Tapper presses Ben Carson on Trump’s retweet about George Floyd

CNN's Jake Tapper questions Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson on a retweet by President Trump which criticized George Floyd following his death. #CNN #News


    1. Villalon Vincenty Yeah,have you heard any other of this guys interviews? Doesn’t matter how much he’s pressed, he never gives a straight answer. If he does get pressed, he just waffles on & on until the interviewer gets fed up and moves on. Honestly, do a search – he’s just another one of the conservative yes-men, who won’t critisize a thing.
      He once said it was unconstitutional to critisize a sitting presidency- even though the constitution gives the American people the right to do so lol

    2. Maybe Tapper was just focused on staying awake. I swear Dr. Carson is a walking cure for insomnia.

  1. This dude needs to be tough like Tucker on Fox when these people come on dodging questions and spewing crap.

    1. @beobe99 we do understsnd but they are never satisfied with anything you do for them

    2. Carson demonizes poor people for not being exceptional enough to pull themselves up by their bootstraps like he did himself.

    3. @cellonpot well look who you become when you do pull yourself up. At least he ain’t playing victim.


  2. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” John Stuart Mill, 1867.

    1. Genevieve i have an 9 inch when hard is like a can of coke in girth.
      think about it!!!

    2. Ben handles CNN the same way I would. I don’t play games with racist people. CNN is racist. They do nothing to unite Americans so why should they deserve a answer.

    1. Because Tapper is an idiot and Dr. Carson can run intellectual circles around him. He was never going to fall for the set up – it was so obvious what Tapper was trying to do, and since he didn’t have any good comebacks, the cycle was: awkward pause, breathe, agree with Dr. Carson, and next question…

    1. @Pat Jenkins

      Sooo you’re comparing a bombing that claimed lives to a peaceful protest that you can easily ignore by pressing a button or looking away,….sure I get it

    2. He said he has no problem with NFL players kneeling for social injustice as long as it is understood that they love their country and respect those that have served their country. What’s wrong with that answer? I agree 100 percent with that.

    1. I agree that it would mean a lot to me to have him hold a better interview… but I also think that for every intelligent viewer they can see the dodge and lies and Tapper’s non-verbal incredulous responses for what they are. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. Probably realized this was a mandatory bot worth an argument. But Carson is such a sad sap that this the energy he always brings.

  3. The kid that’s told “tell them I’m not here” when he answers the phone for mom!

    1. He really is one of the dumbest, most pathetic people in our government. It’s wild he used to operate on people’s brains. Jesus Christ.

  4. Ben Carson has to be brainwashed. Cannot speak up about his boss. Another spineless republican!

    1. @Irving Martin and you are a sheep from the red team t and all of us together are CASH COWS OF THE SAME SYSTEM THE RED AND BLUE TEAM WORK FOR sounds more accurated righ ?

    2. Ben Carson is completely self aware of the absurd bad faith excrement that’s coming out of his mouth. He is a selfserving parasite sycophant grifter without shame or guilt who is oppurtunisticly helping a fascistic takeover of the United States Democracy. O…O..Oreo? My luggage My luggage!

    3. Spineless like the liers Pelosi, Shummet, Nadler, Schiff , who wasted millions of social security, have fun working till your 80yrs old to survive. This is your wonderful democrats for you.

  5. Waste of time interviewing him, you should have just put a mannequin in the seat and run ‘no comment’ as every answer for all the good this ‘conversation‘ did.

    1. my name is Ben ,,,,,,,i m a brain surgeon I do brain surgery on those who have NO brain or a DECOMPOSED brain
      Assistant: Doc, there’s a call from one Donald Trumpf asking for an appointment, he says it is Urgent !

    1. “What do you think” was really a ploy to get him to say nasty things to then have follow-up show talking about all the nasty things he said against the Trump administration. Duh… not going to happen, the man is not interested in useless drama and helping CNN make money.

    2. @Rebecca You notice how upset liberals get when they don’t get there gossip and slander.

  6. “If only they had explained why they were kneeling” at the end there, is just mind-boggling. Why did no one think to mention it was about injustice? The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one.

  7. This is what Dr Cornel West means when he says “black faces in high places” isn’t generally helpful with fixing systemic racism.

    1. What doesn’t fix system racism is the fact that you buy it and think the white supremacy is real…. it’s not that’s something that white liberals tell you to keep you down. You can do and be anything that you want. This isn’t the 1950s. Y’all youngsters have it way better than anyone yet this whole racism thing has become just and excuse for people who don’t wanna do anything. I half black and I think it’s really weird that my generation had it good. Blacks and whites got along for the most part and blacks weren’t going around crying and asking to be coddled. I’m so embarrassed by all the white guilt and condescending coddling I hear when I turn on the tv. I’m not oppressed because I choose not to be and more people need that attitude and stop worry about the white man and what he got. Get your money together and make something of yourself and stop worrying about systemic racism. It’s a bunch of bs.

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