'Tears Of Joy': George Floyd's Brother Reacts To Chauvin's Guilty Verdict | Deadline | MSNBC 1

‘Tears Of Joy’: George Floyd’s Brother Reacts To Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict | Deadline | MSNBC


Rodney Floyd, brother of George Floyd, reacts to the jury finding Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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'Tears Of Joy': George Floyd's Brother Reacts To Chauvin's Guilty Verdict | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Finally I can exhale.
    We all witnessed it!
    The experts all agreed (with their findings).
    It is an awsome day!

    1. @willliam cm You should be ashamed of yourself. You cling to criminals as role models. You idolize drug abuse and revel in violence. It’s disgusting. We as a nation do have hard work to do, and it’s undoing the disgusting felon culture that people like you push.

    2. @Kendall Ferguson blah blah blah, Derek chauvin is in jail so ima go enjoy myself, i hope your night isnt too bad

  2. It won’t bring George back but his name will never be forgotten. He’s now in the law books as well as in people’s hearts.

    1. @learn to spell Neither Floyd nor Hunter was on trial, and that is why Chauvin is going to prison…..

    2. @bLoWc16 what I saw sicken me to my core. 3 seconds of hearing George enraged me I cried I couldn’t believe this came from people that were supposed to care. The Jury gave us a glimmer of hope and JUSTICE FOR GEORGE and his family ALL around the world. George I know you are looking down. I hope you are at PEACE and know so many fought and cried for you. Today we got JUSTICE for YOU! LOVE Fm. NY. Love to you and your MOM

    3. @Murray Flewelling so many of us wanted floyd to clean up and stop robbing local business, he didnt care and overdosed on drugs, too bad he put himself in that position,,, what a saint.

    4. @learn to spell So many people tried to help Derek. His subordinates tried to save him, the citizens tried to save him, even the first res-ponders had to get him out of the way. Derek was in the middle of a divorce, down deep, he must have wanted to pay for his mistakes, and now he will be a happier person!

  3. Man… I’ve been thinking about the fall out of a not guilty verdict and the country being torn apart. The cowardly way he strangled the ode out a man with his hands tied behind his back and half the country saying it was OK, still blows me away.

    1. @Seeking The truth Aww, baby still mad that a few republicans actually exercised their rights for once? Awww. Very sad. Why do you hate America so much?

    2. @Citygirl Poland And your comment just makes Soap on a rope Chauvin’s conviction,,,,,,soooo much more satisfying

    3. @S. D. This Kemdall person must have a whole team working the comments….man she is disappointed…..LMAO

    4. @Kendall Ferguson republicans? oh yeah , why did you give us the senate anyway?? I don;t get it , we already had the WH and congress and still Trump was like ” you not tired of winning yet? , well here is two senate seats where you never win…..now you have everything til 2022………So kind of Trump to do that !

    1. @Murray Flewelling every murder trial automatically goes to appeal. And you can bet money his attorney filed the paperwork before they even left the building.
      But I forgot you know more than even a trial judge

    2. @Murray Flewelling after that ridiculous comment of yours is like you trying to tell me Ray Charles isn’t black. Because he’s blind

    3. @David Hale Your going to find out that the Judge said that to leave even less of a chance for appeal. The fact that his defense was begging for a mistrial, and people like you thought the verdict might be different, just shows how little you could read a room. Even with the past, like Michael Slager taking two trials to be convicted, Derek Chauvin was, is and will be going to prison. No waiting on the outside for sentencing with bail, he got what he deserved , another trial is just a waste of money !

    4. @Murray Flewelling I can’t even get through reading any of what you say because it’s so ridiculous

  4. Tears of Joy here finally the wheels of justice are moving in the right direction. Yes yes.. where were you when the verdict rang out ?.. Home praying for the right verdict..Thank you.

  5. Finally, JUSTICE IS BEEN SERVED, late MR. GEORGE FLOYD will now rest in perfect peace with the LORD ALMIGHTY. Amen! Amen! Amen!

    1. No it isn’t. Because George Floyd is still dead and *should not* be. But the system did what it should.

    1. @Persephone ur defending a loser who never paid any tax in his life and robbed/ endangered others around him (mostly his own) .HILARIOUS!

  6. The look of confusion on his face was too funny and priceless he really thought he was going home

    1. @Kendall Ferguson Please carry on, it’s better than sitting at home so butt hurt. Let Derek know if there are any bruisings. He sure knows to take care of them well now.

    2. @Kendall Ferguson Appeal????.did you see the defense begging for a mistrial, no one is going to save Chauvin from paying his debt…..LMAO…. just like the fools that thought he could actually get an acquittal……inexplicable that people could be sooo dumb!

    3. @TAKE THAT YOU AS SOUL! His only chance was for 1 out of 12 to be a racist. Even if you where right, the next judge would just weigh Derek, 18 complaints including sexual assault, and not one officer that defended him vs as you put it morons rioting and looting…….and you think anyone will grant an appeal……….ROTFL

    1. @NO NAME Just as long as white supremacist violence and terrorist acts dwindles, I think America will just be fine!

    2. @Mike dav what white supremacists? All I see are Black Supremacists. The self Destruction of people in Urban areas is breathtaking. Look at Chicago. Bwahahahahahaha

  7. Hopefully this case will be used as a spring board for legislative change so that there are federal laws mandating police reform.

    1. Yep….your tax dollars gave Floyds family 27 million dollars for being a criminal all his life. He was a thug and he caused his own destiny.

    2. @Debbie Wolf Wooo, oh my! Your dose of reality gave me chills!

      I couldn’t of said that any better. You scare me with that truth

    1. @Brandon Smith Maybe a Chauvin would make you, but I know one that wont be killing on the outside, or assaulting woman either, for many , many years!

  8. Justice finally Prevailed! My Prayers go out to the Floyd Family George Floyd is now a Legacy for Change in Laws!

  9. For Emmett, for the Four Girls, for Mary Turner, for Tamir, Trayvon. For all the named, and unnamed, Strange Fruit.

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