Teachers ‘Don’t Want To Be The Mask Police’ 1

Teachers ‘Don’t Want To Be The Mask Police’


President of the American Federation for Teachers Randi Weingarten and NBC News journalist Heidi Przybyla, explain the complicated needs of teachers and students to return to school safely. Weingarten says that teachers want to work in person, but the new CDC mask guidance neglects important guidance teachers need before the go back to the classroom full time

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    1. @John Clarke Another thing to think about is that you are leaving out the who and the what. That is another thing conspiracy theorists tend to do.

    2. @Roxy Lasch I’m sorry, but is your comment directed towards me? I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I mean, not in the way a Trump supporter is

  1. If you have a son in high school who is having girl problems, just tell him that it is ok. Matt Gaetz didn’t have his first high school girlfriend until he was 35.

    1. If your son is having girl problems, he can be instead of a girl for his school mates. I hope, you are not transphobic. Defund police! BLM!!!!

  2. They are stupid, or they just don’t care who lives or dies. In Texas, you gotta go with stupid. I hope the others are smarter.

    1. Go to Texas and look them in the face and tell them how stupid they are, keyboard warrior.

    2. @Ashley Horne I’m from Texas and this is stupid. Not all Texans are right wing nuts.

  3. Parents are tired of it as well. Just go to your kids local school board meetings….you’ll see for yourself.

    1. Who cares. They had the kids. They need to take responsibility. But, you don’t wear masks in school in Belarus anyhow, I don’t suppose.

    1. @No Show Joe
      Have you not read your own comments that are stored in your new account?
      Your handle itself is discriminatory gramps.
      You advertise a one sided political rhetoric which is more of hatred of the opposing political party.
      Yet you old fools sit at home and collect democratically fought for entitlements.

    2. @B. T. Facts aren’t discrimination. Sorry to tell you. Also I’m 20 years old “gramps”.

  4. it is amazing what this country ask teachers to be and pay them sooooo little,,,,,,,this is why people do not WANT TO JOIN THE TEACHING FORCE!!!!

  5. Still remote learning but just informed that they will not do remote learning in the fall. We will have to sign up for a different online learning community.
    Our school is so small and so outdated. Each class has mutiple grades and there is no gymnasium. Yes, it’s a rural school but these kids deeserve the same advantages.
    Little extra covid protection. Kids have plexiglass or plastic in front of the tables and they are supposed to keep nose and mouth covered with mask. When we have stopped up there most kids were grouped together and their masks were not covering their noses. That is why my immune compromised student is still learning remotely.

    1. No idea why your remote learning In Saskatchewan Canada the kids have been in school since sept

  6. Then why did the biggest teachers unions in the nation fight to require children to wear masks?

    1. You should rewatch the video… 3:50 she said she needs the CDC to say they actually need make if they are 12 and up or 12 below. They need scientists to be on the same page with teachers whatever to scientists think is safe.

  7. Let’s just solve all these problems and follow the CDC guidelines. Follow the science. All the teachers have to worry about is teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. If they can do that they will be a living large.

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