Teachers’ Union President On Reopening Schools | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Teachers' Union President On Reopening Schools | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1


    1. He’s not going to run because he’ll lose again.
      Then there is the whole matter of trying to instigate a coup which makes him a traitor.

    1. @DG youtube So.., kids can walk free but anyone over the age of 30 has to lock ourselves up?.., when I was a kid we called that Logan’s Run.

    2. @Andy it’s just like the Swine flu that only affected kids but the opposite. People that don’t have symptoms don’t spread the virus and kids Especially do not spread the virus while not showing signs because their body fights off the virus faster better.

    3. @DG youtube I think its all made up BS, even the official figures say the same, but there is one good thing that came of this and that is that nobody died of old age in 2020.

    4. Oh, so now they’re saying that? I thought kids were family and teacher murderers. And if they go out and catch COVID, they are all seen as evil and guilty.
      Seriously, people really need to wake up. Because now it’s just getting more and more obvious that they’re being brainwashed by fear mongering and political propaganda that they apparently call “real science.”

  1. All Schools should open…..the virus is going to be forever around so we have to go back to normal and deal with it. We can’t be afraid anymore.

    1. @SV Wallace How stupid of this person? How stupid of you for being a hypocritcal bigot who can’t accept people’s opinions/feelings and attack others for not being scare or worried enough as you! And refuse to accept death and disease as a part of life by wanting to live in a fantasy world where suddenly, humans immortality now exists just because “science” said so.
      Seriously, that is what you are acting like! WAKE UP!
      If you have a problem with these kind of comments so much, then why don’t you get out and go back hiding in your blanket for the rest of your life!

  2. With all due respect, children can’t be vaccinated yet, and we have no idea what Covid-19 does to a developing brain. Opening schools partially with mitigation strategies in place makes some sense, but assuring that mask-wearing and distancing is happening 100% of the time is fundamental in making that happen.

    1. I agree with your comment, and absolutely with the need for 100% compliance with the current guidelines, but I don’t believe they’re saying that all teaching staff and students need vaccinated to open in full. The teachers and staff are what they’re advocating for, since they are the older and more at risk people according to data so far. However, I also believe that any parent who wants their child at home for now should have that right as well. At least until we’ve begun to do a better job getting this pandemic under control. I don’t understand this crazy rush to get every single child back to school, in person immediately. Most of the children learning from home at this point are doing so because their parents are choosing that option. At least here in Florida anyway. I still have my son learning from home, and I’ll continue to do so until I see things begin to actually improve.

    2. there is no science which can show what covid does, if anything, to a developing brain, because there is no such thing as a developing brain aside from in utero. just like science can’t show changes to a black, white, or female brain. all brains are in constant flux due to use and thought pattern.

    3. there is no science which can show what covid does, if anything, to a developing brain, because there is no such thing as a developing brain aside from in utero. just like science can’t show changes to a black, white, or female brain. all brains are in constant flux due to use and thought pattern.

    4. @S Russell They’re not saying that they should be vaccinated. But, they should be if students will be returning to full, in-person learning. Then, distancing would not be an option.

  3. This isn’t a good idea because their are new variants of covid out.There are people who are vaccinated and catching this new strain.

  4. 2:37 Why isn’t the governor in Florida doing the same thing? Ron DeSantis, Republican embraces Donald Trump.
    Why isn’t the governor in Ohio doing the same thing? Mike DeWine, another Republican embraces Donald Trump.

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  6. I’m in the 1B tier (75) and I cannot be vaccinated because there’s no vaccine available to me. They are not finished with vaccination for health care workers.
    We keep adding more people before we’ve finished vaccines for the first tier.
    I have an 85 percent chance of dying without the vaccine.
    There’s not enough vaccine in California. It’s a travesty.

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  8. It’s absolutely disgusting that certain State Governors, like my failure here in Florida, don’t want to prioritize vaccinations for teachers (like my wife), yet are trying to demand ALL students are back in school. Add to that the fact that MANY schools are already failing to adequately enforce the current requirements, like masks and distancing, while their in-person enrollment is well below 100%. It’s truly detestable that teacher safety and security, State by State, hinges on the political affiliation of that State’s Governor and NOT on science. I suggest, ANY State that refuses to ensure the safety of their teaching staff can be met, should be barred from reopening schools entirely until they can do so. See how quickly they prioritize teachers ability to quickly get vaccinated then.

  9. they “have to”, what happens if they don’t? lord forbid they not be ready for the 1950s economy and job market that our schools still prepare them for.

  10. Alameda county California put educators as priority last week. Lots of teachers got appointments this week in Oakland at the coliseum site. Can’t wait to get back with my kids in the classroom!!

  11. They want paid for nothing. Their risk is not any worse than the grocery worker, bus drivers, …let alone first responders or health care workers.

  12. Shameful teachers unions!!!! My children go to catholic school and been in person learning since August. Biden against school choice. I have to pay worthless public school taxes as well tuition.

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