Teachers fight return to classrooms without proper safety measures 1

Teachers fight return to classrooms without proper safety measures


Teachers in Chicago fight for proper coronavirus safety measures as Chicago Public Schools is pushing to have kindergarten through eighth grade students return to classrooms. CNN's Omar Jimenez reports. #CNN #News


  1. Teachers are dying. The children may be okay, but the staff may not be. Schools shouldn’t be opened until they get money for PPE and more people have a vaccine. It’s common sense.

    1. @Lawrence Harris the virus load in your body and tests don’t work exactly that way. Covid itself is only a problem of the moment then. The point of testing is to try to reduce infection by human to human contact. It isnt an exact science

    2. @T Mac Well the argument is health care workers work with the sick and vulnerable. The average age of a teacher is 37, which puts them in the 0.015% chance of dying range

    3. @Agent x Smith x that logic doesnt work. Kids are bacteria ridden and unhygienic. You show me where it says a nurse signed up for disregard for their safety over others. Quite the contrary. We are to treat only if the situation is safe

  2. All of these “board members” voting for in-person teaching will not have to step foot in a classroom themselves.

    1. @Vital Signs The problem is, they are not vaccinated yet. I’m teaching back in person, and the only teachers offered the vaccine so far were the ones over 50. I’m just a few years shy of that. We should be given the vaccination if we are forced to teach in person. We have a lot less protection than the health workers. Also, my sister got her vaccination, as she is a health worker, but she does NOT work where the patients are and is in a private office.

    2. @BusyTeacher/Mom there’s all kinds of frontline workers that should be considered first. All the way to the workers in our grocery stores.

    3. ​@Vital Signs I agree. All frontline workers should have access to vaccination. As a teacher, if we would have stayed remote, I would have gladly given up my chances for a vaccination as long as my vaccine went to another frontline worker.

    1. This week is house cleaning. Maybe for weeks to come. The House was filthy when he got there. And the vaccine cupboards were bare.

  3. It’s a shame that any high impact event on society falls hardest on teachers. Remember just 2 school years ago we were debating mandating teachers carry guns to protect our children from active shooters. Yet we never talk about giving teachers raises. Im amazed anyone still chooses the education profession anymore. It’s a shame.

    1. The fact is most college students are not heading towards teaching anymore. There’s a National teacher shortage. When the media and politician treat teachers like crap what do you expect?

    2. Teaching is not any job, it is truly a calling. We were on the Frontline before COVID. Money will not fix a “bad teacher” or teacher shortages because even if paid more, there are very few personalities that can handle our neglected youth of today. I’m glad people notice how essential we are. There are reasons many take time to renew ourselves during the summer. It’s really not about us, but our students. I try to encourage my students and fellow teachers to live with joy in all circumstances. I wish the best for everyone.

  4. CDC recommendations and CNN’s reporting continue to change to reflect there policy push of the moment. Teachers are tired of being treated as pawns and babysitters they are neither, they are educators. Rather then force a unsafe situation our Country has missed an excellent opportunity to improve remote learning and keep everyone safe.

    1. It’s not unsafe unless you are elderly/obese/immune compromised. Let those people stay home and remote learn, and let everyone else resume life as normal. This has become a sick obsession with an extremely mild and mostly asymptomatic virus

    2. I absolutely agree with you. We are always thrown in to make upper administrators look good, without proper training, without the necessary tools, and with the attitude of just get it done.

    3. remote learning doesn’t work, period. It isn’t working anywhere, there is no improving it. There is a social aspect to going to school also, you can’t expect small children to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. Thankfully, schools aren’t unsafe, there is little to no evidence of school being transmission vectors anywhere in the world.

  5. For those who reference their won situation, please think about districts like the Bronx, where most households are multigenerational, classrooms and schools are packed as it is. What the NY department of education is not saying is that we need ventilators and more cleaning supplies. If you work at a school without a budget problem and administrators who you trust won’t obscure the data, good for you.

  6. I thought the title was saying that teachers were fighting to return to schools without safety measures, that wouldn’t have been so good.

    1. In all seriousness, exercise your body, it will help your mind. Hopefully you will get the education you deserve and need.

    1. @MsRESPECT90 yes, it should be every parents responsibility to teach all their kids every different subject in school at various grade levels as well as maintain a full time job……..you clearly don’t have children

  7. They should never be put in a situation they dont feel safe in to make a living this is not right, recipe for neglect and abuse on the children

  8. Get the teachers vaccinated and get back to school with all recommended safety measures. We can do this!

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