Tapper: I wish I saw evidence these people had a conscience 1

Tapper: I wish I saw evidence these people had a conscience


CNN's Jake Tapper examines the ways in which President Trump's lie about the 2020 election result was able to spread and eventually led to the riot at the US Capitol.
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    1. @Cristina Cabral ah yes like the Nazis you want to exterminate all opposition as soon as possible by all means necessary. I love how CNN loves to pretend to have the moral high ground while literally ignoring all the slaves Tim Cook has in China. But it’s ok cause he’s gay!!! You people make me sick

    2. @690169016901 why would they awaken me ? First and foremost, I’m not down with Marxism and THAT is what they’re ALL about !
      On top of that, I’m not paying for ANY reparations for bs that happened 400 years ago and 16 year olds think they’re “ oppressed “ by the white man.
      How could there be systemic racism when, the police commissioners are black, mayors are black, attorney generals are black we even had a black president ! But, the system is racist ?
      How do you explain Oprah then ? Obama, the guy that owns BET ? All the successful black people in this country and the system is racist? GTFOH !
      Stop bitching and put your damn boots on a go to work !!! Stfu !

    1. @Fortitudine Vincimus Thank God someone will take care of punishing companies that made money off DJT. ANY company that monetized lies about DJT should be prosecuted.
      Thanks for voicing the opinion we all hold.

    2. @GR3YH4TT3R93 yeah I think after most folks left Twitter and Facebook it cost them I think 50 billion dollars or some stupid nonsense. Folks communicated long before social media. Freedom of speech is a little more important so be good and don’t get yourselves censored or silenced. You keep making those big tech folks rich and do as they say. None of us have missed it. Enjoy

    3. @Katie Stans yes, folks communicated before social media but conspiracy theories like “an election that had multiple recounts was stolen” never gained as much traction as it does on social media. Funny thing is, I haven’t been censored for calling you people terrorists. Funny thing is, you haven’t been censored for your “Biden works for the ccp” bullshit. The only things they are censoring is bullshit that can lead to the kind of treasonous ahit that happened on the 6th.

    1. @lulu in hollywood yes I was a casualty of the cancel culture but now im back! I’m here to call out the biggest threat to our republic. Communism! And to point out the sorcerers magic that is used to socially engineer a society. Like Hollywood for example. You know these ancient sorcerers could not preform “real” magic whitout a wand right? A wand made of Hollywood. There you go. You learned something about your name. You can learn something from everyone. Including those who where just born last year apparently Lol!

    2. @Time Stamp i have the exact same outrage for the trump supporters rioting that you have for blm and klantifa rioting.

    3. Look where they are at now, lost the white house lost the senate lost the election lost their sanity. Bravo gop.

  1. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

    1. That’s not a Lincoln quote.

      He said “if destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be it’s author.”

      Lincoln -1838 Lyceum Speech

    2. @Jay McKenzie Yes. An old saying: ” people rarely like the truth, particularly when inconsistent with their opinion”, or something like that.

    3. @steve marshall Not re-education camps. Just education on those skills a person needs to be independent. This includes how one’s democracy works and why it is so fragile and must be cared for. Teach a man to fish etc.

    4. @Shirley Artamonoff well.. “evil” is definitely here in Australia since we have people who think like you. Thankfully.. most who live here, are fairly sensible and not taken up with the conspiracy and lies. But the MAGA cult has spread.. as evidenced by you.

  2. “We allow our ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders”, Maya Angelou

    1. @Bluenami Only if you are dumb enough to fall for the Oompa Loompa’s excuses for his own failures and incompetence.

    2. @Bluenami Q anon is not real lmao y’all are case studies for conspiracy psychologists. Please do tell us about adrenochrom lmao

  3. These guys are all the epitome of Ghouls that would feed on their own kids flesh if they could make a buck from it. Soulless . Ghouls on Patrol GOP.

    1. A Democrat calling for Trumps impeachment had a Mao painting on his wall. Killed more people than Hitler and Stalin with his “great leap forward”. These are the kinds of people liberals, dems, and commies are. CNN never reports on the CONCENTRATION CAMPS and slaves apple has in China yet they pretend to have some moral high ground. Why are you people so sick?

  4. I just read the headline, but wouldn’t a “conscience” require the ability to think, and wouldn’t the ability to think require a brain?

    1. Even stupid people can have morals. But for a person to lack both intelligence *and* morality, that’s a dangerous cocktail.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly what MAGA has done. It will be stopped though and the truth will come out that even deniers can’t argue with.


    1. It’s like they can’t recognize that their own system says the courts decide and they decided, game over you lose

    2. You swore a oath to the constitution.. to represent the will of the people.
      Not the will of the nutcases seeking to overthrow the Constitution.
      If you don’t like the constitution then seek to amend or change it trough the system.
      Not pull of a Maffia Coup… you got the tools and rules every 4 FREAKING YEAR…
      Extreme Right Fascist choose to pull a insurrection ?

    1. if he had been lynched it would have been his own fault. Not that I’d want that – I do not – but it’s a bit annoying how untouched he is on the podium in his suit.

    2. Pence is one of the most protected people in the world.
      Activists would not have been allowed to get so close to him if they were deemed a threat to his safety and security.

    3. Funny the people calling the Election a Big lie have “No evidence” none, absolutely zero evidence the election wasn’t stolen. People this is why we are heading for a Civil War because the media is just as irresponsible as Trump.

    1. ..what I remember is when the Media said something it was the absolute truth or otherwise there would have to be an immediate retraction. Now days the Media is funded by stockholders from foreign countries that dictate exactly what is said…….

  5. They are all now trying to distance themselves from their parts in this attack the very foundation of our democracy, and everyone involed should be brought to account.

    1. Questioning an election isn’t an attack on democracy. The attack on the Capitol was. But of course you blame everyone on the opposing side of you for the actions of a few. Cant let a good crisis go to waist! The Nazis would be so proud of people like you right now

    2. The foundation of our democracy? The foundation of our democracy was our founding fathers encouraging us to overthrow our government if it ever became tyrannical. You don’t have a fcking clue about what the “foundation of our democracy” even is… and if you are making this all about Trump, then you haven’t been paying attention clown

    1. Except that Tail Gunner Joe didn’t capitulate; he was censured. He persisted in his insanity until he did the country the ultimate favor of dying.

    2. @Logan M What? Chinese docs? What in the world are you talking about? (Don’t talk at all if you have nothing of substance to say.)

    1. @waqaa agreed – Nadler would make a better bowling ball. You’d have to clean the shat up after he rolls tho

    2. If Rudy is willing to enter the arena, I choose a wet paper bag as my champion. He’ll never be able to punch his way out of either!

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