Teacher: Voting for Trump may have signed my death warrant

Teacher: Voting for Trump may have signed my death warrant 1

Nancy Shively, an Oklahoma teacher, voted for Trump in 2016. Now, amid a heated debate on reopening schools and watching his response to the pandemic, she says she fears for her life.

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  1. “I wasn’t paying attention” democracy dies with ignorance. Hopefully more people end up seeing it

  2. The fact that she is a special education teacher who voted for the man who mocked a reporter with a disability is appalling

    • alaffia rose | August 3, 2020 at 8:37 PM | Reply

      It’s not her fault she wasn’t paying attention 🙄

    • @masterofrockets yeah, but she’s a Special ED teacher. That doesn’t gross you out that she was OK w/ that kind of juvenile behavior? And any “bullying” by a candidate is grounds for dismissal. Yes?

    • Alfred Vallejos jr. | August 3, 2020 at 9:03 PM | Reply

      You can ONLY imagine how she treats her special needs children find OUT WERE THIS PERSON is a teacher at AND do an investigation on her past dealings with THESE special needs CHILDREN

    • The people attacking Nancy Shively are dead wrong. It’s never too late to admit a mistake. Rather than attacking her Dems and Never Trumpers should be welcoming ANYBODY that plans to vote against that bigot. Many people made that mistake which is why he won. But at this point we need all hands on deck if we are to save our country.

    • Kahnica Cole | August 3, 2020 at 9:43 PM | Reply

      So true!

  3. Funny Republicans only Care when affects them personally . Not kids in cages nor the attacks to our institutions .

  4. “I wasn’t paying attention” isn’t good enough. You’re an American and have responsibilities.

    • Ross We so welcome her attitude now. Her previous attitude is unacceptable and irresponsible and shows a lack of maturity or responsibility for her community, and THAT isn’t good enough. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Elia Fuimaono | August 3, 2020 at 10:30 PM | Reply

      Enter: NYers telling oklahomans they should have more media outlets

    • Elia Fuimaono I’m doing my bit to manage risk in global financial institutions to ensure the financial system is designed for stress situations like we’re in now and doesn’t fail and to avoid the 2008 crisis. What are YOU doing?

    • Colleen Mayes It’s only night if you don’t value what we have.

    • Ross You got it wrong. It’s not an attack on her. It’s being honest about her previous level of awareness being irresponsible as a citizen of a country with so much verifiable information available. It’s not acceptable, regardless of her thoughts now, but I’m glad she recognizes her responsibilities….albeit only when she is directly affected which is a selfish way to live one’s life.

  5. aaron wright | August 3, 2020 at 7:12 PM | Reply

    he’s not even sending his own son back to school wtf 💀

  6. Thathellcatguy | August 3, 2020 at 7:13 PM | Reply

    I’m more bothered by a teacher “not paying attention” than I am about who she voted for in the last election. Lol

  7. RaChica Conyers | August 3, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

    Now she finally realizes that the man just don’t care about her or anyone else,just himself.

  8. So basically everything prior was okay until it effected her personally.

  9. “A wise man (or woman) changes his mind sometimes, but a fool never. To change your mind is the best evidence you have one.” ― Desmond Ford

  10. What kind of Special ED teacher voted for a man who made fun of a disabled man? Do the profession a favor, resign.

    • Burundian Paganry | August 3, 2020 at 10:14 PM | Reply

      😂😂😂 apparently she wasn’t “paying attention” It’s a running theme with these clowns.

  11. “Voting for Trump may have signed my death warrant.”
    Yep. Ask Herman Cain.

  12. “I wasn’t paying attention”

    Tho I’m thankful she has now come to see the ’emperor’ is not wearing any clothes, it’s just sad that it had to get this bad before she could admit it.

  13. FINISH STRONG | August 3, 2020 at 7:52 PM | Reply

    The fact that she can admit that she made a mistake and that she was wrong shows a tremendous amount of integrity and character.

    • Pierre Blaise | August 3, 2020 at 9:35 PM | Reply

      She only change her stand on Trump when she was directly impacted.
      I bet a lot of German change their mind on Hitler when the Russian where at the gate of Berlin.

      But yhea at least good to her to go public about it. Still hard to be sympathetic

    • Pierre Blaise VERY hard.

    • Burundian Paganry | August 3, 2020 at 10:12 PM | Reply

      Pierre Blaise couldn’t have said it any better.

  14. My Daddy’s Used To Say; “ Son You Lay Down With Dogs,,,Don’t Be Mad If You Get Up With Fleas”

    • Jeffery chamberlain ,,,
      ROTFLMAO! Best Yet! 👍

    • Msfruity44 ,,,, Thx,,,😉

    • Brenda Lester | August 3, 2020 at 10:24 PM | Reply

      My Mom said the same.

    • They want their rights to freedom not wear a mask! Yet the conservatives want indigenous children to go back to schools. Shes probably teaches our children in Oklahoma. Now shes not on board Trump traitors train.The hypocrisy of them! Teach your children with long distance learning. Dont expose our indigenous community too! White supremacists are in all American institutions. Not worth dying for scum. Glad I dont live in the south!

    • @Redsky Eagle Back to schools back to work back to life just wearing MASK!

  15. ‘NEVER TRUMPER’ is a compliment to whoever is reasonable enough to have that view.

  16. Trump Talk Translated:
    “Many People have told me” = Voices inside my head
    “A lot of people don’t know” = I just learned
    “Believe me” = I just lied
    “In Fact” = I’m about to lie
    “He’s a great guy” = I will deny ever knowing this person after they begin to tell the truth about me
    “MAGA” = Making my pockets fatter off the American tax payers
    “Nobody knew” = Everyone knew except me
    “Huge” = moderate to below average in size
    “Loser” = someone who makes me feel inferior due to their talent or accomplishments
    “Policy Briefing” = Watching Fox News
    “Liar” = Someone who tells the truth about me
    “Fake News” = Real news

  17. “gamble” is right. Unfortunately didn’t matter when you thought it wouldn’t affect you.

  18. “I wasn’t paying attention” I give her credit for stating the truth.

  19. Republicans only care when it affects them personally.

  20. “I never thought the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party would eat MY face.”

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