Taxi Driver Confronts TVJ’s Videographer | TVJ News – Sept 2 2021

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  1. Times hard fr, I don’t blame them for not following the 3 passenger limit. With the extended lock down and curfew, everyone is coming out on the movement days. How do u expect them to make a living and persons to get where they need to go if they can carry only 3 passengers at a time? Rn we need another CARE programme in place cuz Jah know, it rough.

  2. Basically tvj bully the man into recording him, who wouldn’t wonder what these people recording me? Video doesn’t show me unruly taxi men, it shows me privileged tvj defending their position like they are correct. Only zoo you record animal and they won’t complain. Taxi man is a working man, tvj how much more road license was given out for that route so people can go about their business while following covid protocol? Less people in a taxi means more trips per car and more cars to move the same amount of people.

  3. Poor ppl fed up iya.. Low the ppl dem mek dem do them thing bout 3 passenger bungle up gwaan everywhere we aint seen nothing yet either… Fire pon babylon n them dutty system a god we a deal wid…

  4. I said this same thing this week. I watched a woman squeeze herself in a full taxi. It took her three attempts to close the door. And as I say there and watched, I wondered what kind of thinking would cause them all to pile in a taxi like that. I also noticed that people open and close taxi doors without sanitizing after. When they come out the cars with unsanitized hands, they remove their masks. This reflects a serious lack of awareness. The actions that support us in protecting ourselves are not the norm for us and some persons are failing miserably to incorporate this new way of thinking in the way they lead their daily lives. I have no doubts that This is contributing to the rising numbers. I see the same kind of behaviors in our shops and wholesales. It’s not hard people. Walk with a little bottle of sanitizer and clean your hands. If you all refuse to take overcrowded taxis then taxi drivers have to change their practices.

    1. Stephanie McFarlane So, sanitized, mask up, social distance, and lock downs are the way right? What if I told you that a country followed these rule to the letter, and now are suffering under the worse surge that they’ve ever faced.

  5. Why these journalist won’t focus on real issues facing the country?? People stressing out….PEOPLE starving….PEOPLE can’t pay their bills…..the weather did significant damage all over the island and miss place people from there home’s… Jamaica desperately need some independent investigative journalism…..too many cover up happening in Jamaica 🇯🇲 right now…

    1. Yes … its ok. Thats a freedom of speech act. TVJ has a right to press. There is no privacy in a public space. 😉

  6. Am not supporting any indecent behaviour but sometimes the media behave as if the little man on the streets has no rights

  7. The media is watching wat the citizen are doing but they not trying to find out what the governments is doing behind door.

  8. When it was election day and night, they allowed everybody in groups so why now they going so hard against the taxi drivers who has just 4 passengers. 🤔

  9. Tvj is a disgrace. Poor journalism. Poor people in Jamaica are an easy prey. Where are they when the hoteliers are keeping their parties and dont think that we dont kno that the affluent members of society are not abiding by the protocols either , and I dnt see any reporters badgering them.

    1. @Marv antony you should ask the tvj reporter that, the poor will always b a beating stick and easy prey for those who deem themselves more informed or more enlightened. From the very onset of these ridiculous measures that have been tried worldwide and has failed, I saw usain bolt kept a party, no one wearing mask or social distancing, look at the big dream weekend party, go look at the hotels and see their entertainment, oh! Corona doesn’t go where the tourist or more affluent people live or party. Give me a break yaah man.

    2. Andrew Blake I agree. Just the other in the US, a former president kept his 60th Bday at his massive home. If you don’t what I’m talking about, look it up because I can’t talk about it here.

  10. This is bias reporting. Stop it.

    Compare this to the numbers at the vexcination blitz sites. Those sites encouraged gatherings in large numbers.

  11. I would love to see T.V J going down by the tourist area and reporting about the money people who are not following no protocal…mainstreaming has become so bias …..oh sweet Jamaic😣😣😣

  12. A free unencumbered press is a sign of a healthy democracy, even the Taliban in Afghanistan recently showed more discipline and restraint to journalists.

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