1. You just can’t even have the tiniest nice moment with Fox news or Newsmax around. It’s like our country is stuck with a permanent 5 yr old temper tantrum. That aside this was AWESOME!

    1. @silver silver That disrespect was returned to the worst press secretary in history after 8 months of consistent disrespect to a African journalist in that room. She had it coming to her and hope it keeps coming until she stops

    2. @Junior Dolce His name is Simon. He is a journalist from Africa. He was telling kjp “This is not Russia, this is not China”, bc she hasn’t called on him for a question in over seven months. He asks harder questions and she obviously prefers only the scripted ones.
      Simon had had enough. Cnn cut out the best part of the briefing after the actors stepped off stage he and kjp go back and forth about how he is basically silenced. Don’t get your news from cnn it’s just a fashion show.

  2. On the Ted Lasso show, there are various examples of mental health issues in season one and two. In season one, Coach Lasso has panic attacks due to unresolved issues. In season two, there is a therapist that joins the team and works with everyone and their issues. It is a fun face to a serious issue.

  3. So I googled the guy that was causing a scene at the beginning and it looks as though he had done this many times for months. He yells out comments over other reporters and speakers pretty much as soon as the session starts. He then goes on newscasts in his country and talks about how America is ignoring him and his country. I wonder if he’s deliberately acting that way for the sake of getting sound bites / video clips that he (his country) can use to market a false narrative in his country about America’s treatment / regard of their people.

    1. @Ashen Walker yeah it’s on Apple TV called Ted Lasso. Really good show. Revolves around the theme of mental health

  4. If we all took the same care with each other as they do on the show, we would be in a much better place as a country.

    1. this show brings people of different cultures and countries together as one family. We would be in a much better place as a WORLD if we did what you say

  5. I love that mental health is getting talked about. How many decades did we stigmatize it? How many people went into asylums for issues that have since been identified (such as postpartum depression)? How many things were misidentified as mental health issues due to lack of knowledge (and bigotry, let’s be honest).

    This was a great idea…representation matters and this is an issue where no one is exempt.

  6. Why is it that tall people don’t see short people? Don’t they know being able to see through them isn’t one of the super powers of short women?

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