1. Let’s all pray,,,, that these frustrated cult members,,, WAKE UP,,,, AND REALIZE,,, TRUMP IS AN IMPOSTER,, WHO ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF!!!! I THANK GOD,,, ENOUGH PEOPLE WOKE UP AND VOTED HIM OUT… …

    2. The GOP in AZ, PA, GA and NV gave their electoral votes to Trump. It’s a contested election now. It ain’t over yet.

    3. Evidence of fraud with dominion voting antrum county today. EO foreign interference of elections. McTFrost- you better get a MCFlurry @ McDonald’s and chill out with the WiFi… And find out how the constitution works

    1. The GOP in AZ, PA, GA and NV gave their electoral votes to Trump. It’s a contested election now. It ain’t over yet.

  1. Normally the Electoral College is just procedure and nobody pays attention. In the time of Trump normal is abnormal.

    1. @Jacoba Smith also I’m not a republican I’m non affiliated factually guy. Even that rigged biased political standing test only put me slightly libertarian right. Very much in the middle. You have a brain start using it.

    2. @Somewhere Drinking Corona-_-Sage I do love a Trump supporter who will repeat every right wing talking point but will not admit to being a Trump supporter. lol

    3. @Woman of Power Not exactly what I said that would give you the idea I support Trump.
      I personally would like to see him drawn and quartered on 5th ave.

    4. @Woman of Power well that’s a flat out lie considering he got more votes then any sitting president in the history not our country. So I’m confused

  2. “Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
    Winston Churchill
    God I’m so looking forward to next year…yes the vaccines will be great….but the end of the ceaseless tweets from the guy in the White House will be priceless..,
    The cuckoo finally gets to flee the nest…pity poor Florida…

    1. I think we are all so EXHAUSTED every day for the past four years. We dread turning on the news at night. It will be nice to go back to some sort of “normalcy. “Hopefully…………..I’m not sure we will EVER return to the “way it was.” Tragic.

    2. @bLoWc16 No? New York would not have to extradite Trump? I imagine they can try him with his lawyers present, but to throw him in Rikers Island they would have to legally get their hands on him in whatever place charged and sentenced him. Not so?

    1. @Fitzroy Miller My prediction about that: There is nothing to prosecute and Trump is just getting another one of his false accusations going.

      The original story, about Hunter and Burisma, was a complete fabrication invented by Peter Schweizer, Rebekah Mercer and Steve Bannon. Then Rudy Guiliani went to Ukraine to meet up and do interviews for OAN with a Russian spy. Trump’s people have a track record of being liars and frauds and criminals. They accuse other people of committing crimes while they themselves are committing crimes.

      We have had enough of that and we aren’t going to tolerate it any longer.

    1. Maryland is a joke. There is no 2nd Amendment in MD. You have to run from your house if a perp breaks in. Cops can’t carry weapons when off duty. Baltimore is a joke, mattresses and junk in the streets.

    1. @Jessie Moses – Check out the NY Attorney General’s comments on Trump’s tax evasion and fraud. Also, Deutsche Bank wants repayment of the loans to him and may have to foreclose or seize some of his properties if he can’t refinance his debt.

    1. She’s in for the money but gold diggers often get fool’s gold or pay the price to stay #SHES IN FOR THE HALL ! ##GOLD DUST AND Donnie boy


    1. @whodat006 no one’s calling Biden or Harris for that matter, “SANTA”
      Smiddly Rabone is far too discerning for that! Ain’t that true, Smiddly!? Hehe hehe (or should that be ..ho ho ho.)

    1. “Agolf Twitler” and now “Covid-45”, haha! Reading the comments section just for the hilarious nicknames makes my day

    1. @MoneyMike937 LOL! Trump is the one suffering from a multitude of mental problems. Biden is far more intelligent and mature than Trump

    1. @Randy4me “The GOP in AZ, PA, GA and NV gave their electoral votes to Trump. It’s a contested election now. It ain’t over yet.”

      That is all for show. Those “votes” aren’t certified.

  3. Fortunately, Governors and people in charge of overseeing the voting and our electorates didn’t succumb to pressure from our corrupt President.

  4. I wonder how many more times Biden will win.
    He’s the first President elect to win the same election 4 plus times.

    1. Gingrich literally just publically said voting dropboxes “make it harder for Republicans to win.”
      When voting is made more accessible, thwarting the GOP’s tradition of voter suppression, they lose in landslides.

  5. “Senior members of state government should just ignore the law.”

    Of course, that’s all Don the Con does himself.

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