Tearful Celebrations Across U.S. After Chauvin Guilty Verdict | All In | MSNBC 1

Tearful Celebrations Across U.S. After Chauvin Guilty Verdict | All In | MSNBC


Chris Hayes takes a look at emotional reactions across the country after Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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Tearful Celebrations Across U.S. After Chauvin Guilty Verdict | All In | MSNBC


  1. Where there is PEOPLE there is POWER!

    Last image in the following colours:
    Green on cap

    That sums it up nice and tidy!
    RIP hero!

  2. Thanks! A very tense situation! (I recall the days when my son and I had moved into a new house in southern Colorado and I started a daycare business in a place where I was born
    and the Rodney King case was happening! (The riots that happened were edgy and the news was so surreal in Los Angles, California and neighborhoods were on fire and burning. It was tragic then. ) Today was so historic and my son and I knew that verdict was very important to us all. He is now 33. And… the civil rights groups that were part of my mom’s life in her experiences coming from Chicago during the Depression days and living through WW2 and meeting my dad on a blind date. She was such a city gal. She also loved reading about the Black Power politics then in the 60’s…and how vital protesting was and how we could change the world. This trial changed us all today. I woke so early and was not expecting a verdict today at all. It’s just been surreal. We all figured this drama was so powerful by 3 o’clock in the news.

    1. @evaun1t1 is that what tucker told you to say🤣? You ppl are just brain washed sheep without a single thought of your own in your head. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    2. @Relaxing Noise And don’t forget Darren Wilson who justifiably killed a 300 lb 18 year old African American criminal who charged him and attempted to murder him with his own gun. Even after a lying media and lying politicians attempted to prosecute him as guilty when the evidence fully exonerated him.

    1. @Anthony Poe You small minded liberal children get so upset when I hit your nerve. Big bad
      brave Nancy. Does your husband know you’re using his computer again?

    2. The last days: No. It shows that suspense builds audiences and makes money. If the media had announced that the verdict was a forgone conclusion, the audience would have disappeared, and the advertising money would have dried up.

    3. @Richard Vanek Trump lost. He was happy enough to kick Obama to the curb when he won. He had no right to stay President after he lost.

    4. @EKK i grew up in minneapolis in the fifties and iam sure the black community was being mistreated then but there were no cellphones and the media didnt care.

  3. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) on Monday admitted wrongdoing and announced it would pay $5.5 million to the family of a 24-year-old man who died after being detained and held down for six minutes by two of their employees in 2019.
    But no charges in another knee on man’s neck case.

    1. @Jesus Garcia He also pulled a gun on a pregnant woman, used counterfeit money and drove under the influence of drugs. I can’t believe people burned down cities over a thug that like.

  4. It is truly sad when people are relieved and elated to witness justice being served. This process is supposedly an American entitlement guaranteed by our constitution, yet in this day and age, it is cause for some of US to celebrate and only due to it’s long denial. This must be remedied.

  5. God said, if I let the guilty to win and the innocent to lose I’m the guilty one. Wow! So powerful. Thank you GOD🙏

  6. Don’t matter your still gonna hear I can’t breath in your sleep since they have nothing better to do

  7. Justice not always denied even where people are not sure that justice matters! The verdict will surely remind the persons in uniform that no one is above the law!

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