Tapper to Mnuchin: What if Obama had done this?

Tapper to Mnuchin: What if Obama had done this? 1


CNN's Jake Tapper pressed Steven Mnuchin on the whistleblower complaint regarding President Donald Trump's phone call with a foreign leader, asking the Treasury Secretary what he would say if former President Barack Obama had asked a foreign leader to investigate Donald Trump Jr.

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  1. It’s simple. Let the whistleblower speak to America and it’s over. Quit wasting our time.

    • Can’t do that, the Whistleblowers identity needs to be protected.

    • RescueRangers OPES | September 23, 2019 at 11:28 AM | Reply

      EXACTLY!! Bc I think at this point, with the whistleblower’s life being at steak (having no protection) they may want to be exposed for the safety of their own well being. As long as they’re Unknwn they’re vulnerable

  2. Like they say, the proof is in the “hidden from the public” pudding.

  3. Mnuchin is a malevolent alien wearing a human skin suit. I am certain.

    • @Tom Acosta “Where is you comment”

      Me no understand chimp-speak.

    • @Dale Glenny So then you believe Joe and his son should be under an investigation for corruption and abuse of power? Trump is the real whistle blower here. Do you want to kill the messenger like they did with wikkileaks?

    • @The Sprawl Your not worth the time Dr. Denial. Right from Joes mouth and you stand there like a child stomping thier feet while covering your ears..wha wha…obviously you don’t like what you just heard. Dem defense. Dodge deflect deny discredit demonize and deceive.

    • @The Sprawl So let me get this straight it is ok for Joe to tell them to fire a man investigating a company his son is on the board. But not ok for trump to have them reopen the investigation. Typical dem double standards. Here is what I learned. Everything dems accuse republicans of. They have already done it. Hypocricy double standards.

  4. Alexa, define hypocrite … Alexa, show me a picture of a hypocrite

  5. CNN. Why have ignorant guests like Munchkin on? Total waste of time and a mouse click.

  6. David Copperfield-not the magician | September 22, 2019 at 9:59 PM | Reply

    Figured this criminal would lie and yep, he did. He sounds dumb…

  7. There always playing for a audience of one. Waste of everyone times. All crooks.

    • I totally agree! They know already that all they’re going to do is lie & deflect for #45. What’s going to happen when he’s no longer in the White House?!

  8. How is Steve Mnuchin still alive after the embalming process?

  9. Investigate Moscow Mitch and his dealing with a Russian oligart.

  10. labibbidabibbadum | September 23, 2019 at 12:30 AM | Reply

    You interview this guy as if he’s not a criminal henchman.

  11. Louise Australia | September 23, 2019 at 12:37 AM | Reply

    Munchkin is almost the only original “aide” left in the WH…..wonder how he manages that? Oh that’s right, he lies and defends the conman called president.

  12. And don’t forget the slaughter of innocents by Saudi Arabia of Yemeni innocents! And the gory assassination of Adnan Khashoggi who paid the price for speaking his mind.

  13. Conversations are not confidential to Congress you EDIOT😎

  14. I would love to punch Mnunchin in the face. Every Trump supporter needs to be beat up.

    • @Richard Fourie sir, it was pleasing to read your calm reasoned response to this post. while i may not agree with you I appreciate a polite response.  
      I think though, that the reason herrdrumpf was expressing a desire to punch someone is not just because the current person in the WH is not the ” vision of a democratic president”, but that he and his appointees constitute the most corrupt government America has ever had. He is raping and pillaging the country and using the constitution as toilet paper.
      This tends to make patriots of all parties a little volatile i guess.

      no one would be expressing such frustrations if the GOP president simply abided by the law.

    • @Nola Smith Thank You!!!

      Now, back to beating traitorous criminals up…

    • I have to agree, except for that whole part about “inviting aliens” i mean really?? I am far far left, and I too would have to agree that promoting violence is wrong, no matter which side we are on the political spectrum. I mean saying that people need to be “roughed up” or “punched in the face” at a rally, is just wrong, can we agree? Don’t you think that a person with great power should also take on great responsibility for their words?? One persons comment who may reach a few hundred people is quite different than someone who says that rapists and murderers come from a specific country, or lacking the will to call out domestic white supremacist terrorism that can reach millions at the push of a button.

    • Ask your self who is full of hate….you are sir

  15. So what’s next? Will this lying POS be on Robotic Dancing with the Stars?

  16. Mnuchin is cringy. He can take his attitude, deflections, beguiling and get back to being Trump’s infamous red tie licker. He’s a pathetic hypocrite, period.

  17. Geez, apparently its really easy to find someone to lie and cover for you in washington…..Trump just keeps pulling them out of the swamp…

    • @Edward Murphy Hate what? Be specific. Etc are you talking about. Trump has every right to ask him to investigate as Biden used a billion dollar loan as leverage to stop the investigation. Not that he asked it actually happened. Unlike dems push for obstruction that never happened. Trump didn’t stop the investigation. Back at ya. Project much do you. You hate it Biden will be investigated and his bragging will do him in. Hahahahahahh

    • @Tom Acosta Obama is no longer president, #TrumpTheCorrupt is. What ever “deep state” BS the Trumpers believe in happened under Obama doesn’t matter right now while #PresidentBoneSpurs is actively breaking the law on an almost weekly basis and acting the king in stonewalling investigations.

    • @gymkhanadog Obama isn’t president is lame and irrelevant. He like any president is held accountable for his action and in actions. Typical dem defense. Did deflect deny discredit demonize and deceive. Got any other lame excuses up you sleeve?

    • Corruption was wrong for obama and it is wrong now for trump. What I don’t understand is the double standard on the Republican side.

    • @Tom Acosta
      One would think that in the case of a legit and objective need to ask a foreign government to criminally investigate a US citizen, there was the DOJ and the FBI and the due legal process/system in existence that does that job done.. But no. What the hack, the president’s guts tell him to pick up his phone and in a confidential exchange personally pursue the president of another country that happened to desperately need America’s help (which he suspended at that moment) to investigate a fellow American citizen… the citizen who “coincidentally” happened to be the previous US VP and is currently the top DNC presidential candidate bettering Trump badly in all of the polls. Dear dear. Hey, we all have just been hearing this term “conspiracy with the foreign government to influence the US presidential elections”. Good grief. He dogged Russia since “collusion” that happened did not meet the higher criteria of “conspiracy”, yes? But look, now he is the one who himself personally reached out the foreign government to to go dig out for him some “dirt” on his opponent. The “dirt” that was then to be delivered to his stooges on FOX when the right time in the election year arrives (Biden was never to be actually tried in any legal process anyway). Well, now it looks like he met all the criteria.

      And then, when the Inspector General finds that the whistler blower’s concerns were both credible and urgent, he is being blocked from lawfully briefing the Congress that got the constitutional right and duty of oversight. The cover up.

      Hey, are we talking here about a banana republic? Yes, we do. The Trump’s USA.

  18. We’re all dumber for having watched this. There’s no reason to talk to these people. They have zero interest in the truth. They’ll say absolutely anything to defend Trump.

  19. This guy is ONE toxic accident away from being a super villain.

  20. Lying through his own teeth to protect a criminal. Disgusting and it will all come out at the end. Sad.

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