Tax Policy Expert: Trump Org. & CFO Indictments Detail ‘Straight Up Fraud’ 1

Tax Policy Expert: Trump Org. & CFO Indictments Detail ‘Straight Up Fraud’


NYU Law Professor Daniel Shaviro and author Tim O’Brien join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the alleged tax fraud scheme revealed in indictments against Trump Org. & CFO Allen Weisselberg and what other “possible crimes” prosecutors may still be investigating.
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    1. @Lee Valley we call people who follow CONall mushrooms.
      They stay in the darkness & luv feeding on his BS & LIES.

    1. I still think he is a louse for serving Trump.He still would be if not thrown under the bus. Weisselberg is very loyal. I dont think he will grass.

    2. @Judy Telles I disagree. The guy is 71 years old. Much easier to just regurgitate all that he knows, take the deal and let the rest of the folks deal with it.

    3. @Robin Roupe So we will agree to disagree. At 71yrs old he has served all Trumps including Trump’s father along the same lines for decades.

    4. @robin roupe no no no! Daddy said I had to go to rehab! Let em all eat cake! I hear it’s all microwaved at least for Maxwell! They’ve got all the evidence in the figures! 15 years looks like a scheme to me! Would love to be a fly on the wall in Deutsche Bank! Banking covenants! Personal guarantees! A new take on‘ too big to fail’! Angela Merkyl might have a thing to say! See you at the Trump tower liquidation auction!

  1. Charge Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Donnie jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump they are all under the same fraud family

    1. @Vincent Ramirez Demented fraud biden wont be in long before harris n pelosi takes over n continues to destroy our country.

    2. @Linda Campbell please send link to some of the proof, thanks.

      BTW whether Biden or Obama or anyone else has done anything illegal is completely irrelevant in this case… Trump has been caught doing smth illegal simple as that so he should be prosecuted accordingly wouldn’t you say?

  2. They need to check their loan applications and see if they inflated their income, and their tax income don’t match. this all includes wire fraud

    1. THEORY they found engineered brain parasites/ Worms on the COVID tests and MASKS. The MRNA can’t be delivered to the brain WITHOUT these microscopic engineered WORMS…

    2. @Lee Valley i can tell from what you are saying you dont work in a place that even gives perks. other than discount meals.

  3. Hey guys, I think Trump’s suffering from shell shock as his CFO and his company has been indicted.

  4. Just wait until the truth comes out in how Trump and his children used the White House as their own personal slush fund.

    1. @Potter Charles – your “silent majority” got fleeced. He & his cronies got even fatter & paid even less taxes while chumps like you were left with the bill. And here you are simping for him.

    2. @jacq danieles What part of ‘your news is a biased, globalist, socialist nazi propaganda machine’ don’t you understand? I caught your news in at least 2 dozen lies and deceitful word choice. You believe what you believe because they lied to you. And sadly, that is not against the law. And you fell for all of it, hook, line, and sinker.

    3. @Eunice Ransfer Who, Hillary, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Obama? Yeah, I know. It’s well documented

  5. Can we keep allowing this to happen? Millionaires with top notch attorneys protecting themselves; committing fraud and avoiding paying taxes while the rest of us pay from our meager wages. Make an example of this guy (Trump and Organization).

    1. It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. Since Trump came into power, so many other family empires have crumbled. Bush family. Cheney family. Clinton family. Ann Coulter. Falwell family. Megyn Kelly. McCain family. Bill O’Reilly. Palin family. Pence family. Sessions family.

    2. They were paying themselves from other Trump businesses as self-employed consultants. It’s not even clever fraud, it’s blindingly obvious once you have the tax returns.

    3. Of course, let’s not be naïve even if it was on their father’s initiative. The kids are involved into those fraudulent activities.

  6. Toxic Trump crime syndicate is a “Family” affair, with Ivanka the cherry, and The Don on top!

  7. The Poorest Americans in our Country still are expected and do pay Taxes. This is unacceptable for them or anyone to get away with this.

    1. They better never get away with this evil tax fraud!!!! My cousin all of us in the family have worked since we were 13 years old,and paid taxes obscene amounts off our sweat blood and tears ,we are all in our thirties now and still professional workers paying taxes ,this is evil what trump and his org have done ,No in no way will they get away with this !!!!!

    2. And yet so many stand by this unrepentant con man and send money for his legal fees, for a supposed ‘billionaire’ it’s bizarre. A real case for psychologists to examine for years to come.

    3. @Lawrence Lampke just beyond any understanding of any kind ,and I’d like to know why they help a corrupt con I cant call him a man,a con ,while so many others are hurting ,homeless and hungry ,just horrible and scarey ,the usa is filled with hate

  8. I have a funny feeling that DtRumps Taxes are going to be, “Under Audit” for a lot lot longer now.

  9. he was getting away with this crap, then he ran for potus. putting everything front and center. you’re playing in the big leagues you are scrutinized to the max. and that’s the story of donald trump. he should have stayed small potatoes.

  10. “Only the little people pay taxes” – New York property magnate’s wife Leona Helmsley. She was right, wasn’t she?

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