1. Do I misunderstand this? I thought the government has no right to shut people up, nor corporations. 1st amendment.

    1. @Jaiye Maynard Oh please…save your holier than thou replies and backward assumptions for your therapist.

    2. @Caesar Medina in this regard @paulkeller is correct this move would save Disney an est 168 million /year

  2. That a State can be “redistricted” at the mercy of one person to get more votes just shows how dysfunctional our system is. I am still waiting for my new voting card after four months, I was told I’d have it after the redistricting.

    1. Wow, you seem oblivious of the facts.
      Florida stopped giving a GIFT to Disney. That’s all.
      Stop lying.

    1. @Luis Rosales absolutely… warehouse workers, truckers, dairy plants, etc are not included. I’m talking about the 44 thousand associates who work in the actual 1296 stores. That website must be including everybody working in and out of the Publix stores.

    2. @M Hall Have you not questioned why Trump’s rallys are getting smaller and smaller? I’ll tell you why… Trump’s grasp on the GOP is getting looser by the day. He’s even lost interest coming from far right crazies. Even the looney tunes are bored with Trump. SAD!!

  3. I love how the use of Sharpie’s has grown among our autocrats. Pens and adult writing skills are for the weak apparently.

  4. How is this not extortion? Disney makes a statement and DeSantis threatens to take away something he’s been supporting for years.. 🤨

    1. Manufactured outrage. It’s hip to be angry at something and always seeking a scapegoat. Disney. Math. Honesty. Science. Differences. Rules.

  5. Just imagine this creep as president getting upset and changing major policy in a snit. That will affect all of us, not just one county in Florida.
    You have to feel for the people in Orange County that are going to be burdened with lots more taxes just because dumsantis is trying to punish Disney. ( over one of his many stupid laws he’s passing)

    1. @Nans Zoo they only need stay out of decisions that parent are to make… sex ones at that! 😎🌴🦩🌺👍🏻

    2. @mike they pay for all the services in florida, waste disposal, road repairs, local buildings upkeep they pay for the fireseevice and emergency medical services basically whatever a local government would normally pay for Disney pay. They don’t have the same arrangements in california , besides that disneyland is only around 500 acres, Disney world is more than 43 Square mile!

  6. There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.”- Sylvester Stallone

    1. @Gabriel N I never said I liked Trump, but how can you call DeSantis racist but say nothing about Biden and his background?

    2. @Stark Life I didn’t mention David Duke, Adolf Hitler, or every other racist on the planet either. The subject here is DeSantis in Florida and his political theater with his rich cronies. He gave them the vaccine first in a gated community when it first came out, My mother should have been way priority over them in the adjoining neighborhood yet could not get access. And for the environment, which is a field I work in and studied marine biology growing up in Florida, hopefully he’ll be out the door soon.

    3. You didn’t mention Trump, I did as a perfect example of those migrating into the state and messing it up.

  7. The law and order, tough on crime people seems to like to lie, cheat and stack the deck in their favor in every instance.

    1. @Nadine Frisch There are states, counties, cities that are willing to vote against their own self interest every election cycle based on one or two issues as well as voting a straight party ticket no matter what. We shall see if Florians are capable of changing course or continue to support an authoritarian Governor who sees himself as a candidate for the WH at the expense of the citizens of the State.

    2. @A_Light N Da_Dark What bill?
      That bill doesn’t exist. There is the Parental Rights in Education bill.

      I live in Orange county and the taxes would come from the sales taxes that will be collected from Disney. People are forgetting that Disney is still subject to our county taxes.

    3. @Luis Rosales Yes bill 1834 otherwise known as the “don’t say gay” bill. And those sales taxes wouldn’t makeup for the 163 million annually that your county will have to makeup, nor the loss of jobs, the loss of tourist dollars the businesses surrounding Disney will also lose if the Mouse decides to relocate.

  8. Just remember who fast they made these laws, but have done nothing for Housing & Renting prices, or groceries or gas and we are a state with Price Gouging Laws already on the books!

  9. Hope Disney starts a CPAC.
    Florida’s largest employer and their employees will take Desantis out.
    He made a big mistake, big Huge mistake.

  10. I would like to see Disney close doors, layoff employees and watch how it effects fla revenue/economy. I agree with Disney.

  11. My dream – Disney move out of Florida, and all those tourists will take their millions of dollars to another state. I know it won’t happen, but sure is a sweet dream!!!

    1. A judge in Texas said Disney should move there. And while Texas currently has a conservative government…their state is pretty even between liberals and conservative

  12. This guy… If I was Disney I’d say “Okay, you pay the bills.”
    “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” – Thomas Paine

    1. @Mister Guy …they can certainly move. That’s a lot of land of buy. Of course you would probably support your government giving them the land tax free I’m sure.

    2. @TourCaddie “…they can certainly move. That’s a lot of land of buy.”
      Yeah, and if they do, Florida’s economy is going to be hit even worse than they already are by that idiot governor scaring off future investors.

      “Of course you would probably support your government giving them the land tax free I’m sure.”
      …What the hell are you even talking about with this? You just made up a position on an issue and said that’s probably what I think. You don’t know what I think until I tell you.

    3. @Mactastic “They might not be able to legally maintain their property.”
      I agree. They definitely can’t do things like fill in potholes in public streets. They will not be able to host a “magic kingdom” experience without these powers, so they’ll have to move unless their lawyers defeat it in court. Which is possible. Disney lawyers are no joke.

  13. I’m just waiting for Disney to end this man’s career because they could sue him into oblivion over this

  14. Ron is just like Abbott. Doesn’t think things thru. Doesn’t care how it affects the common people. As long as the big show benefits them.

    1. 100% the opposite. Disney had the power to build there own roads, lay their own water lines, build an independent power plant create their own law and order. That is a pure monopoly that know entertainment business should have. Let alone, a company not even headquartered in Florida. DeSantis revoked their undeserving privileges making them an equal within business operations. I don’t know about you, in Florida most of us are for equality.

    2. @S H
      Thing is, Republicans never gave a damn about it before until now. Isn’t that funny?

      Quit pretending that you care about monopolies or equality.

    3. @S H
      There’s no bill with Disney’s backing that supports grooming of any kind. If you’re concerned about grooming in Florida, look to Trump and Matt Gaetz.

  15. The genie is out of the bottle now. “Why if you are a fortune 500 company thinking about investing somewhere would you come to a state that changed the regulatory structure in a 72 hour time period”? DeSantis has ruined future business prospects for the state of Florida.

    1. Disney should move from Florida , let see how Florida will cope , when half of it tourism go elsewhere .

      2013-2014 Disney wasted hundred of million in buying Makers studio and Blip tv just to close those down , moving theme park would cost less .

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