Teacher says it's too risky to send kids back to school just yet 1

Teacher says it’s too risky to send kids back to school just yet


Peel District School Board teacher Jason Bradshaw says he was not surprised that schools in Ontario will remain closed to in-person learning until at least September 2021.

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  1. We need to have mandatory double masks at all times for students !!! This can be a step in making schools safe.

    1. Mandatory triple masks, double surgical gloves, no eye contact and electrocution for violating social distancing laws.

    2. @Bandit 1 I wear ten masks and hold my breath in between breaths. I pass out a lot but haven’t got covid yet.

    3. @Johnathan Doehead Science ?
      Go look up how many microns a virus is , THEN READ THE SIDE OF THE MASK BOX WHERE IT STATES ;
      OR ??????

    4. Well mask braces to ensure a better fit would be better and more protective masks such as N-95 masks would also help. Better ventilation, even box fans with Merv-13 filters duct taped to them would help, vaccinating all the teachers, janitorial staff and the parents would help and of course reducing class sizes. There’s plenty of ways that in school teaching safety could be improved if only the government was willing to pay for them.

    5. @David and Goliath The virus may be smaller than the pore size but remember that sperm is also smaller than the pore size of latex condoms. The fact that the virus is smaller doesn’t mean the filtering material won’t stop transmission of the virus as remember those pores are not holes in a screen but a torturous winding path through the filtering material, though it does mean that if the filtering material becomes saturated with humidity, the virus could travel through by capillary action hence periodic changes in masks should be made. Besides the typical surgical/procedural mask only has a 65% fit hence only 56% of the air breathed are filtered, the real purpose of the mask is to reduce the kinetic energy of the droplets expelled so they drop out of the air sooner and closer to the person, if you want actual filtering, you need a tight fitting N-95 mask A cloth pencil case could serve to carry multiple surgical/procedural style masks.

  2. Lazy teacher doesn’t want to go to work. This is why we need permanent online learning!

    1. which will eventually end up in teachers losing their jobs to google et al. AI systems to -instruct- indoctrinate children instead. Already in the works.

    2. @ֆђคภภ๏ภ Ꮛɭץรรค All glory to the algorithm. Long live the new flesh

    1. A teacher is far more aware of classroom environments then any Doctor or epidemiologists. Your criticism of a teacher’s opinion really falls flat on it’s face.

  3. Is the teacher’s subject matter of expertise in Viral Immunology? ..otherwise, next.

    1. Teachers are well versed in their classroom environment and hence are best to compare them to stated public health requirements. Doctors are not knowledgeable about everything.

  4. Why asking a teacher? What makes his opinion so special? Stupid interview. No wonder we are in such mess.

    1. Why ask a teacher, maybe because they are the most aware of the classroom environment and hence the best to evaluate them versus publicly stated public health recommendations and regulations.

    2. @John Wang That maybe so, but they, by no means, are in a position to advice everyone of medical issues.

  5. He makes a lot of valid points, and he is from Peel after all, where COVID continues to be out of control. Personally I think regional opening would’ve worked and been safe.

    1. Well, particularly with the peel district where some could just cross the street to access services outside the district, some regulation of travel between districts would be needed for a regional approach. Besides, we’ve pretty much narrowed it down to congregate work places, larger households and a reliance on public transit which just happens to coincide with regions such as the Peel district.

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