1. yea honoring these traitors that started a civil war is a bad thing, and I think it’s a great place starting to rename these bases.

    1. The time to argue the naming of the bases was 100 years ago, when they were founded …. I would’ve supported the argument if I’d been there at that time, but I don’t support the change now.

  2. At least we know nothing will be named to honor general bone spurs! #uniteamerica🇺🇸

    1. There’s ALREADY a movement to add Pres Trump on Mt Rushmore.! There’s room for 1 more, beside Lincoln!!!

    1. Tim Apple the lowest unemployment rate in the US’s history. You probably have a job because of him

    2. @Danny R Good come back…the 3rd grade standard “I know you are but what am I?” argument typifies the ignorance and lack of independent idea that IS the trump base. Argue it all you want, everyone knows that’s a fact, and most exculpatory to your argument, so do you.

  3. Even the Russians changed Stalingrad to Volgograd and reverted Leningrad to St Petersburg!

    1. @Rick Cook look who’s talking. The US has never stopped murdering their own (look at present news broadcasts) . Nevermind the mindless invasions and murder abroad. Jesus said let the one who’s not a sinner throw a rock first. Don’t think that’s you bud.

    2. @Vexed Nation Stop reposting this stupid comment everywhere. Unless you’re a bot, then it would make sense. Otherwise, you have no idea what you’re talking about, as I pointed out before.

    3. @Cold War Jesus How? Explain how is he brainwashed?” The U.S. _hasn’t_ stopped killing innocent people for decades. They’ve instigated coups against Southern American democracies, among others. The U.S. had it’s own concentration camps during WWII. Where, exactly, is what Elias Filis said wrong or ignorant? If you can’t answer that, looks like the wool’s on the other person.

    1. Dylan Joyce those statues were built to try an rewrite history that’s why so many people believe General lee didn’t own slaves or slaughter surrendered black troops the south always wanted to rewrite history to make them look better

    2. @Meadowsky Why didn’t Obama take down all those racist statues and rename all those US military bases when he had the power to do so? Isn’t that what somebody against racism would have done?

    3. @Love each other! Oh… do you mean like Trump’s kids made so much money in China, selling green cards and access? Jared and Ivanka and some of the cousins were selling EB-5 visas to Chinese nationals in Beijing for $500,000 a pop as investments in Trump and Kushner family businesses. But you guys never want to talk about that, huh? LMAO!

  4. Come November he will be gone and everyone that’s like him will be under their rocks again for 8 years !


    2. So wrong and we will have no rocks the looters will have used them. They stone innocent people to get a free TV.

  5. Trump made derogatory remarks about Senator John McCann because he was “captured” and therefore a “loser” and should not be honored as a hero, eventhough he was fighting for the USA!. Yet all of the Confederate General traitors who have had statues erected in their honor, and who were fighting against the USA, Trump feels that we should continue to honor.

    1. @dave barber . This period of American history will always be debated. Time is irrelevant. This wasn’t that long ago if your a tortoise.

    2. @Winfield Scott So? There’s ample yankee regimenal and union flags n Southern ones too + Confederate White House!!! U should b smarter than that.
      Don’t u realize HOW FAT, OLD, and BOISTEROUS u r Gen Scott???

    3. And trump is so ignorant about American history Its laughable. He was praising Robert e lee recently. He doesn’t realize Robert e lee would have captured his orange azz if he were president and lee was able to breech Washington’s defenses. Let’s just say.

    4. @Winfield Scott Well now. Seems u know just enough War of Northern Aggression to royally bungle up.

  6. All the soldiers coming home from war going to work for cops cause it fits their job description! This ain’t Iraq!

    1. @Denisse Goatcher-Avila and another thing is not the Marines that you need to worry about. We can handle ourselves without pulling a weapon. Is the college nerds that you need to worry about? they have never gotten into a fight in their lives. So they only know to resort to deadly force. Just because you’re good at school doesn’t mean You should be in law enforcement.

    2. @Carlos Machado Well said, I’m 68 and remember the nerds and punks in highschool saying they wanted to be cops when they get out of school. So they could get back at other people. WOW

  7. Doesn’t surprise me at all the loser wants all the losers who lost the war to be honored sounds all to familiar

  8. To everyone who have kids I hope that you’re educating them on the history of this country and world. Ignorance is becoming a disease please take this seriously if you want your kids to grow up in a free world.

    1. @Alex Arkadios
      “HOPE AND CHANGE ! 👈😵👉 AND…

    2. More whites are killed yearly. like last yr it was 429 whites killed by cops and 230 blacks. Ig ur a Democrat and dont search jim crow and ur parties past ur a idiot dont be a sheep

    3. @Alex Arkadios

      “WHAT’S THAT SMELL ???!!!”….👈😵…


    4. @Alex Arkadios

      “15 YARD PENALTY !”…..👈😵👈….


  9. This reminds me of the movie How High when Method Man keeps sayin’ get em while Redman is crackin’ jokes.

  10. important distinction about washington and jefferson: they never took up arms against the united states.

    1. The first statute in the United States to codifynaturalization law. Alternately known as theNationality Act, theNaturalization Act of 1790restricted citizenship to “any alien, being a free white person” who had been in the U.S. for two years. In effect, it left out indentured servants, slaves, and most women

    2. @Captain Deplorable They took up arms against an oppressive monarchy that didn’t give two shits about them. Confederates took up arms to own people.
      There’s a pretty clear difference.
      They also founded the constitution which granted us the bill of rights. They did more good than any confederate did, despite the misgivings of slave ownership. They wrote the constitution in a way that basically allowed civil rights to occur without constitutional amendment because they didn’t go, “amendments 1-10 only apply to white people”
      There’s the line that the press secretary wants.

    3. @jshowa o It is ironic that they came here to escape a tyrannous monarchy, only to become monarchs themselves, building up their prosperity on the backs, blood, sweat, tears, sorrow and misery of a people who were “looted”from their own country, and who are still, in so many ways, a “servant”class. Reparations must be made.

  11. CNN – ” Me? I know who I am. I’m a dude playing a dude. Disguised as another dude.” Lmao

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