1. What is your point?
      Virtually every major nation (now including countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe) in existence since the early 1900s has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths…we live in a fallen world where people have vyed, are vying, will continue to vye for power. In ancient times, the number of deaths may not been as high because the overall world population was smaller…but there was lots of warfare, and there will continue to be for the near foreseeable future…sadly.

    2. @An Silves So a couple of thousand shouldn’t even register and should not raise and concerns , right ?

    1. Or he can expose the intelligence agents on the inside and get them killed. That’s why you are getting vague answers to protect others.

    2. Goose Gooser uhhh that’s, like, common knowledge. And exposing spies is something the president has been accused of doing. Esper&Co would give up intel on multiple embassy attacks..if they had it. They didn’t and that’s why he said “probably”.

    1. I would like your honest low eye brow opinion and finish up by answering a question no one is asking.
      Lawn chairs.
      As for the question, we seem to be out of time.

    2. @TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 Yes Comrade, own those libs!!! Putin will be pleased by your diligence. Excuse me for using big word, Putin will be very happy with you.

    1. @Veronica Stewart for much longer than that actually…. “we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. ” Karl Rove

    1. Trump tells Iranian protesters he stands with them and warns Tehran: ‘The world is watching’

      PUBLISHED SAT, JAN 11 2020 7:14 PM EST


      Spencer Kimball


    2. Romanus Quantula this country was created by dangerous men and it will fall if we dont have dangerous men leading it.

    3. @Steven Seagal Yes comrade, you are right to keep their minds off Clinton’s impeachment where they found nothing and embarrassed the republican party. Hail Putin!!!!!!!!!

    4. @Steven Seagal @ Try paying attention, Trump produces new evidence for impeachable offenses almost weekly. Going to war without congress being involved in the decision, lying about US being in danger as a reason for the killing with no evidence (again) is this week’s.

  1. “Behave like a normal country”..

    Imperialism Translation: “Let us implement a central bank so we can control your currency and it’s means of production”.

    1. @B Nagy Hey Nagy…….yes, that was what the Obama admin was doing. Total invasions of other countries.

      NOT this president.

      Trump attacked & killed a full blown terrorist.

    2. @trent T When there is no comeback to facts … the PR team of this walking disaster would be impressive given that they can roll out simple 3-word phrases to their brainwashed cultists and be assured they will have them repeated ad nauseum. Note I said _would_ be impressive — but look at the material they have to work with.

    3. james butler By most definitions we already behave like a normal country. The Federal Reserve is our central bank. It’s Rothschild Morgan And Rockefeller owned and charged us to print money the same way they do in 160 other countries. It’s a sham and President Andrew Jackson I believe made it his life’s work to beat the banks. Den of Damn Vipers they are.

    1. I think all trust was gone before this happened. When it happened no one believes what you are saying. The little boy who cried wolf, perhaps…

    2. @Diego Fonseca
      The people who follow Trump are mind f*ucked. Apparently so is the Senate.

      Seemingly, this is happening world wide and in many governments/countries. Not just the USA.

      If you haven’t already, watch the film The Great Hack. I don’t know if its available on Netflix anymore but it is here at Utube.

  2. “i’m not gonna discuss evidence.”
    “There was evidence that he was going to attack the embassy.”
    “I’m not gonna discuss evidence.”

    No consistency. Lying through his teeth. No evidence exists. Just admit it.

    1. @Mighty Shanolgorhythm The left went insane. I hope it isn’t catchy whatever got into the democrats. Maybe the cold winter months will kill it off.

    2. Well, let’s just ignore the nearly three million defensive gun uses every year. When you need help in seconds, police are only minutes away.

  3. -We thought we were safer when we took out saddam hussein.
    -they replaced him
    -they are pissed off
    -they have groups that they fund and fight proxy wars

    1. Yes because along with Saddam 800 000 civilians was killed,,what warmngers does not think about is the human factor

    1. Even if it was, this administration has already gotten away with so much crime and corruption. The way the system works it only matters if you have a patriotic Senate with the courage and moral fortitude to do their constitutional duty and hold a rogue president accountable. We have a Senate majority of criminal accomplices and enablers that put their personal individual success and their parties power ahead of their country and their duty..

  4. The only imminent threat was to Trump’s re-election. That’s why he had to act. The man’s a menace with access to US military.

    1. That and he’s been trying to outdo and undermine everything Obama did.

      Even Melanie’s speech was, at times, verbatim to Michelle Obama’s speech.

      For being a racist, Trump sure is jealous of Obama. SMH

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