Teachers Take Part In Gun Training To Protect From School Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Teachers Take Part In Gun Training To Protect From School Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


One group of teachers isn’t waiting for gun laws to change. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to explain why some teachers in Utah are taking up their own arms – now. Aired on 11/18/19.
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Teachers Take Part In Gun Training To Protect From School Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. TheHeavenman88 They graduate to terrorist when the plans are made. Sandy Hook was certainly outside of a student killing classmates. So if you want to act like shooters are “kids” so be it. Like I said, they’re promoted to terrorist and lose their rights.

    2. @TheHeavenman88
      You think all school shootings are only done by kids? Yikes.
      Project your irrational fear some more, princess.

    3. @Gary Winthorp NOt All , but the Majority Are kids going to those schools . Give me an example of a school shooting that was done by someone else … Im waiting

    4. @Gary Winthorp And im NOT afraid of kids , but of teachers where we send OUR kids to start handling weapons that they will have to shoot them with .

  1. *10th grader closes backpack 10secs before the bell*

    *Teacher cocking pistol* “You haven’t been dismissed yet.”

  2. Look at the lady at 1:43.
    Now you tell me…is she ready to shoot someone in defense of children?
    Or is she more likely to get shot herself?
    Back to the drawing board, folks.

    1. ​@ruth depew I usually agree with most of what you say, Ruth!
      Another thing to consider too is what if you get a teacher who has seen too many action movies and starts shooting indiscriminately at a group of running kids, not knowing who is the shooter and who is not? I don’t think friendly fire is an acceptable cost of implementing this policy.

    2. Ro G, Your argument is that someone in the early stages of training isn’t ready? I know arms prohibitionist vermin are stupid but this is more stupid than usual.

    1. @ David Grover …Why do you keep inferring a background check is the same as a psychological assessment? They are two completely different things. A back ground check is just a search through your police record and past employers it does not screen a person who may be mentally unstable. So what about all those teachers who have sexually assaulted their students, seems your so called back ground check never picked that up hey.

      “A major 2004 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education
      found that nearly 10 percent of U.S. public school students reported
      having been targeted with sexual attention by school employees. Indeed,
      one critic has claimed that sexual harassment and abuse by teachers is
      100 times more frequent than abuse by priests.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_harassment_in_education_in_the_United_States#By_teachers

    2. Thyalwaysseek, I don’t. That is *your* interpretation of my position.
      *Why do you claim the majority of police officers undergo rigorous psychological examination when that is financially,* (Do you have any idea what the per hour rate of a cheap inexperienced Phycologist is?) *logistically,* (Do you understand how many Psychologists are available? Try getting one for your little brother after his first episode.) *and legally* (A Psychologist would be bound by HIPPA Laws.) *improbable?*

      *So I dug up what the screening you are obsessed with is and found out that the exam typically starts with a pretest self-interview or evaluation.* (What is a self interview? It is just as stupid and easy to manipulate as it sounds in this situation.)
      *Next comes a series of multiple-choice tests or surveys.* (And like all multiple choice exams you can probably pass by answering C or if you actually want the job you can study for it because such tests can always be studied for.)
      *Finally, there will be a sit-down interview with a psychologist* (If the Department has the budget for that and one is even available.) *with experience in public safety issues.* (Now we have gone from a professional that is not always easy to find to a specifically experienced professional.)

      *The probability of being caught in a mass shooting is minuscule.*
      *The probability of someone as background checked as a licensed teacher committing one is even smaller*

      *But you Arms Prohibitionists are ruled by your irrational fears.*

    1. Frankly if my grandkids had a choice between a gun free zone school and one where there are armed personnel, I’d choose the armed personnel 100%

    1. What is wrong with the teacher being well trained and armed at the teacher doesn’t want to carry gun they don’t have to get over it

    2. @David Grover
      Lmfao, my mother was in that shootings, I still live on the street, but they just tore the school down a couple years ago for more housing.

    1. Myriam Pro, Your kind should leave because you are unhappy and against the Liberty of U.S. Citizens. No one said you should leave because you have dysfunctional ideas that have a 85+ year track record of failure.

      Yet anyway.

      In time I expect your basic authoritarianism will force your fellow citizens to remove you by force in righteous self defense.
      Because your efforts to undo technological progress and knowledge are doomed to failure.

    2. @David Grover Hahaha, I never said where I live!!! Your comment about “armed teachers in South America” has triggered me, remember? Because I live in South America, born and rise in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      My English must be very good… or hummmm, you are a Russian bot.

    3. Myriam Pro, That has little effect on wether your kind (we are talking about your authoritarian ideological kind.) should stay here does it?

    4. They don’t “have to have” anything.
      See, you non-Americans don’t know what freedom is. Its hilarious, you slaves are so ignorant.

    1. @Marcin Kiersnowski Are we though? I used to think we were better. Now, I’m not so sure. It’ll be up to the next generation to decide where we’ll go on the issue of guns because I don’t see it being resolved satisfactorily in my lifetime.

  3. Yeah. No young physically fit student could ever possibly disarm a fat old teacher, shoot them and have a new fun weapon to play with. Right?

    1. Thyalwaysseek isn’t it illegal to insult someone’s religion in your country?Oooh just not when it’s Christianity ay???

    2. Trinity Cheavious I’m just glad I’m in America where ALL subjects can be debated without fear of arrest. You could be jailed in your country for your videos but they don’t enforce the law against people who blaspheme against Christianity yet. Try doing the same types of videos about Muslims you’ll get a knock on your door real quick. All it takes is a little shift of power and that same law puts you in the slammer for blaspheming Christianity. We like open discussion and debate in America. Free speech is first in the bill of rights. Jealous?

  4. This is what a society in decline looks like, I feel so sorry for American children who have been so utterly and completely failed.

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