Tampa Mayor: We Are Going To Have The Best Super Bowl Ever And It’s Going To Be Safe | Craig Melvin 1

Tampa Mayor: We Are Going To Have The Best Super Bowl Ever And It’s Going To Be Safe | Craig Melvin


NBC’s Geoff Bennett is joined by Super Bowl city mayors, Jane Castor from Tampa and Quinton Lucas from Kansas City to discuss coronavirus response efforts in their cities and Covid-19 safety for the Super Bowl. Aired on 2/5/2021.
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Tampa Mayor: We Are Going To Have The Best Super Bowl Ever And It’s Going To Be Safe | Craig Melvin


    1. beauty doesn’t matter….because in the end we all lose our looks, then all you have left is your heart…………

  1. Can we start idolizing intelligence soon?
    Sports are great, and I appreciate a good play/achievement, but we have a serious problem with stupidity these days.

  2. Don’t get money back !? They knew they didn’t deserve it but hey illegal is the new legal for democrats

  3. Why isn’t anyone upset that Nichole Wallace just suggested using drone strikes on anti-lockdown protestors? Wtf is going on? The media is suggesting that the military use drones on ppl protesting. Does anyone think that’s out of line, and worthy of being fired? I certainly do. That has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard from any journalist anywhere. Wtf? Drone strikes on Americans?

  4. You mean, it’ll be the illusion of having the best Super Bowl ever…….
    Tick, tock, tick, tock, Mrs. Castor service to self will be your own demise…….
    Screw it, I’m going to an “Absolute Proof” movie showing w/family and friends…….

  5. I hope you have an amazing 2021,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon

    Like so more people can see this

  6. People knowingly spent the money they knew didn’t belong to them and the mayor doesn’t think they should have to pay it back? Yowie!

  7. Is there a friendly wager with Mayor Castor and Mayor Q (what KC nicknames Mayor Lucas)? Kansas City has the BBQ, Gulf shrimp in the Tampa area. If there is a famous food the Tampa area known for? Please reply.

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