Teen Attacked at Roxborough Beach – December 10 2020

Teen Attacked at Roxborough Beach - December 10 2020 1


  1. This is why it’s best to just stay home, you can go anywhere nowadays and lose your life for nothing. I’m glad that didn’t happen in this case.

  2. Police needs prosecute the men than attacked the teens. On the other hand we are only hearing one side of the story.

  3. Pure mad people suppose he dont want anything from the bar rob them want to rob the people them not even God beach not free again

  4. Him too out a order….I know the place, it’s right across from the cool oasis gas station on the high way. That’s why nobody go to that bar. The owner is too aggressive and rude to patrons.
    I’ve been there before and observe his behavior….nasty….because he is a licensed firearm holder. Rude. I hope the young man get justice.

  5. Nuh understand this country, seems the police 🚓 and the men’s there was friends, no sah, Jamaica reality is something else

  6. Roxborough is close enough to the police station. The police must’ve hear the gunshots before someone reported it. Something doesn’t add up in this story.

  7. It baffles me how when some of these people have guns they feel emboldened. Smh. We need stricter gun law controls.

    1. @Big Mar true but we have to start somewhere. I remember the struggles my Uncle had to go through to get a permit but once he had a gun. He was a changed person. He became even more paranoid and skeptical about people.
      It comes down to the individual that’s true but where are these guns coming from and how do we go about protecting the ordinary man?

    2. Preston Matthews I understand and
      I don’t disagree
      I’ll admit I don’t have the answers, but I do know citizens need the freedom to protect themselves, the police aren’t always effective, on time, nor diligent in their practices.
      Then The bias of who you know & or related to.. etc..
      As it pertains to the gun trade that’s big business & you know who benefits from big businesses?

    3. @Big Mar I don’t think arming everyone is the solution. Have we really reached that point as a society where we cannot trust our fellowman and hope that they have our best interests at heart? Am I ludicrous to have faith in my countrymen or is that casting care to the wind?

  8. Only uno gun a uno strength all a uno want come take over fada god wata. Youth am glad you are all ok dem ago run money and i a while it sweep under the carpets.

  9. Some a Jamaica Police a help bring down Jamaica , then man own beach a Jamaica that if you spent money a bar you can’t have a sea bath omg

  10. Very sad, Jamaicans has too much hatred amongst themself!
    We’re suppose to be the “one love” country🇯🇲❤….where has it all gone??
    I still love mi yawd just the same!!🥰

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