1. How can you talk that long about a missing person and not mention how he was missing in the first place?

    1. @Elmosweed that is what they say… u have to open ur eyes and stop looking through with the societal narrow mind that they have everyone believe what is on the media is true. It’s called “problem, reaction, solution”

    1. Brett Cooper your message got deleted I agree from what I read yes I bet any money this kid was abused

    2. @Matt McCaughen I’ve seen other news outlets report on this that show interview pieces with the mom and step-dad, actually where it’s obvious he’s invested in this kid like his own flesh and blood. Don’t judge the guy based on a couple second long clip. If I had no way of knowing whether one of my stepchildren was dead or alive for three years you best believe I wouldn’t sound presentable on record either. Who knows what this kid has been through, that’s a whole nother thing this family will have to process and deal with.

  2. i guess he’s not missing, he just doesnt want to return home for some reason. We don’t know all the details

    1. @Grady Capehart 🥰One of my favorite clients just turned 26 this year.
      I bought him a tickle me Elmo doll….He loves that thing….😁

  3. This police and dispatcher are golden! This both broke my heart and made me smile at same time! God bless this family.

    1. You could tell the lead guy has had interactions with Autisic kids. Knew something wasn’t right. Most cops just right it off to drugs.

  4. Great news , but the question we all should be asking is , Why and how did he go missing in the first place ?👍👍

    1. ​@Ivares Kesner
      Thank you.
      Yes he might at one point miss “home” but to him it is just another old memory.
      He would not put the connection of just going home would fix his current problems.
      His wife is a made up person in his head who use to be the evil queen who would fight him. She and the Orange team make him very angry.
      One day he decided to marry her.

    2. @Ivares Kesner this is an assumption. You’re making matter of fact statements that aren’t matter of fact. The body language of the stepfather is of shock- not pressure to be happy. Take a step back and really analyze things before creating off the wall narratives. The kid had autism- it’s very common for these situations to occur.

    1. @Blake Kwamin A person with autism can survive on their own. Depending on how highly functional they are.

  5. Step-dad seemed shocked in a not-happy way. Seemed like he may not be thrilled to have step-son back in his life. I hope the kid gets some help from outside the family as well as within. This story sure didn’t go deep into the background of why this happened and for so long. The police seem to have handled this very well. Other cities would have cuffed him (or worse) for disrupting a place of business by sitting in front of the door.

    1. @Brittany Anne He only drove 10+ hours because he felt like he had too.

      If a police calls you and say they think they found your missing child. The police will expect you to come identify the child. If you dont show up to identify the child, then that raises questions about the parents.

  6. “I will do my best to bring him home”…WTF does that mean?! I’m not gonna lie I was all for a heart warming story… but I feel like something is off

    1. Omg yes!! I thought I was the only one thinking that! Like he didn’t even act frantic and say where is he?, Let me see my boy! If my son would e been lost for 2 mins fuk 3 years, I’d be a screaming hysterically crying lunatic begging to see him ASAP!!

    2. Kid literally says “as long as your not taking me anywhere”. I very seriously doubt he disappeared by accident. Also the reaction of the parents did feel off. Like moms reaction did not seem genuine at all and stepdad just seemed tired.

    3. If the mother really cared she would be the one there identifying her son , a real mother’s love wouldn’t be able to keep her from not being the one to find her boy and identify him , instead of leaving it up to a step father who seems a little like he doesn’t really want this young man around anyway! I know what it’s like dealing with jealous step fathers, or a boyfriend who is jealous of the children getting any attention, and resentment of not being there children!

  7. I have an autistic nephew and I love him so much. I couldn’t imagine him walking alone for 3 years. Imagine how many homeless people on streets are in same situation as him. Just sick and don’t know how to get home. Just so happy for this mom cuz autistic children are quite amazing. My nephew is a YouTube creator and has 50 million views on his channel

    1. People do not understand how he would be living on the streets for 3 years and never call home. Autism is a hard one to explain to others.
      I work with autistic adults and adults with other development disabilities.. ..love, love, love them with all me heart.🥰 I get to babysit my adopted niece that has down syndrome in a couple of weeks…She is the cutest thing on the planet…🥰

    2. @Elmosweed i can’t imagine how and what kind of live he had to go through for 3 years it’s a miracle he’s still even alive.

  8. Lots of questions here! was he missing or possibly dropped off at a location where he couldn’t find his was back? If he’s a run-away, was it from being abused? Do they really want him back? I hope the right people stepped in to ensure his safety and wellbeing.

    1. I thought I was being paranoid too, but the step-dad’s reaction was bizarre…
      He acted like he was certain that young man would never turn up and was shocked that he was found. Basically he had an “Oh sh*t” reaction. It just seemed weird and I hope the cops caught on. That poor mother seemed so genuinely happy, which should have been the same reaction from the step-father.
      I don’t know…just felt wrong. I hope that young man gets the help he needs. I have two autistic children and I couldn’t imagine them being alone or scared. Just heartbreaking!!

    2. @Chicago0048 I strongly suspect that, too. The stepdad didn’t sound at all eager to take him home. He said he would “try” to… Very weird.

    3. Well I’m pleased I’m not the only one thinking the step dad wasn’t’t the slightest bit happy, and i bet he talked the mum out of going along to check if its him. I could be paranoid with all the true crime i watch, but I don’t think i am, as i also watch behavioural therapists as well.

    1. @Jennifer Hensley i don’t know how they treat poor white people but i do know how they treat black people.

    2. @an enigma wrong is wrong and right is right. Some people cant face truth and believe that might makes right.

  9. I wish him well and hope he gets the love and affection and medical attention he needs to stay safe. My heart goes out to him.

  10. The fact that people went above and beyond to figure out who he was and find his family. Is amazing and gives me hope that there are still lots of good people out there

    1. lol? it’s their job. there’s a reason they have access to the missing persons reports. literally their jobs to do this, not above and beyond at all

  11. All I can say is Connerjack is damn lucky those officers handled him with kindness and compassion. It could have ended differently in another town or county. That is what the police are for. To help those who need it and not jump to conclusions..

    1. Often the mentally disabled/ill are misunderstood and unable to interact appropriately with law enforcement. That can lead to fear and misunderstanding which can escalate to violence. It’s heartbreaking when that happens and someone is hurt or killed. In this instance, these officers were compassionate and caring, they behaved with great intelligence and awareness. Maybe ongoing training each year could help teach others, law enforcement included, about the mentally ill and the mentally disabled, as well as techniques to help in such instances. Just a thought.

  12. “”I’ll do my best to bring him home?””
    What exactly does that mean after not seeing your step son for 3 years?

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