Teen in Custody for Fatally Stabbing Stepfather | TVJ News – Mar 29 2022

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  1. For a kid to stab him stepfather something had to be bubbling up. Some back story to this, maybe abuse πŸ˜• going on. πŸ€” So sad. Where is his biological father?

  2. Even tho I don’t know you, I pray that you all have a blessed life and a happy one πŸ’―πŸ™

  3. In most cases Stepfather and stepson or stepdaughter don’t get along they normally don’t want to be scold by them. This is so sad, now one dead and one gone to prison, couldn’t this be avoided oh my God, condolence to the family.

  4. This is tragic. They both had a weapon during the altercation so it can be construed as self defense. The father and stepson seemed to have a tumultuous relationship so there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

  5. Everybody, blaming the youth. A who the hell trained them? Did they appear out of the sky? It takes two to tango. The first training begins at home. Only when someone died you hear people taking about it. What was done all the times before, by these same relatives that are talking now?

  6. Step-relationships are, for the most part, complicated. There has to be more to this. Obviously a festering situation. How awful and sad.

  7. Some stepfather fi kno them a stepfather and stop try take up father role fi a beat ppl child

  8. Boi, this is tragic. Rarely these step step business work out. The mumma is at fault too cause according to the lady ” there’s was no love between the two”. I doubt the mada is blind. She clearly saw the disturbance between them but i guess she wanted food on her table. Cant pick up people weh nu love yuh pickney. Your kid will and should always come first. This nu just happen so….something was brewing over a period of time.

  9. Only if mankind would understand the principles’ that God laid down for man to follow and obey.Its rewritten in the bible that the saviour of the world Jesus Christ had a stepfather Joseph,who Jesus loved and respect a stepfather whom teach him a trade carpentry. what is wrong with us ?.

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