Teacher Abducted in Santa Cruz | Double Murder in St. Ann | TVJ Midday News - Oct 6 2021 1

Teacher Abducted in Santa Cruz | Double Murder in St. Ann | TVJ Midday News – Oct 6 2021


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    1. What has been happening to the 1000 plus Jamaicans that has already been murdered since the start of the year.

  1. Pact legislative year and nothing has been done to update those old laws that is related to gun crimes!!!

  2. Grace McLean is the one collecting all the monies that the teachers should be getting, Jamaica laws and everything with gone to the dogs damn shame.

  3. So in picking your poison you can’t pick which poison, funny! I’m glad this teacher survived. Stop calling it luck Ms. Police lady. That’s far from it!

  4. Look like to me these killers they watch everybody. But they eyes on the teachers abducting them and killing them. But I can’t call for help in man cause vain is in the help of man. Only God can help.

    1. They are red eyes and bad mind.
      They watch people working for what they want and then go killed them for there things.
      I believe all of them should send to the grave when they are cough..

  5. but how Andrew say the Jamaican Economy doing well cause they have made their playbill EVERY MONTH??????
    Wha gwan a lie him did a tell or him just never see this glitch in the system????

  6. Disturbing how they tried to kill the teacher and I’m so sorry about what happened to the 2 farmers. Why are people so wicked?

  7. They can pay 26000 teachers monthly but they can’t pay 3000 teachers since July. Everything always difficult when you are to get money out of the ministry. By the way. I’m a teacher in the private system. Still waiting on my 40g.

  8. Big ups to all people who ensure they can defend themselves, their families and is willing to make efforts to defend their communities. Big ups to all people who stand ready to send murderers weh dem fi guh. FU to Anjudas Holness and that freak Horace Chang. Jamaican people’s lives is worth protecting.

  9. That’s attempted contract killing. Why is TVJ cutting of the report before the person has finished speaking?

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