Ted Yoho reportedly verbally accosts Ocasio-Cortez

CNN's Don Lemon talks to congressional reporter Mike Hillis about the heated exchange that Rep. Ted Yoho, a Florida Republican, got into with Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

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  1. A note to Congressional republicans:
    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”    Martin Luther King

    1. @Fred Silva I agree, I knew MLK, met him once briefly shortly before he was killed and he would be appalled by the behavior and ignorance of the BLM movement and what people are doing in the name of racial justice. I know some other important black thinkers I know would agree, because Black Wisdom Matters

    2. I agree, I knew MLK, met him once briefly shortly before he was killed and he would be appalled by the behavior and ignorance of the BLM movement (and their ‘media cheerleaders like Don Lemon and all of CNN that makes pravda of the Soviet days ring closer to “truth” than the slander and distortion and incitement to violence from CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and a host of other “media” cheering on the looting, burning and vandalism in American cities as cynical Democratic politicians and cowardly Republicans do nothing ) MLK would be appalled by the ignorance and behavior of young people today. What are they taught in schools? In the academies, in the humanities, bullshit invented words like “microaggressions” words a Harvard professor invented in his tenured silk cocoon that would leave a generation of young people excessively fragile, thin-skinned, and self important know-nothings, it sure was NOT CIVICS, they call it social justice, it is not, it is a call to tribalism and division, if this is what people are doing in the name of justice. It is NOT. “Safe spaces” you kids are in a safe space, the USA. Microaggressions they say. I remember the Cuban Missile crisis when the world was one mistake away from annihilation and the fuses lighted. Toughen up snowflakes, read, study, and travel, see the world as it is and appreciate where you were born, learn that institutional racism ended before Armstrong landed on the Moon. Stop believing in leftist narratives, I traveled, I see the same “playbook of the left” in Europe, same abused over used word “racism” from the left and their mascots “oppressed minorities” (call them baby seals). Same one-dimension revision of history, in the US chattel slavery, in Europe drop in colonialism, the game is the same. Here are important black thinkers because Black Wisdom Matters

    3. Mary Clark – “The white person you see, calling himself a liberal, is the most dangerous thing in the entire Western Hemisphere.”
      ~ Malcolm X

    1. @FE Gaming Well, I also think he probably does that to the women around him too, although people do have different behavior when they are anonymous.

    2. @FE Gaming That woman is extremely clever. Perhaps you don’t understand what she is saying, or you have not really been listening.

    3. Probably wouldn’t care. Remember what ugly remarks trump made about ted cruz’s wife and after that cruz just keeps licking his a**.

    4. @Rachel Ash
      Well, if it was consensual it would be a hell of a lot better than what Joe Biden did to Tara Reade.

    5. @FE Gaming No, you’re right, his wife and daughter are not smart, well prepared, strong women. He probably browbeats them if they have the nerve to ever try to oppose him.

  2. Why should any of this come as a surprise when we have a president who brags openly about groping women?

    1. @jrc3 Epstein and his rape buddy fell out over a soured real estate deal. THAT’S why he was barred for mara lagoon. Why would he get upset about diddling when it was a hobby they shared? I’ve heard that bullshit story and the reason no outlet will report it is because it didn’t happen. Even fox spews is too credible for out and out lies like that.

    2. @Jim Milne well yeah he’s rich. Notice they would all settle for a payout. But yeah let the obvious go right over your head though.

    3. IZA DARKO you idiot needs to make up your tiny minds,I thought he was the one and only one to write the crime Bill,make up your mind

    4. John Kevin so the 23 women plus 1 13 year old who accused him of sexual assault and harassment,were just willing participants cause he Rich,and all women just love him cause he’s Rich,you’re a F….ing idiot that’s what you are.

  3. Doesn’t surprise me. He’s a member of a vile party that has no respect for women, minorities, or anyone else outside of their small bubble.

    1. Oh this guy talk and he just looks like a real upstanding guy wouldn’t lie to you o he’s a Democrat he’s a lying piece of s*** to

  4. Classless man 🐷! What has society come to ? Lies, lies, lies! How do they look in the mirror? Or sleep at night?

  5. Well we know who won that confrontation! When you have to resort to cursing, you’ve lost the debate! AOC dealt a knockout that round!

    1. @A. Arman HaverI know you’re taking about Trump? The guy who told everyone to inject themselves with bleach to fight Covid?!

    2. @A. Arman Haver You got anything new or better than “she’s stupid?”
      What happened to farting cows? You idiot 😂😂😂

    3. @NowTheMouseWantsItsGlassOffMilk !! Well it stands to reason that if they ARE then the accusation is valid and deserved. You moron 😄

  6. Oh my representative Yoho i met him in person he belongs to the tea party he gave me the impression of being the most biggot prejudice racist representative

  7. Does Ted Yoho have a daughter? Or a wife? Or a mother?

    Just wondering how much he would enjoy them being referred to in such a way…

    1. @William Kinnunen
      My grandfather always told me, A real Macho wouldn’t raise a hand to a woman ever. Nevermind a child.

    2. @captfakk I’m 100 this was typed on a library computer. NO WAY this person pays for internet

    1. Then he belongs in an insane asylum for speaking that sort of language to himself in public. If he does have ANY intelligence, how about disagreeing in a respectful manner. We know why he can’t do that.

    2. @Jose Martinez they’re courageous when there’s 20 of them harassing 1 person wearing a MAGA hat, knowing full well the liberal politicians won’t hold them accountable to the law.

    1. Wow he’s only 65 he looks WAAAY OLDER😂😂😂 he took his fading testosterone out on Her because She is Beautiful & Youthful… Disgusting old perv.

    2. @eileen MAIZE Carey she is a moron and telling whst people have been saying about the donkey. F the donkey

  8. AOC will outlast Ted for many years to come!

    The one thing about AOC, is the fact her genuine concern for others always shines through.

    We can’t really say that about Ted Yoho!

  9. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, we can only hope that Yahoo Yoho comes back as a woman.

    1. Right wingers are nothing but a bunch of cowards thats why cant resort to saying things to peoples faces.

    2. Diego Valles Oh, so you think he should say it to her face? So she can keep saying “I was accosted!” You people are TOTALLY INSANE! Oops, I accosted you. Hope you don’t die.

    1. @gi Man No. If you watched the video, she didn’t even hear him say she was a f*cking b*tch, and if she did, I don’t think she’d call the police. She’s got more balls than even he has, slinking away and calling her a name after the fact.

      Secondly, I think you’re confused by what it means to defund the police.

      You know how you call 911 for a fire and the police don’t show up? Or for a medical emergency? That’s how it works.

      Counselors can show up for drug issues or mental health problems.

      Park Rangers exist as law enforcement. This isn’t hard to figure out.

      You’ve got some interesting opinions on the ideas people whom are more qualified than you (and me) have to solve societal issues.

    2. @Denahom Chikn If you think paying counselors is going to fix crime problems you need a counselor.

    3. Hope his wife leaves him. If he disrespect woman at work I’m pretty sure he disrespect his wife too. He is not a good man.

  10. “F’kn B” sounds about right. That’s the response whenever a woman gets the best of a man or don’t succumb to man’s “power”

    1. Fkn B is exactly what the citizens of New York are saying… plus the police . Only people that support her are criminals and sheep… which one are you 😂

    2. Ruthless 12 street Can’t wait until she’s elected President of the United States in 2028!

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