Taylor: He ‘Doesn’t See Courage In The Office Of The V.P.’ To Invoke The 25th Amendment | Deadline 1

Taylor: He ‘Doesn’t See Courage In The Office Of The V.P.’ To Invoke The 25th Amendment | Deadline


Former chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security Miles Taylor reacts to reports that staff-level officials are informally discussing invoking the 25th amendment, and says he does not believe the country needs another day with Trump as president because the breach of the Capitol showed us how much damage can be done in one day. Aired on 1/7/2021.
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Taylor: He ‘Doesn’t See Courage In The Office Of The V.P.’ To Invoke The 25th Amendment | Deadline


    1. @Billy Goat You are losing track of the intent. They were trying to scare the senate and house representatives into overturning the election. Looting was not their intent, it was intimidation.

    2. @Jikozon Nightmare. He told them that the election was stolen and as they were causing the mayhem he said this ” the election was stolen. Let’s take our country back. And he said this ” WE LOVE YOU ” A leader would have condemned them and ordered them to leave the building or have a peaceful protest. Bye for now. Let’s hope for the best.

    3. That’s what Trump said to the peaceful protesters of BLM. They add bad actors to make it look like the peaceful protesters were looting and making trouble. But the group of yesterday is Trump supporters for sure. Trump and his son got that group all worked up to attack the State Capitol, bc Trump didn’t want Biden confirm by electorial votes.

    4. So why do we have laws against Treason if we dont use them i mean what more needs to happen that hasn happen all ready.

  1. From red coats to red hats, what should’ve been done long ago was ignored over personal greed, how much can they pull from the kettle before it explodes? Well, mess is all over and you Repub traitors names will be remembered.

    1. @Alaska Pirates 90% of those inbreeds were carrying selfie sticks with their phones mounted on them. Who are they going to war against?
      Battle of the selfies? lol

  2. Who I never saw the truth in such comments! He said everything that’s most people don’t say in public , most of the republicans are rotten inside

    1. @Jikozon Nightmare here you come with the famous “it’s both sides”. No it’s not. If the President wasn’t trying to enact some hurtful law, over the past 4 years, he was saying something horrible on Twitter. And the Republicans overlooked it all. Now they’re finally speaking out against him with this attack on the capitol. All the Democrats had was the House. They tried to impeach him once, but the Senate blocked that. And if you’re going to say they haven’t done anything for the people. They’ve been trying to get COVID relief to the people for months, but the Republicans were dragging their feet on that.

    1. He’s a grown man who calls his wife “Mother” and beams proudly anytime Trump speaks. He’ll do what they all keep doing, ‘nothing’ while pleading with Trump to one day grow a heart and waiting for someone else to do something.

    1. @Alaska Pirates You are right, and it was headed by the current president. Unfortunately, the two mechanisms to remove him (cabinet or conviction in the senate) are full of traitorous cronies. I’m just saying that the most likely outcome is that he/they will run out the clock. He’ll possibly issue a bunch of legally dubious pardons on the 19th before he leaves to FL. Here’s hoping president Biden and his justice department doesn’t “look forward not back”.

    2. @Alaska Pirates,
      I’m not even part of this administration…and I saw it coming!
      Not only does trump make it obvious, the pro-trump comments on social media slow way down.
      People around him are just as guilty because they don’t speak up.

    3. @Debbie Flaherty Just one correction here, the VP can’t be fired. She or he would have to be impeached through the house and convicted by the senate just as a president would. Trump is stuck with Pence till the end of the term.

    4. @habirton,
      Thank you for sharing. I’m still learning. Come to think of it, if that WAS possible, trump would’ve gotten rid of him and put ivanka in his place.
      Do you think trump is wanting Pence to pardon him.

  3. Yesterday’s riot seemed a beginning of Don the Con Man’s further conspiracies. Removal is crucial. REMOVE the Conman!!!!! Asap!!!

    1. It should of been done and dusted, within 1 hour of the close of business in congress, after the electoral collage votes were counted. pence should of told the speaker and the pro tem, to remain in their offices, till he got back to them with the 25th. trump sent that mob, and that mob wanted pence’s blood, if that was me i would of got all the cabinet out of bed and convened a meeting to remove trump

    1. No, I think he does, but he needs the cabinet to agree, and Elaine Chao is gone. Mnuchin might vote with Pence, to remove Trump, but the rest? Nah.

    2. You are correct. What he did yesterday was because the constitution didn’t give him any option. Invoking the 25th Amendment gives him choices and heck no he would against his master Trump…

    3. You got that right. NONE of the repukes have any b@lls. They left them in rumpie’s pocket, too scared too ask for them back. Pathetic.

    4. @Deborah Freedman No he already said via aides that he has no desire to invoke the 25th. He’s a submissive.

  4. When I hear “Mike Pence” words like ‘integrity”, ‘bravery’, or ‘patriot’ aren’t the first words that spring to mind.

  5. Pence is terrified of the MAGA people, that’s why he won’t invoke the 25th ammendment.
    He is afraid they’ll shoot him or his family.

  6. Parents all over the world are reconsidering sending their children to college in America because stupidity is infectious here

    1. Why would anyone consider sending their child to the US for an education….this country has the worst education system in the world

    2. @Papa Bear The primary education system is a mess, but many of our universities are among the best in the world still.

    3. @Gretchen Bakies you obviously have never been in schools here or any other country in the world….the so-called great universities here are only recognized as such by people in this country, the rest of the world knows better

  7. Only when these politicians were in danger is when some of them started caring about Trump’s bad behavior. They don’t care about American lives, only when something bad almost happens to them.

    1. I am Ade Munandar, I want to be an American citizen, people of America, who are confident that I can be accepted in America, I am sure that I am Ade Munandar, even though in the process of learning about America, I also learn more and want to go to America as soon as possible

  8. Funny part is……. none of these yahoos destroying the Capitol would be allowed to set foot on a trump golf course. LOL

    1. In Scotland no local Scottish people can play on his golf courses because he increased the fees by so much they can no longer afford said fees and he wonders why these courses are losing money by the bucket load……who would have thought……

    2. @ronald burns Interesting. Too bad he won’t be able to funnel money from the American government to pay for his courses soon. We’ll see how long he’s actually able to keep it… Then again, nothing surprises me anymore… Maybe Jr will take it over after Sr is in prison.

    3. @Karasene 13 Jr will be in prison along side him. Eric, Donald and trump’s GF Ivanka are all gonna be indicted by NY! And God willing they will all see prison time!! They broke SOO many laws it’s gonna take years to uncover most of them!!

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