1. Ask questions like, “Once you get your first shot and the second shot is delayed, how much of a time window dose the booster have before it becomes non-functioning?”

    1. @Abbo Fun your so loyal to tyhe media propaganda that you will do anything to be “safe” from whatever boogyman is created. Be a good little sheep and do what you are told.

    2. @Robert Kennedy unfortunately, freedom of choice is not an option. I support anyone’s right to wear a mask. BUT no one supports my right to NOT wear a mask.

    1. @Ahmad Tasneem I think it’s just his demeanour. He realizes how serious this is, and has put a tremendous amount of money into the development of the vaccines.

    2. It’s a total non-answer, too. “Certainly in the summer we won’t be able to have large gatherings.” Yeah, we can’t have those now…

  2. A lot of people are alarmed by the fact that these vaccines were bought out much faster than what is normally considered safe.

    1. There have been other Sars viruses. Current research has has been built on previous research. They sort of had a head start, you could say.

    2. I’m alarmed by the fact that my country is sustaining the equivalent of a 9/11 or a Pearl Harbor attack _every day_ now, so I’m willing to ease up a little on the usual protocols. The vaccine is definitely a lot safer than the disease.

    3. Well buddy the good thing is you don’t have to take and I suggest you don’t other people are more important thank you

    4. @Destro Won neither Trump or Biden will get credit anyway 🤨 the scientists will. And Donald Trump is still the president, so even if by your logic the president should get the credit for creating the vaccine, how does Joe Biden being announced the president-elect affect who would get the credit between the two?

    5. I’m concerned that Bill Gates is behind them….He is always giving speeches about the need for population control……This vaccine will sterilize you according to a former Chief Science Officer at Pfizer.

    1. We have not seen “normal” for a good 100 years. It ain’t never going to get back normal. Just a sign of the end times.

    2. Interesting. My elementary school was the first school with internet in San Carlos when I was little, and Al Gore came to our school and spoke to us. I ended up going to a Bill Gates Tech high school. The internet is pretty intrinsic already to my world view and I am in my thirties. I did graduate right before smart phones though, and I sometimes wish they were never invented.

  3. Just had to turn the vaccine into a political message by asking how much credit does trump and operation for warp speed get.

    1. Vaccines and the government has always been political. They’re all in the bed together. But I don’t get why The Dump is taking credit for a vaccine thar he considers to be a hoax. That makes no sense at all. 😒

    2. Trump has stated publicly this virus is a hoax brought on by the evil democrats who are trying to make him look bad. Well, apparently they have succeeded. He looks very bad and dumb.

    3. President Trump knew the sheep would keep hiding under their beds until a vaccine came out….This will cause millions of people to starve from businesses going bankrupt…..So instead of letting Joe Biden FORCE this poison on us in a few months….President Trump jumped ahead of Biden and Bill Gates and is now offering the poison to the sheep who WANT to take it…..so that we can finally open the economy back up…. and the rest of us can get back to normal….before our economy permanently collapses…Understand sheep? This allows President Trump to at least control the process instead of evil people like Joe Biden and Bill Gates controlling the process.

    1. @Heather boyles you people got addicted to shouting FAKE FAKE FAKE for anything. Who told you to chant like that? Must be kindergarten education!

    2. @Fug Chyna And will make tons of money from his bunker too from the vaccine for the virus that he warned the world five years ago and nobody listened. While the orange foul-mouth got in his bunker from protest and suck money from its supporters.

    3. @On Little Things …Ha ha ha…You fool…Bill Gates “warned” us about it because he MADE it……Google Event 201…This virus was released on purpose by Bill Gates and his buddies in China.

    1. @Jamie Campbell It’s not his companies, he’s just funding them. Also, you never cited your source. Educate yourself before making up bullshit please.

    1. @wysetech2000 the people he had sweat shop working for him. Hence part of the reason he’s rich and part the reason he no longer owns microsoft.

    2. @wysetech2000 and why shouldn’t he say that I don’t do viagra commercials or press conferences on space exploration! I’m too Stoopid. Or I’m not the one too ask……..for the person who uses the word Stoopid loosely.

    1. @Adam Beachard
      1.Bill Gates has been involved with healthcare in the third word for a long time.
      His opinions are significant and important.
      2.People are advising you about what you should put in your body every day .Those could be your friends your family your coworkers your doctor.The advice could be dietary advice or medical advice or a restaurant recommendation.However it is up to you whether to take that advice or not.
      3.I dont parrot any overlords.In fact I have reservations about mRNA based vaccines.
      4. “my rights don’t end where your fear begins.”is a non sequitur hyperbole in this case.

    2. Perhaps everyone has forgotten that Bill Gates was very good at what are known as “hostile takeovers” of companies after transferring assets into “holding companies” that had “creditor notes” against the target company. Much of the technology that was to go into Microsoft, Google & his other companies was obtained using this practice. Also remember that he was hauled over the coals by various govt depts on many occassions (&fined & even forced to divest some companies). He was an unethical & immoral business man. Just ask a couple of high profile well known brothers he had to compensate many billions of $ for intellectual property theft.

    3. @The 66 Hobgoblin. Oh please.
      Bill Gates was not any better or any worse than any of the corporations out there.
      You think Steve Jobs or Henry Ford or Edison or Elon Musk were any nicer.
      In fact this very YouTube was acquired by Google some would say in a hostile way.

    4. @Ron Mullick I was simply saying stop putting an arsehole who basically stole his wealth on a “do gooder” pedestal.
      By the way Ron have you heard about the Hong Kong dissidents who hacked the membership files of the CCP & now have over 2million names, photos, corporate ownerships, employers etc etc etc right down to their phone numbers & even to which of them have been “placed” in high echelon govt positions or political party positions. It is going to be released via various non MSN media groups in the coming days. Should make for interesting reading don’t you think. I wonder if ” Cellar man Joe” will feature in any of it?

    5. @Ron Mullick According to a former Chief Science Officer at Pfizer….This vaccine will sterilize men and women….and similar vaccines in Australia have people testing positive for AIDS.

  4. I am sure that some jobs will require it…. I’d like to see some results and side effects before thinking about it

    1. Christopher Blake So far the same symptoms as a flu shot. Only minor! I’m sure we will find out more before too lang.

    2. According to a former Chief Science Officer at Pfizer….This vaccine will sterilize men and women….and similar vaccines in Australia have people testing positive for AIDS.

    3. @Christopher Blake …Yeah…it’s true…Not to mention Bill Gates is behind this vaccine and he is always giving speeches about the need for population control…Coincidence?

    1. @alex rigby Why wouldn’t he? He is happy that whatever he told people 5 years ago now comes to realization. Cool isn’t it. And yes, he should be making money out of it. But he is fair, he told people before for 5 years to prepare. Idiots didn’t listen and believed in HOAX! People deserve this!

    2. @wysetech2000 I’d prefer it when one of the richest men on the planet doesn’t laugh when he’s talking about the economical hardships being experienced by the majority of Americans.

    3. @Bond7 he.will benefit.from.it.​ And.its.fair.because he.told people.five.years.ago before and.nobody​ listen.​ And.even.worse, people.to.the.orange.foulmouths Hoax!

    1. @wysetech2000 no actually. Absolutely nothing Bill Gates says matters to me. He’s not a subject matter expert, not a scientist, and not a medical doctor. He’s a connected billionaire who gives me the creeps. Just my opinion.



    1. Carlos Lopez All the sick quarantined to one spot and can’t get out and the others living happy and normal lives.

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