigned within a week or two of each other

  6. The book “Everything Trump Touches Dies” pretty much sums it up. The Orange Beast is mentally ill. He has dementia and narcissistic disorder.

    1. He’s not mentally ill in the sense that’s usually meant. He’s just an extreme case of arrested development. He’s a boy, not a man; and he has a boy’s understanding, a boy’s lack of discipline, and a boy’s solipsism.

    2. The stupid careless actions of Trump is not done by himself the Republican Congress AND the GENERALS are aiding and abetting him what he doesn’t think of they do when we get rid of Trump we need to take a good hard look at these people who also have no understanding of their actions or don’t care they need to be neutralized

    3. @Vlodec I think a boy has more sense and clearly knows right from wrong, in trumps case, it was how he was reared, his parents failed on early child development

    4. @Ruthanne Perry Perhaps you need to give it more thought. He’s the lawfully elected President whether you like it or not. For a general to disobey a lawful command from the Commander-in-Chief would be to set a dangerous precedent. Soldiers don’t get to decide who to obey and who not to obey. Don’t blame it on the generals; put the blame squarely where it belongs – on the electorate.

    1. Well, America certainly has proven to the world that we don’t have wise counsel. We only have self-interested mobsters in charge of our lives. If you are not a part of the mob, then you have no voice.

  7. Well… You finally did it America…

    For decades. You gave these irrational narcissistic republican wak-jobs authority and power, because they carried a bible in hand, and talked nice and fast.

    Now… They’re in charge, and it’s the new Great American Insane Asylum.

    I watched this coming since Palin…


  8. We are long past the days of anyone in the White House having any good advice to offer or a president willing to listen to it.

  9. I have relatives in armed services.

    Praying that the demented man commanding our precious armed forces is not deploying our troops to draw fire.

    They are there to defend citizens against terror and corruption, I hope!

    USA troops should never be used as cannon fodder in a hostile country to salve or stroke just one man’s ego.

    American troops should never be deployed or killed while protecting oil fields for and in another country.

    Iran should attack just the POTUS. He has many properties.

    Trump has proclaimed, “I Am the State!”

    His actions are challenged in court and he attacks a whole country.

    But Together We Will Win!



  10. It’s not a “break down”-It’s an “ it’s been broken a long time & HE is being ENABLED to DANGEROUS DECISIONS!

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