Targeting Simone And Jan. 6 Police: How Cruelty Is Still The Point For GOP 1

Targeting Simone And Jan. 6 Police: How Cruelty Is Still The Point For GOP


“When you build a political movement whose emotional core is transgression and cruelty, ultimately no one is safe from that kind of treatment,” says Chris Hayes on the right wing attacks on Simone Biles and the police officers who testified before the Jan. 6 committee. 
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    1. @John Clarke People who are capable of logic and reason ( the left ) tend to disagree with those who are void of those traits ( the right)… You are perfectly fine to have your own opinion, no matter how dumb it is, just be prepared to be called out on it…..

    2. Kevin Santich, Nailed it. He’s not just a Narcissist but a Malignant Narcissist at that. The difference being that the Malignant Narcissist has in his profile a Sadistic Streak.

    3. @Kevin Santich Well, on the surface, you appear logical and reasoned. However, I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m not on the Right. I’m calling out the cruelty and illogic of my side. You DO dehumanize others. I’ve been called a racist, a russian, a cultist, and on and on and when I say I’m not a Trump supporter, you people accuse me of being Q or working for Putin. All the left does lately is slander others. So don’t give me that crap that you’re capable of logic and reason because you’re not. You smear. You say the ugliest things imaginable to others and then pat yourselves on the back. A lot of Trump supporters are ugly excuses for human beings. But a lot of you people are not much better

    4. @J Groovy you and Fen Wan are not that far apart. What you say about sports is correct, and you appear to think that this is somehow beneficial to people (if not taking part themselves, then through emotional involvement. Correct?) I agree! But I also would agree that there are other issues to address, and that the invested energy could have been used for these purposes. Since there is no method of telling which of both would bring the greater benefit I would suggest that you and Fen Wan come to the agreement to disagree. If so, I hereby salute two gentlemen!

  1. American heroes being mocked by small minded, narrow thinking, people who have the GAUL to call themselves Americans .. it is so damned sickening !

    1. @Ron Bacon In order for anyone to prove you wrong, you would have to LISTEN. We know that you aren’t going to listen, so nobody here had any aspirations of proving anything to you or changing your mind.
      You are dead-set on being ignorant, and there’s not a single thing any of US can do about that, it’s YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEM. Not ours to fix, nor do we care how stupid you make yourself look, but it IS rather entertaining to see what kind of rubbish you’ll spew next.

    2. @Wheelie Wonka444 you mean in Charleston, I completely agree. Also the attempted kidnapping of the governor on Michigan or when the Alt-Reich took over the Michigan State Capitol building brandishing their assault weapons, truly a brazen act of violence.

  2. Cruelty, greed, hypocrisy, and lying are the only things most Republicans know. They seem to have no problem killing their constituents for their own political or financial gain. They have no morals and ethics and I have begun to doubt they have a soul. What a sad commentary that is. Our country has sunk so low that these are the kinds of people voters want running this country. It’s disheartening and downright frightening.

    1. @Katherine Jones _” low taxes for the goddamned rich that you are not one of!”_ Not true. Everyone got tax cut. You got a tax cut. The middle class got the largest tax cut. And the child tax credit was also increased by $1,000

    2. Into a leadership vacuum can easily walk the cruelest and lowest common denominator. Very sad. It’s fixable though.

    3. @Communication Failure7600 Don’t shoot the messenger. (You attack the messenger when you’ve got nothing better to argue with).

    1. @Raw Stihl Haha, touché. I’ve done all the fighting I can take in a lifetime. I’ll leave it to the 20 year olds

    2. @Rei Tanegashima We just can’t be “ending” people. But from what I’ve witnessed over the years. Whenever they personally experience harm, that is when they become an advocate for ending it, when previously they had DENIED it ever being a “real problem”.

    1. @Mr Jee oh, he definitely is. I just think that at this point, there is more than one. There are hundreds.

  3. Imagine the outrage from the right if people trolled FOX, NewsMax and OAN this much. Oh wait, they disable their comments like snowflakes.

    1. @Alfred Basurto he’s the proof that it’s not the “DNC [sic] trolls” being the “over the top” ones. God, really “John Clarke”, would it pain you to use correct grammar? I mean, it’s DNC in capital letters. If you are going to lie and troll like the utter failure you prove yourself to be daily, can you at least learn to use proper capitalization? I’m tired of wondering which kind of ape you guys evolved from.

    2. @Texas Pride I’m in total agreement with what you wrote. Especially considering many proponents are claiming it’s saying the opposite of what it’s really saying. For instance, part of CRT is that poc understand racial issues in a way white people can’t. So it’s wholly inappropriate for white people to be pushing that theory on poc. It’s especially toxic for a person like me who’s mother is native and college educated and my father who is white and didn’t attend college. Is my native mother a victim while my white father has privilege? I’m sure as F not gonna accuse my own father of having privilege! This racial stuff can tear families, communities, and even the country apart. I’ve always felt that a person’s race, faith, sexuality, etc. are private matters and man do I hate how the left just can’t stop bringing up these touchy subjects in such black and white terms. “You don’t believe in CRT? Then you’re against history. Your white sheets are showing”. Yeah, the left just makes all these issues so much worse. If not for the environment, infrastructure, and foreign policy issues I’d probably switch parties like you

    3. @John Yost ‘half smart’ refers to trolls who accuse you of being russians instead of listening to what you say. Just like what you’ve just done by accusing me of being a liar

    4. @Sparky’s Imagination I feel exploited by the left. I had zero problems with the Sacajawea statue that was taken down and I don’t give a crap about the cleveland indians mascot. I feel that my own culture is used as a prop or as ammo for virtue signalers on the left. Natives should have a voice about these issues- white liberals should stay the F out of it.

    5. @John Clarke I get where your coming from. Seems mixed families can be viewed multiple ways. I have a friend whose wife is white. He is black and also well versed in CRT. He gets in discussions a lot wondering since his wife is privileged and he is oppressed, (by the way he is extremely wealthy. He must must have been missed by the white supremacists) whether or not his kids can take advantage of the white privilege that their mother has or does their mix with minority blood forfeit that. Knowing all to well that’s not even what CRT is about. He is astonished at how many people black and white contemplate and think about it. Crazy how many people are sucked into the rhetoric and let themselves get hustled. By the way I walked away from the left, but did not go to the house on the right. You might say I’m a man without a home. I too have concerns about things the right neglect such as environment, healthcare, and all around issues with the way the rich is allowed to play and dictate the worth of our retirement/investments.

  4. A lot of people turn to drugs to deal with fame. Good for Simone Biles for taking a different route.

    1. Simone Biles has my respect for being _sefless_ and _mature_ and being a a _blessing_ to her country.

    2. @William Parks The gymnasts aren’t even staying in the village. They got a hotel away from the village.

    3. First of all the Olympics is just a SPORTS event. Just like any other athlete that decides not to compete. Example the college football bowl games, playoffs and championship game. They don’t wanna be exposed to an unnecessary injurie that could jeopardize an NFL draft pick. Plus it’s not like she quit a military branch or dodged the draft. It’s her life and choice let it be. She’s the only one that going to miss out on a gold metal.

    4. Where was the magaclan to cheer for her when she was winning 30 plus various championships? If you are turning up to laugh, mock or opine only when someone is down then you might be the one with the problem. The whole maga movement seem to be like this.

    1. @fred sims no because I’m not a programed drone. It’s simple deduction ochams razor states the simplest answer is usually the correct answer

    2. @William Parks you asked who ‘simon bile’ was, as you seemed to be ignorant of her gender and what she does, I told you. That was my point. To inform and educate.

    3. First of all the Olympics is just a SPORTS event. Just like any other athlete that decides not to compete. Example the college football bowl games, playoffs and championship game. Some of the best college players don’t wanna be exposed to an unnecessary injurie that could jeopardize an NFL draft pick.. Plus it’s not like she quit a military branch or dodged the draft. It’s her life and choice let it be. She’s the only one that going to miss out on a gold metal.

  5. Yes it is the point and it’s what has bonded them together in the trump cult. They have their uniform, their name calling, their insults, their rhetoric and their lies down. They enjoyed insulting and name calling from the start and boasted about how delicious liberals tears are to them. Does that sound Christian to you? It certainly doesn’t to me.

    1. Nope.
      I don’t think it is Christian behavior to have Neo-Nazi’s or White Supremacists as friends either.

    2. None of the trump cult can be christian, every thing he’s done, has been the very thing Jesus was said to preach against. But white pseudo christian fascists interpret the bible to suit their America first dogma. But it’s not America first, it’s white America first. Big difference is that most white Americans don’t buy into it.

    3. @Donald Carpenter I’m an atheist, in all honesty, but don’t look down on believers. I will say this much though, if I did believe in Christianity, I’d say that the MAGAs idea of God is nothing but Satan in disguise.

  6. Evil is going to do what evil does. What more do you expect from those that tried to end our Democracy.

  7. Weak people like an Olympic gold medalist? Wow how low can they go? Twump lowered the bar to snake level

    1. @Kristen Price hey, that’s not fair… Charlie Kirk has a legitimate disability that’s likely significantly affected his demeanor, perception, reasoning, attitude, critical thinking ability, temperament, etc. He’s lived his whole life with the “big head mode” cheat from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater stuck permanently on. You can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be fearing that you won’t be able to walk through narrow doorways because your head might get stuck…

    2. @Pozdna 393 She wouldn’t be getting all this attention if she wasn’t that known in the first place that young lady was dominating gymnastics. Period. You must’ve been sleeping all this time.

  8. I hope that police officers start to look at those Thin Blue Line flags with a little bit of skepticism from now on.

    1. many of the idiots who put that flag up as a very obvious substitute for more blatently racist flags, took them down on jan 7th.

  9. Right on the money here. I walked away from the GOP and conservatives because of the cruelty and selfishness. The lack of humanity has become breathtaking.

    1. Same. Consevative background, family, teenage years. Never again. It resembles the Right in Italy, Mussolini. The Republican party has moved towards autocracy and fascism

    2. @RTB9000 alphacentauri Question for everyone in this thread: will you vote Democrat moving forward?

    1. Trump what lier u r. U never said d truth once in ur life. How can u sleep with all d crimes u did. Karma is coming to u soon.

    2. @TherealLumpendoodle Beg to differ.

      Children are seldom cruel simply for the point of it.

      With good parenting and non gladiator academy schooling there is little reason for a child to ever become cruel, any more than most apes will.

  10. I challenge Kirk to try 2 days of gymnastics training… Simone Biles is not a weak person, not physically, not mentally, and not in spirit. And she deserves respect.

    1. What would the narrative be if a soldier said I can’t go to war because I have anxiety? And this only gymnastics.

  11. Their herr leader always mocked people. Simone dropped out for the good of her team. The Republicans cannot understand that or some of them would drop out for the good of the country

    1. It’s a laugh… those criticising can’t even inconvenience themselves enough to wear a mask to protect others and yet, they expect Biles to engage in potentially life threatening athletic moves when she knows she’s in the wrong space to do that and stopped competing because that was best for her and her team.

    2. Simone Biles has a stellar, unparalleled career as a gymnast and that will no change whether or not she competes in the current Olympics. She is simply the best ever and I am not an American. I wish her all the best so hang in there, Simone, and get well.

    1. Deep down, he knows it too. He just can’t accept that a woman of color is stronger than him and he has to let it out the only way he can- insulting others in order to make himself feel better.

  12. Trump gave his supporters something no one else would; permission to be their worst selves.
    That’s why they will never abandon him.

    1. @KLT I’ m not American and you would consider me a lefty. I appreciate your sincerity. Developemrnts in the US are a worry to the rest of the (free) world. In this day of manipulated information and emotional responses it is essential to relate to the basics, the core values to reach conclusions. Old fashioned virtues as honesty and honorability, and come to politics: The Constitution. That must be the touchstone. As it always had been.
      Populism as an expression of the will of the people may appear to have greater merrit than the outcome of staged democratic decision making; once it takes over power however, it will never allow correction and will be dictatorial or even tyrannical from the start. Let us all join forces against that, whereever in the world.

    2. @Carl Grove Our lack of “we’re all in it together”, that alone is easily a books’ worth of material, and honestly, it’s almost as baffling to me as it is to you. But if I had to reach, its partly due to our historic distrust of government (we were born in revolt against a government, after all). Add to that slavery and all that came after it, xenophobia, a dollop of Social Darwinist “strong will eat the weak alive” hypercompetition, religious fundamentalism (“end times” Book of Revelation drives a lot of it), anticommunism (read about McCarthyism and the John Birch Society for this – their spiritual descendants are still around). Plus “The Victors’ Disease” (we’ve been the superpower so long a lot of us think we have nothing to learn from other countries – a sure path to self-destruction).

    3. I think Qanon is a tool for harvesting narcissist supply. Thats why those things on the message board dont make sense and they dont have to. Its about the effect it has on other people. The drops are their bullets. When we reason with them we bleed. This is how they feast. Its all there. Remember what they believe in and then take into account that they are deflecting. They are not making anything up. They are vampires. Thats the nature of the mental disorder called narcissism. They feed on the percieved weakness of other people. (weakness = child)

    1. Exactly, I can’t remember ANY president prior to Reagan that openly and unapologetically, attacked poor people. Maybe they did by their actions, but NEVER outwardly.

    2. It really just reveals their own weakness. Only a coward would say these dispicable things about law enforcement or athletes.

  13. Kirk…. “selfish, immature, and a shame on the country.” One of the best projections I have ever seen. What slugs these non excuses for humanity are…Kirk, Ingram, Carlson. If they weren’t so disgusting they would just be a pathetic joke.

    1. Kirk also projected his sociopathy onto her! He had no sense of the irony of his rant. Gymnasts are too often abused by coaches (who are the actual sociopaths), and for Kirk to blame the victim is disgusting.

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