Teen diver says mounds of trash found underwater in Toronto's Humber Bay 1

Teen diver says mounds of trash found underwater in Toronto’s Humber Bay


A Toronto teenager is issuing a warning after discovering mounds of garbage while diving in Humber Bay.

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  1. This is why we need to build that Northern border wall. Keep Canadians on the Canadian side, and Mericans on the Merican side. We don’t need them down here take our Jawbs!

  2. How can he go into the water? It’s not just trash that’s in the water, there’s all kinds of gross stuff that humans flush that ends up in there, not all greywater ends up at a treatment plant.

  3. The Humber washes out tons of waste the kid needs to study outflow and how a river and lake interact. In the 80-90’s the Humber loop is where stolen cars got dumped and all the trash from King and Queen street west industry. Rich kid see’s non-paying tourist water body. LOL!

  4. Oh, what a cute story. Nothing about what the city says, how bad it is, how it got there, what it does to our health. A nice story but poor journalism.

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